Ravetree Review—Is It the Complete Solution for Project Management?

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Updated · Mar 31, 2022

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Looking for an all-encompassing solution that allows you to manage projects, invoices, and contacts from one convenient place? Ravetree provides all that and more! Read our Ravetree review below to learn all about its features, customer feedback, pricing, and ease of use.
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The abundance of Agile-style tools for project management makes it nearly impossible to choose one.

How did Ravetree draw our attention? It stands out with an extremely comprehensive offering and sleek interface.

To see if it’s worthy, we at Hosting Tribunal scrutinized every aspect of the software. Read our detailed Ravetree review for our detailed analysis.

What Is Ravetree?

Ravetree is an Agile-oriented project management solution that helps you keep your teammates on the same page.

It tracks and coordinates projects, tasks, milestones, and deadlines. What’s more, you can monitor expenses, contacts, invoices, file approvals, and requests. Numerous satisfied users praise its completeness and convenience in their Ravetree reviews.

Let’s see how Ravetree’s functionalities can help you improve your workflow.

Ravetree Features

Ravetree covers an extremely wide range of functions without becoming overwhelming. How does it do that?

Let’s see.

Project Workforce Management

Whether you are a fan of Kanban views or a more visual person and prefer the Agile methods, Ravetree has you covered.

With the Ravetree Gantt chart tool, you can see how much time your teammates invest in projects and tasks. This can help you with time management, resource allocation, cost management, and other key operations.

Plus, you can reschedule activities and change task statutes in the blink of an eye with the drag-and-drop method. You can also easily set assignees and due dates and monitor progress and timesheets.


With Ravetree, you spend less time learning how to use its functions and more time on your actual work.

You can easily set recurring tasks with the help of the Ravetree project templates. The software also allows you to seamlessly create dependencies and track people’s progress with the Timeline view.

With the help of Ravetree’s intuitive tables, charts, and visualization styles, you can say goodbye to miscommunications.

The program automates the workflow, eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheets, clarification emails, and phone-call requests.

Collaboration Tools

Although Ravetree doesn’t have a native chat app, there are still plenty of communication tools. You can comment on tasks, attach files, add suggestions, and give differentiated access and permissions.

You can also set alerts and notifications at key phases of your projects to keep your team updated.

Time Tracking & Management

Ravetree excels at time tracking and time management. It keeps logs that you can easily associate with certain projects, tasks, and collaborators. You can use the timers to start, pause, and mark the termination of a given task.

The Ravetree timesheet allows you to gauge time investment at a larger scale—weeks and months.

You can also use it to compare your prior estimates to the actual outcomes.

Project Templates

You can use Ravetree’s templates to streamline your workflow in several ways. For example, you can set up a standard format for a certain type of task and reuse it whenever necessary.

What’s more, you can create invoice templates and facilitate invoicing.

We discuss billing in more detail further down in our Ravetree review.

CRM Management

Ravetree goes a step beyond project management and offers tools that many of its competitors lack. A great example is the CRM suite. It consists of a contact organizer and account and client management features.

The tool lets you apply filters to find data more easily, manage customized pipelines, and search for prospects.

The Ravetree desktop app further allows you to create reminders for your contacts the same way you do for employees.

File Management & Documentation

Ravetree provides the perfect place to manage work-related files and documents. Using the ”File Approvals” function, you can create multi-tiered approval workflows and keep all stakeholders informed. This ensures a transparent and thorough process.

In addition, you can outsource the decision-making for new projects that require approvals from third parties.

What’s more, you get unlimited storage space for virtually all types of files up to 2GB. The software also allows you to upload, store, and share files and inspect previous versions.

Resource Allocation

The Ravetree project management tools let you allocate resources according to your employees’ needs, workloads, and responsibilities.

You can gauge these parameters by checking how much time your team is spending on a certain project—at the individual and group levels.

Based on that information, you can approve time-off requests and adjust the workload of team members. You can also assign unscheduled tasks to employees with lower workloads.

Billing & Invoicing

The Ravetree time tracking features enable you to monitor billable hours and plan your budget accordingly. You can also create invoices and directly email them to your customers.

