GanttPRO Review—Can It Help You Optimize Your Workflows?

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Updated · Mar 31, 2022

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If you want to ease your project management efforts and visualize your workflow, there’s no better solution than GanttPRO. With its simplicity, extremely affordable rates, and stellar reputation, it is perfect for small and medium teams. Read our GanttPRO review below to find out more.
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With more than 542,400 registered users and over 22 million tasks created, GanttPRO made a name for itself as a powerful business administration app.

But how exactly did it do that?

In this GanttPRO review, we analyze its most relevant features and highlight its strengths and weaknesses. Stick with us to find out whether it is suitable for your organizational needs.

What Is GanttPRO?

GanttPRO is a project management solution that is primarily tailored for small-to-mid businesses. It is essentially online Gantt chart software.

According to its website, it can save you 45% of the time spent on project workforce management and planning. With it, you can increase efficiency by 50% and reduce missed deadlines by 75%.

As some users highlight in their GanttPRO reviews, it’s not overloaded with extra features that only large enterprises would use. Simple, intuitive, and highly visual, the service is perfect for small businesses and teams.

With it, you can set sub-tasks and milestones and plot them on Gantt charts. Let’s see what else it can do next in this review.


In this section, we concentrate on the main GanttPRO features. We describe how each of them can improve workflow optimization and communication in your workplace.

Project Management

An integral part of the software’s project management toolbox is the GanttPRO Gantt chart capability. These charts reveal how each task contributes to the end result. They also help you decide how to reorganize them in case of a seatback.

A Gantt chart also displays the project managers and team members. Plus, it allows you to set the duration, order of completion, due dates, dependencies, assignees, and descriptions for each task.

Kanban Board & Gantt Alternatives

Apart from Gantt charts, the GanttPRO project platform offers Kanban board views. Alternatively, you can choose Grid format or Portfolio view if your goals align more with these visualization styles.

Thanks to the Critical Path insights, you can see how different tasks impact your overall project and what is the fastest way to reach your objective.

Resource Allocation

Another noteworthy feature provided by the GanttPRO project management software is Virtual Resources. With it, you can manage all resources from one place and distribute them across tasks, projects, and people.

You can use it to facilitate cost management by checking employees’ workloads and adjusting assignments accordingly.

Based on this, you can optimize the work schedule within your team at a truly granular level.

Collaboration Tools

As many GanttPRO reviews suggest, the service provides tremendous collaboration software.

Whether you work alone, as part of a team, or as a manager, you can set different rolesassign tasks to team members, and track the progress of projects.

Further, you can share Gantt charts with employees and customers, determining their access settings. This will give them differentiated permissions to either edit or view your GanttPRO timesheet.

In terms of communication management, the software lets you leave comments and attachments to tasks and projects.

There’s no built-in chat option, though.

Time Tracking & Management

GanttPRO offers a handy built-in timer for employees and managers. It ensures more efficient time management and project scheduling.

Thanks to GanttPRO time tracking tools, you will know how long a certain task takes and how many working hours you’ve completed. In addition, you get notifications in real-time. This reduces the number of missed deadlines and miscommunications.

Project Templates

GanttPRO provides templates that cover a wide range of industries, from construction to web development and design.

In other words, you can tailor every data visualization format and project management tool to your field. The software will give you insights that fit your domain and work needs.

If you want to keep a certain schedule you created for future usage, you can save it as a template. Then, you can use it for your personal GanttPRO projects or share it with collaborators.


When it comes to data analysis and reports, GanttPRO is not the most impressive project governance solution.

That said, owners and admins can generate reports with the time logged by their team members. These include details about the tasks, users, deadlines, duration, and comments. They can also group, filter, and later export this information to Excel or specialized cost control and budget management tools.

Although you can’t conduct complex operations or estimation activities, GanttPRO’s reports are still useful for forecasting and decision-making managing.

What is more, our research aligns with the impression of multiple GanttPRO software reviews; we, together with many end-users, marvel at its sharing capabilities.

For example, it allows you to generate a public URL and share it with collaborators. That way, you can keep them informed about the project’s progress.

For more advanced reporting, risk assessment, and management, you’d be better off using another project management solution. Wrike and Podio excel in this aspect.


Next in our GanttPRO review, we discuss the software’s integration capabilities.

