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CareerPerfect Review—Does It Living Up To Its Name? Image Visit Website
With a dedicated team of writers, CareerPerfect can help you create the ideal resume and get your dream job. But it doesn’t stop here. It also provides valuable advice for career planning and interview preparation. Read our full CareerPerfect review to learn more.
4-5 days; 24h with Rush option
ATS scanning:
Writing services:
Downloadable formats:
MS Word, ASCII, & Social Media Profile
Cover letters:
LinkedIn makeovers:
Key features:
Useful educational resources, proprietary tools, resume storage, variety of services
Starting at: $139.95
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Best for:
  • Resume storage
  • Proprietary tools
  • Great variety of services
  • Useful educational resources
  • Outdated UI
  • Negative user feedback

Many resume services online offer to write your CV, cover letter, and sometimes even your LinkedIn account.

CareerPerfect goes beyond mere writing services. It sets out to deliver tons of useful resources and informative content. From career planning to interview preparation—it provides everything you need for your job hunt.

Keep reading our in-depth CareerPerfect review to find out how it can help you.

What Is CareerPerfect?

CareerPerfect was launched in 1996, but its parent company has been in business since 1978.

As of 2022, CareerPerfect is part of the Career Services Group, Inc. It is also a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and the Career Coaches and National Employment Counseling Association.

The company specializes in over 90 different industries. According to its website and several CareerPerfect reviews, it has helped candidates apply to Fortune 500 organizations.

How CareerPerfect Works

The first step is to visit and choose the service you need from the plethora of options.

This might be quite a venture, considering the large number of CareerPerfect writing and advisory tools displayed on the website.

You can choose between resume writing, interviewing, job search advice, and career planning. They are all neatly displayed in the navigation bar, along with some additional resources. You can also specify your current level of work experience right from the Home page and pick a service corresponding to it.

After settling on a feature, click on the “Get Started” or “Prices & Ordering” button. The pricing options are many, so remember to carefully assess your goals and budget before placing an order.

There are CareerPerfect templates for virtually all kinds of resume building and polishing.

Once you’ve provided your billing info, the site will direct you to a short questionnaire. You have to fill in details about your background, past achievements, and skills set. We discuss this tool, called SkillNet, in more detail below in the review.

Next, a CareerPerfect manager will assign you a writer. In four to five days, you will get the first draft of your resume.

We provide more information about the CareerPerfect writing process in the next section.


As we mentioned, CareerPerfect offers numerous and diverse features. We tested the main ones. This is what we discovered.

Resumes Writing Services

The company delivers decent resume assistance with formatting, keyword optimization, and readability.

According to its website, the CareerPerfect writing services enjoy a 99.9% satisfaction rate among customers. Although some users claim it’s not the best resume writing service, CareerPerfect promises revisions until it reaches the desired version.

Resume Writing Center

CareerPerfect stores your resume forever in a portal called the Resume Writing Center.

From there, you can access it anytime you’re undergoing a career change in the future. What’s more, you might even receive a special rate if you want to update it later on.


SkillNet is a proprietary CareerPerfect questionnaire designed to extract details about your previous experience, background, and interests.

It’s part of the CareerPerfect data collection process at the beginning of your enrollment. Your dedicated resume crafter can then incorporate this information into your CV.

Work Experience Levels

Unlike other solutions, the CareerPerfect writing services cover almost every industry out there. The company also segments its offering into different tiers based on your level of experience.

You can choose between “Student & Entry-Level,” “Professional & Mid-Career,” “Executive,” and “Federal & Military.” The latter deals with people with a military background transition to the federal or private sector.

Interview Preparation

As we mentioned earlier in this CareerPerfect review, the company doesn’t focus only on professional resume writing. It also provides extensive resources for career building and interview training.

For example, the interview coaching feature InterviewSmart includes educational resources and interactive tools to help you win over your future employer.

This will set you back $29.95 for six months. However, you can access many of the website’s articles and guides on this topic for free.

Cover Letters & Additional Services

In addition to a resume, CareerPerfect can help you write a cover letter, thank you note, or follow-up letter.