You can also manage estimatestrack expenses, and set bill rates for retainers and associates. All these powerful tools improve the cost control and budget management efforts within your organization.

Client Portals

A set of unique Ravetree features give you the power to involve third-party collaborators in your work. You can inform them about important milestones and updates on your project.

Furthermore, you can give them permission to approve files and submit requests.

You can communicate with them using the Ravetree platform rather than a never-ending chain of emails.

Best of all, you can perform all these operations from a single virtual workspace called the ”Client Portal.”


Ravetree offers multiple ways to gauge organizational outcomes. For instance, you can evaluate the effect of different human factors on productivity using its timelines and board views.

For starters, you can analyze burndown charts and member velocity to get in-depth insights about performance. This will give you a better understanding of your team’s productivity levels, work satisfaction, and latent issues.

You can also monitor deadline adherence, workloads, and budget balance. Although the Ravetree personal reports don’t include comprehensive financial analysis, you still get some forecasting and risk assessment and management capabilities.

Basically, Ravetree helps you evaluate the differences between planned budgets and the actual financial outcomes of a project. This can be achieved with the help of estimation activities and comparisons of past expenses.

That way,  you can make well-informed decisions and predict potential seatbacks.


Ravetree offers some noteworthy integrations with other programs. Although the choice isn’t as rich as that of some other project management apps, you still get all the essentials.

To enhance communication management, Ravetree integrates with Microsoft Outlook, GmailFacebook, Instagram, and Microsoft Exchange.

For improved file sharing, the software connects with Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, GitHub, and Box. And if you need more powerful invoice generators, you can always count on QuickBooks.

The Ravetree integration with Stripe allows your collaborators to receive payments for their invoices. Plus, the addition of Google Calendar further streamlines your workflow management.

Lastly, Ravetree plans on adding Slack and HubSpot to its list of integrations to ensure a more robust collaborative project management process.

Until then, we deem Ravetree’s integration capabilities advanced enough to add value to your project management efforts.

Ravetree Downsides

So far in our Ravetree review, we focused mainly on the service’s strengths. However, like any other business administration tool, Ravetree has a few shortcomings. Let’s take a closer look at these.

  • Jack of all trades, master of none—Ravetree falls in the trap of the ”one-size-fits-all”-type of software. It covers a wide array of functionalities without standing out with anything in particular. That said, its uniform offering can save you tons of money, gathering multiple solutions in one.
  • Few Ravetree reviews—During our research, we found only a few user reviews on platforms like G2 or Capterra. Apparently, Ravetree is not the most popular or sought-after software in the business.
  • Lacks an issue tracker & a chat—Although it’s very comprehensive, Ravetree has a few key lacks. You won’t find a bug tracking tool or a native chat to compensate for the absence of a Slack integration.

Plans & Pricing

The Ravetree pricing policy is very transparent and straightforward.

Ravetree offers a free trial with all features we outlined above. You can test its functionality before subscribing.

The paid plans are essentially the same but with different subscription periods.

They all include free onboarding, training, and support, plus unlimited projects.

Pricing Plans

Monthly Plan

The monthly plan will set you back $39/user/month. You can add between one and 100 members.

The price falls down to $34/user/month with the quarterly subscription, saving you 13% of the monthly fee.

The price for one user is $29/user/month ($348 a year). It goes up to $2,900/month for 100 seats.

Ravetree Support

Although Ravetree doesn’t have a dedicated ”Support” section, you can easily find its contact information on the website.

At the bottom of the Home page, you will see the company’s physical address, customer support phone number, and email. The company is also on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

To learn more about the Ravetree project management software, access the documentation database or dedicated FAQ section. There, you will find answers to common inquiries, as well as video tutorials to assist you with the onboarding process.

Ravetree’s blog is also part of its extensive knowledge base. It contains tips and guidelines about virtually anything from accounting to project management.

To test the responsiveness of the reps, we sent an email asking if Ravetree has a mobile app. A friendly and knowledgeable agent got back to us within four hours.

They explained that Ravetree doesn’t have a mobile app yet, but the team plans on developing one in the future. They even took the time to present some alternatives and give more information about Ravetree’s web version.

Overall, the interaction was useful and pleasant.

