Incorp Review - Is It a Good LLC Formation Option in 2022?

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If you want a reliable and inexpensive registered agent, look no further than Incorp! With more than 20 years of experience, Incorp will take care of your business-related paperwork in the smoothest and quickest way possible!
Customer service:
Trademark Registration:
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Annual compliance:
Processing time:
About two business days
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Advisory service:
Ebooks, guidelines, help center, customer support
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Great for SMB:
Incorp assists with the necessary documentation while helping you learn at a very reasonable price.
Starts at: $99
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Best for:
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Informative ebooks and guides
  • Strong cybersecurity
  • Extended support hours
  • Mixed customer feedback
  • Shipping not included

Confident in its services and offerings, Incorp declares:

“We'll beat registered agent service pricing advertised by other professional, commercial registered agents.”

This is a bold statement in an industry crowded with business formation providers, but Incorp lives up to its promise.

This claim is also backed up by the numerous Incorp reviews that enthusiastically outline its low prices and almost spotless track record. Right off the bat, Incorp comes across as a solid deal, with its impressive discounts, tons of experience, and large customer base. 

Let’s see what happened when we at Web Tribunal took a closer look for our data-driven analysis.

What Is InCorp?

Founded in 1998, Incorp has helped over 250,000 active customers to open their LLC or corporation or obtain an official address for their new business. Thousands of users swear by its quality and professionalism.


  • Registered agent - Among all registered agents, Incorp offers one of the most reliable options. Given that the company has specialized in delivering this particular service since 2001, the high quality of the solution is not surprising.
  • Unmatched price - Incorp claims that it will beat any competitor's advertised price for a registered agent—a bold promise the company seems to be keeping.
  • Great resources - Incorp services include useful resources, such as guides, ebooks, and certificates. Providing extensive knowledge on business matters is always a welcome addition to the core offerings.
  • Large customer base - With more than 250,000 active customers at the moment, Incorp can pride itself on a large client base and vast experience.
  • Tempting discounts - Incorp offers volume discounts on its registered agent option. For instance, if you choose to pay the five-year registered agent package, the Incorp fees will drop from $149 to $100.18.
  • Superb support - Incorp customer support reps have some of the longest working hours in the industry. They provide thoughtful advice in English and Spanish.
  • Emphasis on privacy - The Incorp privacy policy is solid. If you’re concerned about data leakage, this is the right place for you. The company uses malware scans, encryption, and website identity verification.


  • The information on the website is a little outdated. It’s also not very easy to navigate since there is no index.
  • Incorp reviews are quite mixed, and complaints about the cancellation process are common.
  • Incorp’s business formation services don’t include shipping in their pricing. You have to pay an additional fee of $18. This will raise the LLC formation cost to $117.

Incorp Services

In the next section of our Incorp review, we will briefly analyze some of the essential services and useful add-ons.

Drafting and Filing Articles of Organization

For $117 (shipping costs included), Incorp will prepare and file the necessary documents for your LLC formation with the state. If you decide to file them yourself online, you can do so using Incorp’s secure system.

Besides the Incorp LLC filing services, the company also offers name availability search as part of the main LLC formation package. It will search through your state’s database to find out whether any other entity has claimed your desired name for your future business.

Registered Agent

This service is undoubtedly Incorp’s main claim to fame. For almost 20 years, the company has been specializing in delivering high-quality registered agent services. The Incorp price is competitive, ranging from $149 for one year to $100.18 for five years. It is certainly one of the most reasonable costs on the market.

Employer Identification Number

Although it is not part of the main package, this feature is handy if you intend to open a business bank account or hire employees, for example. For $69, you can obtain an EIN from the IRS without having to undergo the hassle of getting one by yourself.

Annual Report Management

Do you worry that you might miss an essential deadline?

The Incorp business compliance services are here to help you!

The company will monitor your status, keep track of due dates, and take care of the annual report filing on your behalf!

This add-on will set you back $49, but it is extremely helpful.

Incorp is also notorious for its business license search service.

The company even goes one step beyond the license and permit requirements research—it monitors your license compliance and helps you fill out the forms. These Incorp services will cost you $149.

“Limited Liability Companies for Dummies”

Incorp excels in providing knowledge to its less experienced customers. It has numerous informative guides and books on its website, such as the “LLC for Dummies” ebook, which contains LLC management tips. Small business owners who are just getting started especially value this book and praise it in their Incorp reviews online.

Entity Watch

This interesting privacy feature is unique. With it, Incorp monitors your business entity at all times to protect your data and prevent potential identity theft. If you’re worried about your cybersecurity, this feature will give you peace of mind.

When it comes to security, Incorp means business!

Plans & Pricing

Incorp chooses to divide its offering into two main categories: “LLC formation service” and “a la carte features.” The latter includes the Incorp registered agent, annual compliance service, and others.

LLC Formation Package
$117 ($99 + Shipping)

This plan includes filing formation documents, a name availability check, and two-day domestic shipping. If you prefer overnight shipping, you can get an upgrade for $6. 

The registered agent is undoubtedly the most prominent option among the “a la carte services.” Thanks to its affordability, volume discounts, and features like the Entity Watch, many Incorp reviews from 2022 deem it the best registered agent service in the business.