The only missing feature is the LinkedIn write-up—a service that is almost essential in today’s work landscape.

Career Help

The service provides tons of valuable resources, such as resume samples and cover letter examples. You can also find many articles, tips, and guides on how to plan your career, find new jobs, and attract recruiters’ attention.

These are common points of praise in CareerPerfect reviews by end-users.

In the Research hub, you can find actionable insights like “Salary Surveys for a Variety of Occupations” or “Interpreting Salary Information.”

CareerPerfect also provides education-related resources. These include links to lists of universities where you can get the qualification needed for your desired job.

You can also access the e-Resume tutorials for free. These will teach you how to optimize your keywords and beat the Applicant Tracking System.

Lastly, CareerPerfect offers interview advice, job search strategies, and a couple of self-assessment tests to discover what are your work style and values.


The company doesn’t shine the brightest when it comes to integration capabilities.

In addition to its resume writing services, CareerPerfect offers a resume review and edit option. However, it’s only available for entry-level candidates.

The service doesn’t connect with any high-end ATS scan technology. Still, the experts write your resume with ATS optimization in mind.

At the end of the writing process, you can export the final version of your resume as a PDF or MS Word file. Read the CareerPerfect download instructions if you’re not sure how to do that.

Alternatively, you can choose one of CareerPerfect’s distribution formats to submit your resume in other ways. You can choose between three options.

The Presentation format is a traditional Word document. The ASCII is optimized for electronic submission and forms that don’t accept Word files.

Lastly, Social Media Profile can help you make an impact on social networks. This partially compensates for the lack of LinkedIn makeovers.

Plans & Pricing

Figuring out the CareerPerfect price structure can give you a headache.

While this is mostly due to the large number of solutions, there are just too many bundles. Plus, the groupings of the features are sometimes non-intuitive.

We summarize the main plans of the resume writer service below to help you navigate through the complex menu.

Resume Writing Packages

For the most part, you can choose between the Deluxe and Comprehensive packages. The former consists of a resume writing and a resume and cover letter preparation service. The latter typically includes the same options but in all three distribution formats described above.

Full Plans
Start at $179.95

The minimum cost of a CareerPerfect Entry-level resume is $179.95, and it goes up to $299.95 for the Comprehensive cover letter package. The company charges slightly more for the Recent Graduate and Student services—from $189.95 to $299.95, depending on the plan. The Professional and Mid-Career and the Military-to-Civilian packages have identical costs, ranging from $199.95 to $299.95. The Executive plans have a slightly different pricing structure. They come with all distribution formats and cost $349.95 for a resume and $399.95 for a resume and a cover letter.

Editing Service
Starts at $139.95

If you already have a decent resume, you can purchase the CareerPerfect edit service for $139.95 and let the experts fine-tune it. However, this is only available for entry-level candidates.

A La Carte Services

The company offers some services a la carte. You can get a CareerPerfect cover letter, bio, and interview follow-up letter. You can also pay for a rewrite of your resume or cover letter if you want to target another job or industry.

The cost of these solutions varies depending on your level of experience.

You can also pay for a 24-hours delivery of any of the products with the ”Rush” option. However, you have to speak to the CareerPerfect customer service team to get the pricing.


Next up, we discuss how to contact the support reps and the quality of CareerPerfect’s customer service.

On the Contact page of the website, you can find the support team’s phone number and working hours. You can get in touch with them Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ET.

You can also send comments or complaints to CareerPerfect’s team. If you’re already an existing client, you can sign in and send a message directly to your writer.

Unfortunately, we found a few negative reviews from 2022 regarding the CareerPerfect support. Several users complained about the restricted working hours of the team. Many of them attribute the delays in communication they experience to that.

As always, we at Hosting Tribunal tested the service to check the claims we came across in user reviews.

We made a phone call, posing as an entry-level job-seeker, and asked about the cost of a scheduled phone call with our assigned writer. The rep gave us a straightforward answer, informing us that the fee for an extra phone consultation is $50.

Although we appreciated the clarity of the response, we didn’t find the agent very polite or engaged.

They didn’t ask about our experience as a customer or whether we needed help with something else.

