ResumeSpice Review—Is It Spicy or Just Pricey? Read Our Analysis To Find Out

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ResumeSpice is living proof that quality beats experience. The service, founded in 2016, is bombarded by requests. Why is that and what are its main pros? We tested its features thoroughly and crafted this well-researched, unbiased ResumeSpice review. Read on for the full story.
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ResumeSpice was launched in 2016 by Marsha Murray and Keith Wolf. The two co-founders were previously running one of the most prestigious recruiting firms in Houston—Murray Resources.

As of 2022, ResumeSpice is among the most popular and trustworthy resume writing services in Texas and across the country.

According to its website, recruiters rank professionally written resumes 60% higher than those made with a DIY approach.

The solution?

You guessed it—a well-crafted and professionally-looking ResumeSpice CV.

We read numerous user reviews on ResumeSpice and tested its services to check if the company delivers the high-quality solutions it promises.

Keep reading to see what we found.

What Is ResumeSpice?

ResumeSpice is a very sought-after resume writing service.

It prides itself on having more than 700 verified five-star reviews on platforms like Trustpilot, Yelp, and G2.

What’s more, the ResumeSpice writing team is part of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC).

The company serves job seekers from the US and Canada and has a systematic approach toward resume and cover letter writing.

To learn more about its process, read the next section of our ResumeSpice review.

How ResumeSpice Works

The first step toward obtaining a powerful resume is visiting and choosing the offer that best suits your needs.

After that, a ResumeSpice manager will send you a questionnaire and a link to schedule a phone consultation. This questionnaire takes no more than 90 seconds and is meant to assess your experience, skillset, and career goals.

The phone interview with your assigned writer has the same purpose but dives deeper into how the service could fit your needs.

After the phone consultation, your designated writer will craft and send you the first draft within two business days. If you’re not satisfied, you can get two rounds of revision for one week.

Note that ResumeSpice doesn’t use software to create and review your documents. All resumes and cover letters are evaluated and edited by hand by at least two specialists.

The company also claims that it doesn’t employ contractors or outsource tasks like other resumes writing services do.

All ResumeSpice writers are located in Houston, Texas, and are native English speakers.


To explore ResumeSpice’s offer in more detail, we evaluate its main features.

Professional Resume Writing

This is the company’s main claim to fame. Although it is a relatively new provider, the ResumeSpice resume builderquickly became renowned for its high-quality and thorough documents.

Another noteworthy aspect is the above-average speed of the writers. Almost no other competitor sets such short turnaround times. And according to many ResumeSpice reviews by end-users, the resume experts always deliver the drafts on time.

ResumeSpice Cover Letter, Bio, & LinkedIn Write-Ups

ResumeSpice provides additional documents that will make your application even more impactful.

For instance, ResumeSpice offers cover letter help to supplement your resume, a 250-word professional bio, and LinkedIn profile enhancements.

You can also take a more “old-school” approach and impress the HR managers with a thank-you note and a follow-up letter.

60-Day Interview Guarantee

ResumeSpice’s mission is to increase the number of interviews you land by providing high-quality solutions. This is why it offers a 60-day interview guarantee, promising to revise and improve your resume for free if you don’t get any interviews.

As part of the revision writing services, the ResumeSpice experts examine the type of jobs you’ve applied for and adjust your resume accordingly.


This unique feature can handle the job search for you by finding suitable openings, recommending you to HR professionals, and applying for jobs on your behalf. Of course, you have to approve the applications before ResumeSpice makes any inquiry.

Note that this ResumeSpice service is meant primarily for C-level employees and executives with little time and large budgets.

Assessment Tools

The resume writer service offers two unique and useful assessment surveys.

The first one—DISC Assessment—evaluates and gives you feedback on your personality and work style. The second—Workplace Motivators—explores the "why" behind your workplace behaviors.

You can use this ResumeSpice data and actionable insights to manage your career more effectively.

Outplacement Services For Employers

The outplacement service is another interesting ResumeSpice feature.

The company works closely with corporations that need to make layoffs, making the  outplacement process smoother. In other words, the employer pays ResumeSpice to help laid-off employees find a new job.

Career Help

Apart from providing resume examples and cover letter tips, ResumeSpice puts a ton of educational resources at your disposal. The website’s Blog section is packed with informative articles, guides, and career-related advice.

The company also lays out a list of top recruiters from the US-based on their location and track record. But that’s not all.

As we mentioned earlier in the ResumeSpice review, the service offers top-notch career coaching from certified experts. You can choose between three packages with one ($179), three ($449), or five ($695) 55-minute sessions.

If you need help preparing for an interview, you can request a 30-minute phone, Zoom, Skype, or in-person consultation with a ResumeSpice specialist.

This service can help you understand what a hiring manager expects from you, how to reveal your full potential, and how to behave during an interview.


ResumeSpice doesn’t have many integrations. It doesn’t use ATS technology to scan documents and gauge their compatibility.

It doesn’t provide professional resume critique services either. Instead, you can upload your existing CV in PDF or MS Word format.

The ResumeSpice experts will edit and improve it, optimizing it for the Applicant Tracking System scan.

After you review the first draft, make suggestions, and send the feedback to your writer, they will deliver the final version within seven days.

You can then use the ResumeSpice download option to store the documents on your computer and start applying.

Plans & Pricing

ResumeSpice doesn’t organize its features in the form of bundles. In fact, it’s one of the few resume services online to offer a la carte services. That said, the ResumeSpice cost is quite high even if you purchase a single solution.

