ProWorkflow Review—Can It Help You Reach Your Business Goals?

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Say goodbye to delays and miscommunications! ProWorkflow is an all-encompassing project management solution that helps you handle complex operations from your desk or on the go. Read our thorough ProWorkflow review below and learn all about this software.
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Mobile apps:
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Project tracking:
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Automated workflows:
File sharing:
Zapier, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Adobe Creative Cloud
Starts at: $18/user/month
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Best for:
  • CRM solutions
  • Invoice manager
  • Detailed analytics & reports
  • Advanced time & cost management
  • Outdated design
  • Rather difficult UI

Any ambitious entrepreneur working with many clients needs a comprehensive project governance solution.

ProWorkflow is one of the most powerful and complete tools for project tracking and management.

We tested the software thoroughly and looked for user opinions online to see where it shines and falls short.

Our ProWorkflow review goes through its features, limitations, support, user opinions, fees, and everything else you need to know about the service.

What Is ProWorkflow?

ProWorkflow is an all-encompassing project management solution launched in 2002. After conducting extensive research and reading multiple ProWorkflow reviews, we discovered the most important attributes of the service.

For starters, it is a very comprehensive solution.

This seemingly simple project management software can handle virtually everything you throw at it. From task scheduling and budget planning to contact management and invoicing, ProWorkflow takes care of every little yet important detail.

Thanks to the ProWorkflow project solutions, you won’t have to worry about rote tasks and miscommunications anymore.

But how exactly does ProWorkflow resolve these issues?

Stick with us and find out!

ProWorkflow Features

Now, fasten your seatbelts, because this is quite a ride!

ProWorkflow has an extremely wide range of features, and this shows in the large number of positive ProWorkflow software reviews.

Without further ado, here are its most relevant services:

Project Workforce Management

ProWorkflow provides all the essential functionalities that you might need for efficient project management.

For instance, you can create new projects from scratch in a few minutes. Then, allocate the resources required for each task and subtask within that project.

You can also set start datesdeadlinesassignees, and milestones for each step of the process.

Last but not least, the platform allows you to seamlessly manage dependencies. And, with the highly informative ProWorkflow Gantt chart and timelines, you can easily follow the critical paths.


Like with many other project management apps, automation is probably ProWorkflow’s biggest advantage.

They can make collaborative project management a breeze. Thanks to the ProWorkflow features, you don’t have to memorize all tasks and communicate them to every employee individually.

The software allows you to keep your data in one place and get your message across to the entire team in a few clicks.

Better yet, ProWorkflow does the heavy lifting and notifies employees about tasks and due dates in a matter of minutes.

Collaboration Tools

ProWorkflow offers more communication channels than your average project management solution.

Apart from the usual commentssuggestionstags, and file attachments, the ProWorkflow desktop app and mobile version come with a built-in native chat.

This allows you to announce changes in the workflow and keep your team updated at all times.

Time Tracking

When it comes to time management and tracking, ProWorkflow doesn’t just rely on integrations with other apps. It allows you to see how much time a certain task takes and calculate billable hours with precision.

The ProWorkflow time tracking options are further enhanced by multiple data visualizations and timesheets.

For example, you can choose a Kanban board view or an Agile graph to evaluate your employees’ time investment more thoroughly.

Invoice Manager & Billing

Invoicing and billing are yet other aspects that ProWorkflow excels at. The service is designed to handle large and complex projects. Therefore, it offers invoice and quote plugins to facilitate and speed up the billing process.

The ProWorkflow project management overviews allow you to monitor all payments.

This way, you’ll be in control of the invoices and quotes issued to your contractors, freelancers, and associates at all times.

Project Templates

With the powerful ProWorkflow project templates, you can assign a task or invoice to multiple employees in a few clicks. This will spare you the effort of creating the same form from scratch over and over again.

The templates will streamline your workflowsreduce rote work, and maintain a uniform design across all projects.

CRM Solutions & Contacts

On top of the main ProWorkflow features, the service provides some delightful additions. These are tools that help you manage contacts and archive relevant information about them.

Thanks to the “Contacts” and “Notes” sections, you get a record of every person you add to your company. They can be clients or collaborators, suppliers, or other stakeholders.

