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Are you looking for a powerful, yet simple and convenient solution to build an eye-catching resume? ResumeCompanion checks all these boxes and more. Check out our detailed ResumeCompanion review below to discover all its strengths and weaknesses.
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  • Cover letters
  • Tons of examples
  • No resume upload option
  • Mixed customer feedback

When looking for a way to build a professional resume, you may come across several online solutions.

Some of them claim to double or triple the number of job interviews that you'll land using their product, but are they living up to the promise?

In this ResumeCompanion review, we set out to analyze one of the most promising and easy-to-use resume builders.

We’ve read a multitude of ResumeCompanion reviews and personally tested the service to come up with the newest and most comprehensive breakdown in the article below.

What Is ResumeCompanion?

ResumeCompanion was launched in 2009 and has been offering tens of delightful templates for resumes and cover letters since then.

Although this is its main claim to fame, the ResumeCompanion resume builder is not the only tool provided by the company.

We outlined some of its most noteworthy attributes in the next sections.

How ResumeCompanion Works

ResumeCompanion is known for having one of the most intuitive, streamlined, and user-friendly interfaces in the industry.

The official website is easy to navigate and offers two main ways of getting started: you can access the first one by clicking the “Build a Resume in Minutes” option displayed in the center, and the second one involves selecting one of the templates shown further down on the Home page.

Both of them will lead to the same outcome, which is a well-crafted resume built with the help of the professional-looking ResumeCompanion templates.

The subtle differences, however, will be discussed in the Pricing section of our review.


Next up, we are going to analyze some of the most prominent features of the service.

Sleek & Easy To Use

Using ResumeCompanion for resume building and formatting is a seamless process that can take even less than 15 minutes if you already have clear ideas about what you’re going to write.

The website provides eight premium templates for each category (professional, simple, creative, etc.) so you can customize them according to your needs, experience, and desired job role in a matter of minutes.

Note that the only functions of the ResumeCompanion writing tools that are not customizable are the margins and font types.

Fill-in-the-blank Questions

ResumeCompanion offers resume assistance in the form of “Fill-in-the-blank Questions” and prompts to guide you through the writing process.

The extremely helpful and intuitive resume wizard used by the company will ask you questions about your industry, level of experience, credentials, and much more.

By providing short answers to them, you’ve already set up the main bulk of the resume completely headache-free.

Pre-written Bullet Points

ResumeCompanion understands that not everyone is a writer and provides pre-written bullet points and job descriptions.

They make the end result more professional-looking and powerful.

In addition, the ResumeCompanion cover letter help will make the writing process less confusing for rookie job hunters.

Cover Letter Assistance

The service places high importance on crafting an impactful cover letter to supplement your resume, whether the job position you’re aiming at requires it or not.

Although it is not particularly focused on offering career advice or interview preparation, the ResumeCompanion cover letters are designed to ease your job-seeking efforts by providing you with useful samples and templates.

Specific Industries

ResumeCompanion’s advanced building tools allow you to choose from a plethora of industries.

You can tailor your resume to your specific job requirements.

There’s a great choice between accounting-type resumes, education and teaching, food industry, engineering, or even student internships.

Informative Resources

Another noteworthy feature consists of valuable resume examples, cover letter samples, and blog posts created to make you more knowledgeable and prepared.

This informative content can help you grasp the resume-building process more in-depth and acquire useful information to compete in today’s marketplace.

Career Help

ResumeCompanion doesn’t offer interview preparation sessions or one-on-one career consulting as some other leading resume writing services do.

However, it compensates for this by teaching the basics of professional resume writing, formatting, crafting different sections of the resume, or creating a compelling cover letter.

By reading a ResumeCompanion cover letter example, for instance, you can gain substantial insight on how to write that type of document.

When it comes to resume building, you can choose to take a more chronological approach or make a functional resume, depending on your goals and desired job role. More details about this can be accessed directly from the vendor’s website.

What’s more, you can read informative articles on the topic of hiring and resume enhancement by accessing ResumeCompanion’s blog section.


Next up in our ResumeCompanion review, we will take a look at its integration capabilities and the export options that it puts at clients’ disposal.

After creating your resume using the provided templates, you can save your work on the platform, download it on your computer as a PDF or MS Word file, and start sending the piece to recruiters and hiring managers.

The alternative is to directly use ResumeCompanion’s native export options.

More precisely, you can send the resume to HR managers via email or auto-populate online forms, which are separate features from the ResumeCompanion download option.

Nonetheless, ResumeCompanion doesn’t integrate with social media sharing channels like some other resumes writing services do, so you won’t be able to directly export your resume or cover letter to social networks.

Plans & Pricing

Is ResumeCompanion free?

The answer is not really straightforward.

If you scroll a bit down on the website’s Home page, you will find several templates displayed across the screen.

By selecting one of them, you can choose to download it without any ResumeCompanion download fee. Mind, it’s still an empty template and you have to customize it yourself.

This way, you won’t have to pay a dime but the downside is that you won’t get any external input to help you in building the resume.