Unfortunately, GanttPRO doesn’t shine the brightest here, but it is not that poor either.

For starters, it does connect with Slack, making up for the lack of a native GanttPRO chat app. It also integrates with Google Drive and Jira Cloud. These solutions give the app an extra edge in terms of documentation and sharing capabilities.

Best of all, GanttPRO connects with Zapier, which enables you to access many other third-party integrations.

Still, the number of GanttPRO native integrations is disappointing. Hence, it’s not the best service for human resources-related work or complex projects that require a more interactive style and fast transitions between apps.

However, the service remains a solid solution. It’s effective yet simple project management software.

GanttPRO Downsides

As any other collaborative project management service, GanttPRO has a few limitations. We at Hosting Tribunal went to the edge of the Web and back to find its Achilles’ heel.

Sure enough, we came across some notable downsides:

  • No GanttPRO mobile app—Many project management services let you use their features on the go. That’s particularly useful if you’re a busy executive or travel a lot. With this solution, you can plan and schedule tasks only from the GanttPRO desktop app.
  • Lack of billing and invoicing tools—Although GanttPRO offers some budgeting tools, you can’t manage billing and invoicing using its proprietary software. What’s more, the platform lacks customizable dashboards, markup tools, centralized space for top-priority announcements, and a direct messaging channel.
  • Sloppy design choices—The website opens a new tab in your browser for every page. Plus, the Learning Center is extremely cluttered.

Plans & Pricing

In this section of our 2022 GanttPRO review, we give a detailed overview of the services’ plans and pricing.

For starters, GanttPRO offers a 15-day free trial without requiring credit card information. The Individual and Team GanttPRO plans give you access to the options outlined above.

During the trial period, you can test all of them.

Before we discuss the paid plans, note that, unlike most small-scale project management apps, GanttPRO offers only yearly billing.

Pricing Plans


The GanttPRO plan for personal use will set you back $180 per year or $15 per month. This Individual package includes 5GB of storage space. If you perform business operations that require more space, you can contact GanttPRO’s support team and negotiate the price.


If you choose to open a Team account, the GanttPRO pricing will depend on the number of people on your team. The fee is $8.90 per user per month or $106.80 for the year. You can add up to 95 members.

If you have a larger team, you can contact sales to get an offer for the Enterprise package. This GanttPRO plan adds the following features on top of the previous ones: SAML Single sign-on & 2FactorAuthetication, enterprise onboarding assistance, priority support, increased API capabilities.


If you need to get in touch with the GanttPRO support team, you can find their details on the “Contact Us” page. From the dropdown menu, you can choose whether you want to contact the support reps, the sales team, or request a demo.

If you click on customer support, a contact form will pop up on the screen, asking for your personal details. You can fill it in, reporting a problem or asking for additional information.

At the bottom of the Home page, you will find the company’s physical address (in Belarus), email, and phone number. You can use one of those options to submit your inquiry.

There aren’t many GanttPRO reviews evaluating the quality of the support service, so we decided to test it. To check the reps’ promptitude and responsiveness, we sent them an email. We asked if there’s a GanttPRO mobile version that would allow us to coordinate our virtual team on the go.

The answer, which arrived within 24 hours, was very polite and elaborate. The rep explained that the service doesn’t offer a mobile app at the time of writing. They suggested that we use the GanttPRO integration with Slack to compensate for that.

Apart from knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful support agents, GanttPRO has an impressive knowledge base. Its design might be a bit outdated, but it provides video tutorials for every important step of the process. For example, you can see how to create baselines or compare project outcomes.

The service also offers a learning center, a live chat option, and plenty of video resources on its YouTube channel. Lastly, you can get a personal account manager with the Enterprise plan.

Ease of Use

Being a project management solution for small-to-medium teams, GanttPRO is quite straightforward and easy to use.

The learning process won’t take you more than a couple of minutes—just as the website advertises.

You can use the GanttPRO project management app to seamlessly create user-friendly visuals and Gantt diagrams. If anything unpredictable comes up, the software will automatically recalculate the duration and task allocation to fit the new situation.

This way, GanttPRO’s interface is efficient and informative as well. One of the most useful features is a mini dashboard showing a high-level overview of your tasks. You can access it by clicking on “All Projects” from the menu bar on the left.