You can even store the contact information of entities or people outside your company, like your employees’ favorite coffee shop.

File Sharing & Documentation

This is one of the service’s greatest strengths, often praised in ProWorkflow reviews by users. The software allows you to upload and share all the necessary documents to complete a task.

Using the simple drag-and-drop method, you can organize your files and ensure they reach the right person within your company.

And with the File Space Manager, you can review all uploaded documents.


In this section of the ProWorkflow 2022 review, we take a look at the service’s reporting capabilities.

ProWorkflow offers very comprehensive analysis and reports. For starters, you can evaluate organizational performance and employee behavior using the ProWorkflow timesheet and Gantt charts.

If that isn’t enough (and it usually isn’t, especially when it comes to HR decision-making), you get ProWorflows’s informative assessments and reports.

Using these tools, you can gauge individual and team performance both at the macro and more granular levels. Learn all about your team’s deadline adherencespeed of worktotal output, and other human factors involved in productivity.

These statistics provide actionable insights and assist you in decision-making managing, forecasting outcomes, and risk assessment and management.

ProWorkflow Integrations

ProWorkflow offers a plethora of integrations.

Apart from Zapier, which gives you access to numerous third-party apps, the software has many native integrations. For instance, it allows you to upload and share files through Dropbox and Google Drive effortlessly.

Moreover, the ProWorkflow integration with Adobe Creative Cloud gives a competitive advantage to professionals that work in creative and design-related fields.

In terms of collaboration, you can access key communication apps, such as Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Outlook. The latter also provides full email support to further enhance your work experience.

If your project involves managing multiple resources and budget-related items, you can connect to an accounting app through ProWorkflow.

Xero and QuickBooks are just a few of the tools that can assist you in resource allocation and cost management.

ProWorkflow Downsides

In this section of our ProWorkflow review, we outline the software’s limitations.

Although ProWorkflow is an excellent business administration app, it still has some shortcomings. For instance:

  • Steep learning curve—Grasping all the functionalities and subtleties of the service can be a daunting process. Indeed, several users mention in their ProWorkflow reviews that they found the software’s UI overwhelming at first.
  • Not optimal for simple task management—Unlike other, simpler solutions like Asana or Trello, ProWorkflow focuses on larger projects and cross-referenced assignments. For that reason, it isn’t the best software for smaller teams and independent tasks management.

Plans & Pricing

ProWorkflow’s pricing structure is straightforwardtransparent, and neatly displayed on the website. Better yet, all its plans include a plethora of helpful features.

Pricing Plans


You can add an unlimited number of users with this package. You also get: 25GB of file storage, unlimited projects, SSL security, project and task reports, direct messaging, timelines, recurring tasks, dependencies, calendar page, quote and invoice plugins, differentiated access with roles and permissions, file space manager, and audit logs. This is the most popular ProWorkflow plan, according to the official website.


This bundle is more suited for large teams and corporations. It allows for a minimum of five users and gives more hierarchical control over multiple teams and projects. It includes everything from the previous plan, plus: Custom fields and forms, organizational charts, groups and teams editor, project templates, project status editor.

But the best part is that both paid ProWorkflow plans have free trial versions. These allow you to try all features at no cost for 14 days. It’s a nice way to check if the tool fits your organizational needs.

But that’s not all. The two plans also include:

  • ProWorkflow mobile app
  • Maximum security and backup options
  • API integrations
  • Free client and contractor access


You can contact ProWorkflow’s customer service in multiple ways.

If you need assistance with technical issues, you can submit a request through the contact form on the website.

You can also get in touch with the ProWorkflow support team via email. You will find the company’s email addresses on the “Contact Us” page. There are separate ones for billing issues and the sales team. Scroll down the page, and you’ll see the company’s phone number and physical address.

Users often praise the support crew for its superb technical expertise and availability. Complaints are close to zero.

To check whether the praise is warranted, we contacted the reps via email. We asked if there’s a ProWorkflow chat app we can use as customers.

We received a friendly response in just about five hours. The rep even took the time to provide details about ProWorkflow’s communication capabilities.