If you want some actual assistance, you will have to start the ResumeCompanion edit process directly from the platform. After the resume crafter helps you finish the piece, you’ll have to pay certain fees to be able to download or export it.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the ResumeCompanion cost:

By choosing this option, you can enjoy unlimited resume examples and templates along with cover letters; don’t forget to cancel it before the trial period is over, otherwise it will auto-renew to the monthly membership.

Benefit from the same features, but for a longer period.

Enjoy everything the service offers for one year at an outstandingly discounted rate.


ResumeCompanion customer service can be contacted through any of the traditional ways: phone support, live chat, and email.

Although its support team is generally deemed to be responsive and knowledgeable, there are several complaints on third-party review platforms such as SiteJabber.

After reading these negative ResumeCompanion reviews, we decided to personally test the quality of the service. We’ve sent an email asking if there are any ResumeCompanion accounting templates to use for our alleged application.

The response was fast (within a few hours), polite, and quite informative.

However, the reps didn’t seem compelled to offer more extensive information, so we can’t rate the support crew with a perfect score.

All the same, it ticks many boxes.

Ease of Use

ResumeCompanion is an extremely practical and easy-to-use solution.

In fact, the majority of the positive ResumeCompanion reviews from 2022 mention and even focus on this aspect of the service.

The users point out how quickly, effortless, and intuitive it is to build the desired resume once you have the right format and all the professional-looking tools available. And this is exactly what ResumeCompanion provides in spades.

“Software and site were simple and easy to use.”, “The builder is easy to use’’ are just some of the praises regarding the practicability of the ResumeCompanion app we found on SiteJabber.

ResumeCompanion User Reviews

In this section of our ResumeCompanion review, we focus on the company’s online reputation.

On SiteJabber, the ResumeCompanion rating is a relatively low one—2.1 out of 5 stars based on 26 reviews, with a couple of complaints regarding customer service, lack of refund policy, and failure to cancel the 14-day trial on time. Consumer Advocate gives it a far better 4.5/5 rating, while TopConsumerReviews rates it 3.5/5.

Most of the positive user opinions revolve around the excellent ease of use, comprehensive templates, and simple resume building wizard: “The best website I could find after spending ages looking for help.”

ResumeCompanionm reviews on Reddit seem to be completely missing. This shows that the service is not among redditors’ favorites, being a less popular solution than some of its competitors.

Is ResumeCompanion Worth It?

ResumeCompanion is a service with many good sides and a few limitations.

Among the former ones, we remind you of the user-friendly resume wizard, pre-written bullet points, intuitive questions and prompts, helpful cover letter samples, and clever export options.

On the other hand, ResumeCompanion data collection on resume building techniques is sometimes not enough to compensate for the 14-day trial renewal hidden in fine print, lack of resume upload option (if you already have one and want to improve it), and the occasionally reported unresponsiveness of the support team.

All-in-all, the ResumeCompanion resume builder is a reliable tool when used to obtain a solid and well-formatted resume, but other aspects of the service fall a bit short and need to be improved.

Alternatives of ResumeCompanion

To give you a larger picture of both template providers and companies that write resumes, we briefly analyzed and compared ResumeCompanion to some noteworthy alternatives.

ResumeCompanion vs Resume Genius

While both companies have the same price range and offer roughly the same features, Resume Genius can get you in touch with a resume writing service, while ResumeCompanion writing services are practically non-existent.

However, ResumeCompanion puts more focus on cover letters and excels in this department more than its counterpart.

ResumeCompanion vs Career Perfect

Both services provide resume-building tools, templates, and writing guidelines.

The main difference is that Career Perfect has a team of professional writers that can craft your CV for you. Accordingly, the price is steeper.

ResumeCompanion vs TopResume

Unlike ResumeCompanion, the latter is actually a resume writer service that works with professional writers to build the perfect CV for you from scratch.

While TopResume is much better rated and renowned, the main advantage of its rival is the affordable ResumeCompanion cost.

Final Verdict

After reading manby user testimonials and directly testing the solution, we can say that ResumeCompanion is a solid and trustworthy service for templates and cover letter help.

The platform is easy to navigate, affordable, and informative. It can even be considered a free resume service if you proceed using it the way we described earlier in our detailed review.

What is more, it has helped over one million job seekers to get their desired interviews.

This shouldn’t be a surprise considering the importance that the service puts on high-quality resume creation, which shows in its unique initiative to offer an annual scholarship for the best resumes written by students.

On the whole, ResumeCompanion writing and formatting helper is a decent solution for resume and cover letter building, although some of its features could use an improvement.

Is legit?

Yes, ResumeCompanion is a completely legitimate and trustworthy service, founded in 2009 and having hundreds of positive reviews from end-users.

Is ResumeCompanion safe?

Yes. ResumeCompanion is completely safe and secure, offering resume services online without any risk for your data privacy.

What industries does ResumeCompanion cover?

From ResumeCompanion insurance resume templates to cover letters specific to food services, ResumeCompanion covers them all and can be even further customized, according to our research and other ResumeCompanion reviews.

Does ResumeCompanion cost money?

Unless you download an empty template on your computer and fill in with your own text, the company charges you for using its services in the manner described above in our review.

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