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McAfee Identity Theft Protection is the ideal solution for personal cybersecurity. It helps users stay safe with its automated cyber monitoring capability, Social Security Number tracing, and free 24/7/365 customer support. Read our detailed McAfee Identity Theft Protection review to see if it’s the right ID theft protection tool for you.
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30-day money-back guarantee
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$1 million
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McAfee antivirus and online protection, cyber monitoring, social media monitoring, etc.
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  • Social media monitoring
  • Enticing first-month offer
  • 24/7/365 support
  • No free trial
  • Basic credit bureau monitoring

Identity theft in the United States is a clear and ever-present danger. In a digitally connected world where contactless credit card readers and online payments have become the norm, big data breaches are commonplace.

But don’t worry—identity theft monitoring companies can protect you and your personal data from identity thieves and even help you recover from ID fraud.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection is one of the top identity theft protection solutions. The company, mostly known for its antivirus software, now covers other aspects of your online security.

Check out this McAfee Identity Theft Protection review to see what it has to offer.

What Is McAfee Identity Theft Protection?

McAfee Identity Theft Protection is a top-rated identity theft protection service backed by one of the largest global computer security companies.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection’s packages include automated cyber monitoring, three-bureau credit monitoring, Social Security Number Tracing, and 24/7/365 free agent support.

In the next section of this in-depth McAfee Identity Theft Protection review, we at Web Tribunal present its features and functionalities in more detail.

McAfee ID Theft Features

McAfee helps you stay protected with its powerful, efficient, and robust ID theft safeguard features. Let’s see what these are:

ID Recovery

The McAfee Identity Theft Protection services include ID restoration that gives you access to dedicated recovery specialists. They will guide you through the entire recovery process and even act on your behalf in a limited power of attorney capacity.

They can do all the heavy lifting for you—making the calls, submitting the documents, and most importantly, taking care of legal issues that will inevitably arise from identity theft.

Additionally, Lost Wallet Assistance offers step-by-step guidance from dedicated recovery specialists to help replace everything lost in your wallet—from credit cards and identity documents to membership cards and tickets.


The company also provides protection against ID theft with $1 million insurance. In case of identity theft, the company will cover your expenses—lost wages, legal fees, recovery costs.

You can also look forward to Stolen Funds Reimbursement, which covers you up to $10,000 in the event of data breaches and unauthorized EFTs resulting in stolen money from your check/savings account.

Cyber Monitoring

This unique McAfee IDTP feature automatically surveils more than 600,000 digital black markets and darknet forums for your personal information. If you’ve ever been a victim of identity theft or credit card fraud, then the dark web is likely where your data is.

Identity thieves use the dark web to buy and sell info like Social Security Numbers, email addresses, credit card number, and more.

Cyber Monitoring is one of the best identity theft monitoring tools on the market and the only way to deal with this problem.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection monitors your digital footprint. It looks for your data and alerts you if it’s been used for potentially suspicious activities. It can scan up to 64 pronounced elements of your identity across ten categories to ensure you are always protected.

Smart Metrics

Smart Metrics provides you with crucial ID theft stats for you and your city, so you can stay ahead of potential identity theft risks in your area.

For example, your Personal Identification Number is vulnerable to attacks like keystroke logging and spyware while you’re shopping or banking online. But how likely is it that it happens to you?

McAfee IDTP gives you detailed information for the US broken down by state and complaints per 100,000 population. Armed with this data, you can stay ever-vigilant and take the necessary steps to secure your personal info.

Customer support is available to answer your questions and provide guidance on everything from credit protection to the best ID theft protection measures in 2022.

Social Security Number Trace

Identity thieves can use your SSN to gain access to your personal information and the effects can be very damaging. That’s why it is essential always to protect your data online from trojan horse malware and other similar attacks.

For that purpose, the McAfee Identity Theft Protection fraud protection services include the Social Security Number Trace feature.

With it, you get regular reports of known aliases and addresses tied to your SSN. These reports allow you to keep an eye out for potential harmful activity in your name.

It helps you catch identity fraud before thieves have the chance to create new accounts and lines of credit.


McAfee Identity Theft Protection offers comprehensive monitoring solutions—from cybersecurity against cybercrime and credit fraud to social media and court and criminal records.

The McAfee Identity Theft Protection alert system warns you about all of these potential threats.

  • Cyber Monitoring alerts you if your personal data is ever found on the darknet markets and dark web forums.
  • Social Media Monitoring watches for misuse of your profiles and alerts you if your online reputation is at risk.
  • Smart Metrics provides key ID theft alert stats in your area, so you can stay vigilant of ID theft trends around you.
  • McAfee Identity Theft Protection Credit Monitoring sends you reports based on your credit history and status changes.
  • Finally, Bank Account Takeover Monitoring notifies you of any modification to your bank accounts.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection Downsides

As great as this solution is, no product is flawless. Here are the issues we encountered while testing the product:

  • McAfee Identity Theft Protection has no free trial.
  • The service only offers $10,000 Stolen Funds Reimbursement. While that’s certainly better than nothing, it’s below the typical sum provided in such cases. For example, LifeLock will reimburse you up to $25,000 or $1 million, depending on your plan.
  • Despite the brand recognition of McAfee, the McAfee Identity Theft Protection service is still relatively new and unknown. That isn’t necessarily a downside; it just means that there isn’t enough user feedback online to form an opinion based solely on that.

Plans & Pricing

McAfee Identity Theft Protection has four paid plans to choose from:

This plan is for one device only. It gives you access to identity monitoring, your Protection Score, and a VPN (one license only). Furthermore, you get other web protection tools (antivirus, firewall, file shredder, and password manager) as well as expert security support.