Ease of Use

This is definitely the Achilles’ heel of the service. Several reviewers mention having difficulties navigating the complicated UI and myriad of options.

What’s more, the software’s design is cluttered with chunks of small text and old-fashioned table cells.

This is rather unfortunate, as many ProWorkflow competitors are renowned for their intuitive design and streamlined user experience. It’s safe to say that ProWorkflow chooses comprehensiveness over ease of use.

The onboarding process can be a little challenging, too, but the company addresses this problem in a delightful manner. It provides 100% free onboarding assistance and guides you through every step of the process.

ProWorkflow User Reviews

To assess the company’s reputation, we looked for customer feedback about ProWorkflow on Reddit and other user reviews platforms.

End-users have an overall positive opinion about the quality of ProWorkflow. For example, the service has an excellent 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot based on 45 reviews.

One satisfied user even describes it as “the best tool to manage client relations, in-house staff, and workflow.” Another reviewer praises the software’s ability to gather different aspects of the work process in one place.

We even found a Redditor praising the company’s wide palette of features in one ProWorkflow Reddit review: “I landed on ProWorkflow because it does time tracking and expenses. Plus, client logins are free!”

ProWorkflow has a solid rating of 4.1/5 stars on G2. While some customers have only nice things to say about ProWorkflow, others are more critical. The latter mention the lack of business rules management and process design as the service’s main downsides.

ProWorflow’s customer feedback is mostly positive.

Is ProWorkflow Worth It?

ProWorkflow works best for large teams and organizations.

The software’s customer base consists mostly of enterprise-level managers working on complex projects with many interdependent subtasks.

Still, the ProWorkflow project tools can be useful for small-scale project management with fewer team members too.

You can take advantage of the services’ visual insights, timesheets, Gantt charts, cost control features, and advanced reports. On top of that, the ProWorkflow mobile version lets you handle business operations on the go and have complete control over your workflow.

Indeed, some people find ProWorflow’s user interface a bit overwhelming and the learning process—daunting.

All the same, ProWorkflow is definitely worth a try, especially by large teams with demanding workflows and complex organizational goals.

ProWorkflow Alternatives

If ProWorkflow isn’t the right fit for you, you can choose one of our top picks of project management solutions.

In this section of the ProWorkflow review, we analyze three of these apps.

ProWorkflow vs Monday

Although these two services are similar in many ways, Monday is not as comprehensive as its counterpart.

Still, is significantly cheaper, and some users argue that it provides better value for money.

ProWorkflow vs ClickUp

In this project management software comparison, ClickUp clearly has the edge in terms of ease of use.

Indeed, ProWorkflow is more difficult to get a hold of, but the amount of features provided is impressive.

Choose your fighter and see which is better for your specific situation.

ProWorkflow vs Scoro

This alternative to ProWorkflow offers roughly the same services. Its differences lie in its pricing and online reputation.

For instance, Scoro is sometimes criticized for not allowing the creation of subtasks within a project.

Plus, it charges more than ProWorkflow. That said, it is easier to set up and use.

Final Verdict

ProWorkflow is the go-to solution for managers that want to control all work dynamics from one convenient place.

The software allows team leaders to elegantly coordinate operations and have a bird’s-eye view over the process.

If that isn’t impressive enough, you can check out the service’s invoice manager and quote plugins. You can also enjoy the built-in chats and native timers that ProWorkflow puts at your disposal.

The project management solution has a detail-oriented approach and feature-rich plans.

A multitude of positive ProWorkflow reviews built its reputation among end-users and we certainly cast our vote of confidence in its favor too.

Is ProWorkflow really free?

No, ProWorkflow is not free collaboration software. However, it does offer a 14-day free trial for both of its plans.

How secure is ProWorkflow?

ProWorkflow keeps your data 100% safe. You can find out more about its privacy practices in the “Security” section of its official website.

Is ProWorkflow any good?

The software is a very reliable, trustworthy, and functional solution for project management. Check out in which areas it truly excels in the detailed ProWorkflow review above.

Is ProWorkflow better than Trello?

These solutions specialize in slightly different areas. Trello is designed to handle ongoing tasks, such as “updating last month’s article.” ProWorkflow, on the other hand, focuses on large-scale projects.

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