Microsoft Works on Weeklong Fix to OneDrive Issue Affecting Big Users

Published · Sep 04, 2021

First reported on August 26, an issue affected Microsoft users with more than 1TB capacity on their OneDrive accounts, causing files to become “read-only.” Microsoft took over a week to fix the so-called “incident OD280960.”

The company reported the problem and posted updates via a Twitter thread. Microsoft engineers discovered that a misconfigured process wasn't recognizing user licenses. This reset storage quota limits to the default amount of 1TB.

Microsoft attempted to change the way OneDrive quotas are calculated to try and mitigate the issue. The workaround would let admins manually set the quotas of affected users. Twelve hours later, Microsoft acknowledged that the solution wasn’t working and returned to the drawing board.

The company pushed through another fix. But again, a whole two days later, users reported that they were still experiencing an issue. Microsoft failed to resolve the problem for customers with custom quotas.

The firm recommended the initial fix again before being able to accommodate a temporary migration. The latter would allow for quotas above 1TB before applying the correct value on a user-by-user basis.

On September 1, Microsoft confirmed the rollout of a final fix to all users, with updates to follow. OneDrive is a very popular cloud storage solution for businesses.  However, this issue only impacted the biggest businesses.

Smaller businesses and individuals using cloud solutions at a smaller scale for things like photo storage or backup of personal files remained unaffected.

Garan van Rensburg
Garan van Rensburg

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