An often praised aspect in GanttPRO reviews is that you can make complex operations using simple drag-and-drop techniques. For instance, you can prioritize tasks, set dependencies, or track progress in a few clicks.

All in all, GanttPRO is not only affordable and efficient but also extremely convenient and sleek software.

GanttPRO User Reviews

GanttPRO enjoys pretty high ratings and user satisfaction scores on specialized websites.

For example, it boasts an almost perfect 4.8/5 rating on G2. In their GanttPRO reviews, customers praise the service for its smooth user interface, option to undo tasks and save change history, and numerous export options.

On Capterra, GanttPRO’s rating is also exceptional—4.8/5 stars. Reviewers mention the high usability and numerous advantages of working in a project management cloud.

That said, you can find some complaints as well. They are mostly about the lack of a mobile app or the limited possibilities for customization, especially with the Kanban-style features.

Besides, GanttPRO lacks BBB accreditation. In fact, it doesn’t even have a profile on the platform, which slightly decreases its reliability.

Still, GanttPRO Reddit reviews are surprisingly positive, which somewhat redeems the lack. For example, one Redditor writes: “I’ve just had a play around with this and it seems very nice.”

All in all, GanttPRO’s online reputation is definitely above the industry average.

Is GanttPRO Worth It?

After extensive research and assessment, we can definitely say that GanttChart is perfect for small-to-medium projects and teams.

GanttPRO definitely deserves its spot among the best project management apps. It stands out with its custom fields for tasks, Kanban board views, Critical Path insights, gentle learning curve, affordable services, and diversity of features. 

As we showed in our GanttPRO review, the service excels in the pricing department as well. The prices are transparently displayed on the site. Plus, there’s a comprehensive FAQ section on payment and billing issues.

On the other hand, GanttPRO lacks billing tools and doesn’t make up for this with integrations. It doesn’t offer direct messaging options, customizable dashboards, or mobile apps either.

Still, these drawbacks are outweighed by the plethora of advantages that GanttPRO brings to the table.

GanttPRO Alternatives

To give you a wider range of options, we analyzed some of the most reputable GanttPRO competitors. See how the platform stacks up against some of the best project management software on the market.

GanttPRO vs Monday

The most obvious advantage of GanttPRO is it receives better customer feedback. Although also boasts many positive reviews, GanttPRO’s ratings on third-party platforms are slightly higher.

However, Monday provides a greater number of integrations. Plus, it has a mobile version for both Android and iOS.

GanttPRO vs ClickUp

In this project management software comparison, ClickUp prevails in terms of customization capabilities.

It also offers interesting add-ons, such as keyboard shortcuts to set deadlines. GanttPRO fights back with more informative content and better design.

GanttPRO vs Scoro

Scoro is a comprehensive solution, which adds BMS and CRM tools to its offering. These specialized platforms are absent from GanttPRO’s offering.

However, Scoro drops the ball in terms of ease of use and affordability. This alternative to GanttPRO is much more expensive than its counterpart (starting at $28/month). Plus, it has a steeper learning curve.

Final Verdict

GanttPRO quickly earned its spot among the best project management solutions in the business. It can seamlessly manage resources and human factors while still remaining affordable and easy to navigate.

As we mentioned above in the GanttPRO review, its main advantages are its efficient tools, streamlined UI, and mostly, its focus on Gantt charts.

Taking everything into account, GanttPRO is a highly effective solution. It works great for everyone, but it’s particularly suitable for small teams that don’t need many integrations.

How secure is GanttPRO?

GanttPRO keeps your data safe and private. What’s more, it offers single sign-on (SSO, SAML) and two-factor authentication options for maximum security.

Is GanttPRO really free?

GanttPRO offers a 15-day free trial, which includes unlimited usage of its features. However, using the service long-term is not cost-free.

You can check the full list of prices in the “Pricing” section of the GanttPRO review above.

Is GanttPRO better than Trello?

It depends on your specific needs and goals. If you have a tighter budget, you can try Trello’s free basic features. However, GanttPRO offers a greater diversity of data visualization styles and methods.

Is GanttPRO any good?

Yes. GanttPRO is an excellent service for virtual management of projects, resource reallocation, and even financial analysis.

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