Ease of Use

In this section, we analyze the ease of use of the CareerPerfect software and its features.

Our first impression of the company’s website was that we’re visiting a site from 2004. The interface is outdated and non-intuitive, and the pages are cluttered with big chunks of small and hard-to-read text.

Plus, important sections, like pricing, are difficult to find.

This doesn’t add up to a particularly pleasant user experience, which was also noted in several CareerPerfect reviews: “First of all, I didn’t like how their site works, and it is very difficult to navigate and find what you need.”

According to some users, placing an order is not exactly the easiest and most seamless process either.

Once you get past those first steps, though, things get better.

CareerPerfect User Reviews

The company’s online reputation is mixed.

The CareerPerfect rating on Trustpilot is 3.2/5 stars, and other specialized platforms reveal an even more critical view of the service.

End-users complain about the poor English skills of writers, sloppy formatting, outdated templates, and some spelling and grammatical errors. Worst of all, they mention the company’s lack of eagerness to take into account user feedback.

However, many reviewers on Trustpilot deem the service very professional. They praise the patient and responsive writers and good optimization skills.

Unfortunately, these reviews seem to be contradicted on sites like Reddit. This is particularly well-illustrated in one comment about CareerPerfect on Reddit: “As it turns out, this service does not take responsibility for the bad writings of their writers.” Users also criticize the service for being too pricey, slow, and even fraudulent.

Although over-the-top complaints are rarely completely truthful, it is disappointing to see the company has such a bad reputation.

Is CareerPerfect Worth It?

After assessing the company’s pros and cons, pricing, and customer service, we consider CareerPerfect a comprehensive career advancement tool.

The service provides excellent career advice, interview preparation, and extensive training and education resources. Plus, it has vast experience, diverse solutions, and free resume revisions.

On the other hand, CareerPerfect doesn’t have the best reputation in the game. This shows in the myriad of negative reviews and even scam allegations.

Additionally, the service has an outdated, hard-to-navigate website and is a bit expensive.

That said, you’ll surely find a solution that fits your needs among the plethora of services it provides. And if you’re not satisfied with its offer, you can check our list of the top resume services.

CareerPerfect Alternatives

To understand the market better, we discuss some of the most popular CareerPerfect competitors:

CareerPerfect vs Resume Genius

CareerPerfect is one of the most experienced companies that write resumes. Resume Perfect, on the other hand, is a reputable, high-quality template provider.

Analyzing them side-by-side is like comparing apples to oranges.

Resume Genius enjoys more positive feedback from end-users and third-party platforms. Still, unlike CareerPerfect, it doesn’t offer a writing service.

CareerPerfect vs Jobscan

Jobscan uses an ATS-like technology to scan your resume and show you how likely it is to pass the Applicant Tracking System.

CareerPerfect focuses on simple resume writing from human experts. Besides, Jobscan is not as specialized in providing career advice as its counterpart.

CareerPerfect vs ZipJob

Despite being much more similar, these two services have notable differences.

Unlike CareerPerfect, ZipJob provides a free resume review. However, CareerPerfect stores your CV in its Writing Center indefinitely—a feature that ZipJob lacks.

Final Verdict

CareerPerfect provides top-notch career help and job searching tips. It also comes with some unique features, such as InterviewSmart, SkillNet, and its e-Resume tutorials.

Still, as one user puts it in their CareerPerfect Reddit review, the service is simply too expensive for the average quality of resumes provided. It also falls short in the support and customer feedback department.

All things considered, we render CareerPerfect a legitimate but mediocre solution.

Is CareerPerfect free?

No, CareerPerfect is not a free resume service. It does, however, provide some free educational resources.

Its starting cost for a resume edit is $139.95. You can check the full pricing in our CareerPerfect review above or on the vendor’s website.

Is CareerPerfect safe?

Yes. CareerPerfect ensures complete privacy and security of your data.

Does CareerPerfect work?

Yes, the service is functional. Although some customers report delays, it usually delivers the orders on time.

Is CareerPerfect legit?

Yes, CareerPerfect is a legitimate company that provides thorough and useful career advice.

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