Here's a list of the prices of some other LLC Formation services:

  • Federal Tax ID Number$69
  • Annual compliance service—$49/year
  • “LLC for Dummies” book—$24.99
  • Certificate of Good Standing—$35 + state fees
  • License research service—$139
  • LLC kit & seal—$69
  • Registered Agent—$100.18-$149/year


Incorp users greatly appreciate its customer support The company’s approach is client-oriented—it assigns one representative to every interaction you have with the support team. This way, the “good old” waiting times while you're being redirected from one agent to another are part of history. 

Other helpful (and unique!) Incorp services include the longer customer support working hours (9:00 am to 9:00 pm ET during weekdays) and the bilingual service (available in Spanish and English).

You can contact the support team via phone, email, or web-based chat. Our experience and the numerous positive Incorp LLC reviews show that the reps are decidedly knowledgeable and polite, standing out from the crowd with their promptitude.

Ease of Use

If you go to Incorp Services, Inc.’s website, you will find the company’s mission statement and general information, along with a comprehensive list of its services. All the important info is laid out in an elegant and user-friendly fashion, making the site easy to navigate.

You can access the Incorp login page by clicking on the “Client login” button in the navigation bar. Below that, you will find the email contact form and the Incorp phone number (1.800.246.2677). The Live Chat appears in the bottom right corner of the page.

Incorp’s Help Center contains an FAQ section with useful answers, over 100 informative articles, and a business term glossary.

On the Contact page, you will find other useful information, such as the email and physical address. The company headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Still, doesn’t quite meet the criteria for the best LLC website. For example, an index would make the navigation process easier.

The way pricing options are displayed can also be a little confusing.

Incorp User Reviews

The majority of users freely acknowledge that Incorp is a well-established and trustworthy company.

Incorp BBB reviews aggregate a rating of 3.3/5. This is because some of the users don’t appreciate the fact that Incorp doesn’t include shipping in its main packages. However, several customers expressed their gratitude for the platform’s great ease of use and quality support. Incorp is also A+ accredited and has been voted “The Best Place to Work” three times on Glassdoor.

On a less positive note, the number of Incorp Services complaints is not insignificant. Many dissatisfied users claim that Incorp has hidden fees and sometimes charges clients without notice.

Still, we found quite a few positive Incorp reviews on Reddit, outlining its legitimacy and the fact that it offers its registered agent services in all 50 states.

Is Incorpt Worth It?

Incorp is a reliable LLC formation provider with tons of experience and a large number of satisfied customers. Perhaps its most attractive feature is the registered agent—it’s great and affordable, and the cost gets even lower with long-term plans. Many rookie owners praise this in their reviews of Incorp services.

That said, the fact that Incorp primarily focuses on its registered agent services means that its entity formation tools are of lesser importance. So it’s fair to say that Incorp is an excellent registered agent provider and about an average candidate for the best incorporation service title.

Alternatives of Incorp

To give you the full picture, we’ve analyzed some of the most popular LLC formation services and how they compare to Incorp:

Incorp vs LegalZoom

LegalZoom is arguably the most popular and renowned incorporation service. This certainly gives it an advantage over its lesser-known competitor. But Incorp is considerably cheaper than LegalZoom ($67 fee for five years as opposed to $299/year). With this in mind, check out our LegalZoom review to decide whether it’s worth the price.

Incorp vs Northwest

This is a more adequate comparison, considering that both of these providers are registered agent specialists.

While Northwest shines in terms of customer support and advisory service, Incorp is more affordable (Northwest's fees for a registered agent start at $125).

It’s tough competition. Read our Northwest Registered Agent review and choose your guide through the administrative labyrinth.

IncFile vs Incorp

IncFile is arguably the best LLC service, while Incrop competes in the best registered agent category. The IncFile formation price is virtually unmatched (0$ + state fees), but Incorp fights back with a more affordable registered agent.

The list goes on.

To see what else differentiates the two companies, check out our IncFile review.

Final Verdict

All in all, Incorp is a solid choice for an LLC formation service, especially for small business owners looking for reasonable pricing.

This is completely achievable with the long-term registered agent subscription and the majority of Incorp’s online formation services.

To give you a full overview of the company, we analyzed its main services, found out the most notable pros and cons, and combed through the most relevant Incorp reviews.

We hope this will help you make the most informed decision for your business.

Is Incorp a legit service?

Yes, Incorp Services, Inc. is perfectly legitimate. What’s more, its noteworthy features like the Best Price Guarantee or EntityWatch make it one of the best registered agent services.

What is the Incorp refund policy?

To avoid complications, make sure to notify Incorp when you cancel your subscription or dissolve your entity. Do so before the annual renewal process because all cancellations made after the renewal date are non-refundable.

What else can Incorp offer compared to other sites like LegalZoom?

There’s a variety of bonus features that you can buy a la carte—the Entity Management System app for iOS devices, foreign qualification service, certified copies or copyrights, and others.

Is Incorp good for LLC formation?

Yes, Incorp is a good LLC provider and an even better registered agent specialist. Considering its solid track record, backed up by the large number of positive Incorp reviews, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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