Ease of Use

Ravetree is relatively easy to navigate. For starters, the official website has a modern and clutter-free design, with large fonts and engaging visuals.

The user interface is also comprehensive and fairly intuitive, as several customers point out in their Ravetree reviews.

It organizes the variety of features and views in one convenient location, placing the essential tools centrally. You can access everything with a few clicks.

That said, beginners sometimes find the tool overwhelming, as becomes evident from several reviews. For instance: ”I disliked that at first, it took me a while to understand where everything was.”

Ravetree User Reviews

Speaking of Ravetree software reviews, let’s take a closer look at the service’s online reputation.

On G2, Ravetree has a solid rating of 4/5. However, it is based only on 23 user reviews.

The same scarcity of feedback can be found on Capterra. The company’s rating there is slightly higher—4.2/5 stars. Again, that’s the opinion of just 18 customers.

FinancesOnline gives the service a score of 8/10, which is quite commendable.

Most of the positive Ravetree reviews revolve around the multitude of featuresseamless file management, or high usability. For instance: ”Ravetree feels like the perfect blend of being universal enough for the masses and customized for the individual peculiarities of a mid-market full-service.”

On the other hand, a couple of dissatisfied customers complained about the instability of some features and unfriendly support reps. However, considering the isolated nature of the complaint, we don’t have reasons to believe that these are common issues.

We even found some positive opinions on a Ravetree Reddit thread. For example, we found one Ravetree Reddit review where the user expressed appreciation for the software’s clever design: ”Seems like it’s intelligently laid out.”

Is Ravetree Worth It?

Ravetree is a go-to solution for mid-level projects and teams.

It’s reliable software for planning and scheduling work activities with a wide range of features, CRM tools, diverse views, billing capabilities, and client portals.

However, there are a few downsides that might bother some more demanding managers. These include the scarce Ravetree user reviewslack of certain features, and the one-size-fits-all approach.

In spite of these, Ravetree is a reliable task and project virtual management tool.

Ravetree Alternatives

To give you a wider palette of choices, we dedicate this section to analyzing and comparing four of Ravetree’s competitors.

Ravetree vs ClickUp

In terms of pricing, ClickUp has a clear edge. It provides packages starting from as little as $5/user/month.

In contrast, Ravetree assumes a ”one-size-fits-all” approach. This means it offers a greater variety of features, but it also charges higher fees.

Ravetree vs CoSchedule

These two services are fundamentally different. CoSchedule is primarily designed for content marketing, while Ravetree focuses on the more traditional project management tools.

Nonetheless, they are both based on Agile methodologies. Plus, they have the same pricing structure.

Ravetree vs Scoro

While there are many similarities between these services, there’s also one key difference. Scoro organizes its features in multiple tiers and pricing levels, while Ravetree garners all functions in one plan.

What’s more, this alternative to Ravetree is more popular and has way more user reviews online. Still, this doesn’t guarantee its superiority.

Ravetree vs Paymo

Ravetree and Paymo have a lot in common. For example, they both include billing and invoicing tools in their offerings and provide powerful templates.

However, Paymo charges far less for its core features. It even has an entirely free plan. It seems like there’s a clear winner in this project management software comparison.

Final Verdict

In this 2022 Ravetree review, we analyzed the software’s features and carefully assessed its pros and cons.

Our thorough research definitively shows that Ravetree is a reliable tool that can improve organizational efforts and workflow management.

It offers comprehensive functionality, leaving enough space for customization and personalization.

It’s perfect for mid-scale project management.

Is Ravetree really free?

Ravetree doesn’t have a free plan. However, it offers a free trial option, so you can try its features before subscribing. Its paid plans start from $29/user/month. For the full subscription list, see the pricing section of this Ravetree review.

How secure is Ravetree?

Ravetree is perfectly safe and keeps your data private. It has military-level encryption methods, which guarantee extra security.

Is Ravetree any good?

Yes, the company provides legitimate and trustworthy solutions for managers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Is Ravetree better than Trello?

Trello is a Kanban-based task management app with fewer capabilities than Ravetree. Some may say that this is an advantage, particularly in terms of pricing and ease of use. Still, it all comes down to your needs and budget.

For comparison with other solutions, check out the Alternatives section of this Ravetree review.

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