Below, we present the resume writing packages in more detail and list the pricing of some of the other services.

Pricing Plans

If you have up to two years in the workforce, this option is for you. It includes a phone consultation with a resume expert, keyword optimization to pass the ATS scans, two business days turnaround, two comprehensive revisions, and a 60-day interview guarantee.

This package contains the same features for a considerably higher ResumeSpice price. The difference with the previous option is that the resume is optimized for mid-level employees with more than two years in the workforce.

This option is intended for C-level or executive applicants who seek a role over $125K.

Other Services

Apart from resume writing, you can pick any of the following services:

  • Cover letter—$189
  • LinkedIn profile makeover—$189
  • Interview preparation—$179 for 55 minutes
  • Professional bio—$189
  • Thank-you letter—$129


In this section of the ResumeSpice review, we discuss the quality and availability of the support team.

The customer service phone number is easy to find—it’s displayed just above the navigation bar. For more info, click on the “Contact Us” button in the “About Us” dropdown menu.

There, you will find the email, ticketing form, and physical address of the company.

The reputation of the ResumeSpice customer service is overall positive. The only complaints are about the promptitude (or lack thereof) of the reps.

A few reviewers on Trustpilot mention how friendly, polite, and helpful the representatives are. Other users complain about the long waiting times and delayed answers from the support crew.

To test the service ourselves, we sent an email asking if we could get resume assistance from a ResumeSpice accountingspecialist.

The rep sent us an extensive and detailed reply. The email arrived around 12 hours after the inquiry, which is a decent response time.

Ease of Use

Users often mention the service’s ease of use in their ResumeSpice reviews—and for a good reason.

The online platform is well-organized with sufficient information about the features, which ensures a seamless user experience. The website’s design is modern and sleek, fetching a couple of extra points in the aesthetic department.

Best of all, the pricing information is easily accessible and transparent. The provider displays the costs of all features along with their description. It also groups them in the Pricing section, which you can reach from the navigation bar.

Another commonly praised aspect in ResumeSpice reviews from 2022 is the quick and effortless ordering process.

ResumeSpice User Reviews

Let’s see what end-users have to say about the quality of ResumeSpice’s services and products.

The company boasts an almost perfect score of 4.9/5 on Trustpilot, based on over 800 reviews. The ResumeSpice rating on Yelp is also a solid one—4/5. Keep in mind that this one is based only on five user opinions at the time of writing.

The majority of positive feedback is about the service’s experienced and knowledgeable writers, their patience, and the client-centered approach. Users are also impressed by the responsiveness of customer reps, excellent quality of writing, and the number of interviews they land.

Still, not everyone loves ResumeSpice. For example, some users complain about delays in communication and delivery of the product. Others criticize the unwillingness of writers to incorporate feedback and even the lack of knowledge and professionalism on their part.

The ResumeSpice Reddit opinions are not as flattering as those on other platforms (duh). Some users go as far as to deem the service a complete waste of money in their ResumeSpice Reddit reviews.

For example: “This resume written by Resume Spice looked nothing like the one an exceptional candidate would submit.”

Still, with these few exceptions, ResumeSpice has one of the most solid online reputations in the industry.

Is ResumeSpice Worth It?

ResumeSpice’s quality of writing services, excellent ratings on third-party review sites, high demand rates from job hunters, and ease of navigation make it one of the best resume crafter services.

Its biggest downside is its cost. You can easily find cheaper solutions providing roughly the same features.

Moreover, ResumeSpice lacks templates and a CV creation tool, and the phone call service is not toll-free.

All the same, ResumeSpice remains one of the most reliable solutions offering high-quality resume services, interview preparation, and even career coaching.

ResumeSpice Alternatives

Let’s see how well ResumeSpice measures up against its most experienced and (dare we say) cheaper competitors.

ResumeSpice vs Resume Genius

These two solutions couldn’t be more different. Resume Genius is renowned for its powerful and easy-to-use templates. ResumeSpice, on the other hand, creates a personalized resume or cover letter for each client.

Resume Genius charges much smaller fees, but ResumeSpice provides unique features, such as JobApply and several assessment tools.

ResumeSpice vs Jobscan

Jobscan is quite different from the other ResumeSpice competitors on this list.

Although it doesn’t provide writing services, Jobscan shines at using ATS technology to give you valuable insight. ResumeSpice fights back with extensive career coaching and outplacement services.

ResumeSpice vs ZipJob

ZipJob is one of the most reputable companies that write resumes. From this standpoint, its features are very similar to those offered by ResumeSpice.

However, ZipJob’s prices start at $139, which is much more affordable than its counterpart. Customer feedback is clearly in favor of ResumeSpice, though.

Final Verdict

ResumeSpice’s most noteworthy aspect is its unique set of features—professional bios, career assessment, services for employers, and others.

As our ResumeSpice review has shown, the experts don’t just write a simple resume. They prepare you for the entire job search journey.

For a service that doesn’t have much experience, ResumeSpice does a more-than-decent job, as becomes evident from the positive feedback.

Does ResumeSpice work?

Yes. ResumeSpice is a functional solution that reliably delivers high-quality resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn account write-ups, and much more.

Is ResumeSpice safe?

Yes, ResumeSpice makes sure your data remains 100% private and secure.

Is ResumeSpice free?

No, ResumeSpice is not a free resume service. The cost for resume writing starts from $409. You can find the full pricing list above.

Is ResumeSpice legit?

Yes, ResumeSpice is a legitimate and reliable resume writing service. Our research and the numerous positive testimonials stand proof of its legitimacy.

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