This plan gives you the same perks as the previous one, except that it gives you coverage for five devices (not just one) as well as five licenses for the VPN.

On top of the perks of the Plus plan, you get coverage for five more devices (that is, 10 devices in total) as well as parental controls.

For this price, you can monitor as many devices as you want and also get $1 million in identity theft coverage.


McAfee IDTP has privacy-enhancing technologies and provides 24/7/365 dedicated support for FREE to its members. You can contact the reps via phone or chat (available for non-members too).

Agents are waiting on the other side of the line, ready to provide guidance whenever necessary.

McAfee has a dedicated consumer support page for its entire product range. It offers an extensive knowledge base and a FAQ section with comprehensive information on everything from Subscription and Setup to help with ID theft. If you can’t find the answer to your questions there, you can also get in touch with an agent.

As part of our McAfee Identity Theft Protection review process, we contacted support via chat to request additional information about the subscriptions. We received a prompt, polite, and thorough reply addressing all of our questions.

You can also access a community forum with other users to seek help and exchange experience. Finally, McAfee has a Virtual Assistant that guides users through the solutions to common problems.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection User Reviews

We searched for customer reviews. Because of its lack of brand recognition, we couldn’t find a whole lot of identity theft protection reviews about this service.

We looked through some McAfee Identity Theft Protection review Reddit threads and didn’t have much luck there either.

Instead, we looked at articles on other review sites to find out how people feel about this service. The McAfee Identity Theft Protection BBB rating is A+, but there’s no further information about its ID security solution. praises the antivirus, highlighting its identity protection capabilities. It did, however, point out that it is nowhere near as comprehensive as some of its competitors. gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 based on ten reviews. They all praised the efficiency and functionality of the software.

Perhaps as the service gains popularity, there will be more McAfee Identity Theft Protection reviews in 2022.

Is McAfee Identity Theft Protection Worth It?

After weighing the pros and cons of McAfee Identity Theft Protection, we can say without a doubt that it is an excellent identity theft protection provider.

With its fantastic security features, comprehensive multi-channel monitoring, and efficient ID theft alerts, it offers some of the industry’s best fraud protection.

In spite of its lack of popularity and a free trial and the rather low Stolen Funds Reimbursement, it’s a fierce competitor to the best ID theft protection services.

It has a plethora of handy features, such as Cyber Monitoring, Social Media Monitoring, Social Security Number Tracing, Full-Service ID Restoration, and others, to safeguard your online identity from all potential threats.

Alternatives of McAfee Identity Theft Protection

As part of our McAfee Identity Theft Protection review, we took the liberty of comparing this solution to some of the industry giants.

McAfee might offer one of the top identity theft protection services, but it is by no means the only one.

LifeLock vs McAfee Identity Theft Protection

Backed by giant antivirus companies, both fraud protection services enjoy good brand recognition. Yet somehow, Norton LifeLock enjoys a rich user base, while McAfee IDTF is widely unpopular, judging by the small number of customer reviews online. 

When comparing prices, McAfee comes out on top. McAfee Identity Theft Protection price plans start at $34.99/year (less than $3/month), while LifeLock’s cheapest offer is $8.29/month.

Both solutions come with the common ID theft protection benefits like stolen funds reimbursement, lost wallet assistance, and identity theft insurance.

Each one provides some unique features on top of that. For example, LifeLock has Phone Takeover Monitoring and a built-in VPN for browser security. McAfee Identity Theft Protection, on the other hand, boasts ever-present Cyber Monitoring and Social Security Number Tracing.

IdentityForce vs McAfee Identity Theft Protection

These two companies are among the highest-rated identity theft protection services on the market. Even though they offer similar tools, there are some key variances between them.

IdentityForce provides superb 24/7 monitoring and alerts. The mobile app comes with a VPN, providing extra internet fraud prevention and defense from malicious software.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection stands out with its innovative Cyber Monitoring feature. It is also the more affordable solution.

Final Verdict

McAfee IDTP is one of the best identity theft protection services on the market.

It has three ultra-affordable price plans and unique features like extensive Cyber Monitoring, 24/7/365 free support, and many security and recovery tools.

In this McAfee Identity Theft Protection review, we highlight its main benefits, evaluate its capabilities, point out its downsides, and explain its pricing.

Is McAfee Identity Theft Protection safe?

Yes, it is. McAfee Identity Theft Protection is backed by McAfee—one of the most prominent identity-based security software on the market. It offers extensive defense, monitoring, and recovery tools.

Is McAfee Identity Theft Protection identity protection legit?

Yes, McAfee Identity Theft Protection is 100% legit. It is one of the best identity theft protection services. It provides a complete set of cybersecurity and social media monitoring tools, as well as antivirus software.

Is McAfee Identity Theft Protection or LifeLock better?

It depends on what features are important to you. McAfee Identity Theft Protection is one of the cheapest options on the market. It offers a handy cyber monitoring tool that scans the online black markets and alerts you when your personal data is at risk.

But if family’s online security is vital to you, LifeLock is your best bet. It secures real-time threat protection for your entire family. It includes features like advanced internet security, robust monitoring, a Million Dollar Protection Package, and more.

How much does McAfee Identity Theft Protection cost?

McAfee Identity Theft Protection has four price plans—each one comes with an initial discount for new customers.

Its costs start as low as $34.99/year for the Basic plan and go up to $74.99/year for the most advanced plan.

For the full pricing list, check out the pricing section of this McAfee Identity Theft Protection review.

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