iTop VPN Review—How Fast & Secure is iTop VPN in 2022?

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Excellent service that boosts your streaming and gaming experience while also increasing your data security is a rare find. iTop VPN encrypts your traffic for free using the most secure protocols. It also offers some extra goodies on the side. Curious to learn more? Read our in-depth iTop VPN review below.
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In the world of virtual private networks, data security and speed are essential. iTop VPN understands the intricacies of this dynamic and goes the extra mile to provide secure, flexible, and even free access to all the content you desire.

We will start our thorough iTop VPN review by outlining the service’s main strengths. Then, we will take you through its features, pricing, shortcomings, customer support, and our final verdict.

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

What Is iTop VPN?

iTop VPN is a budget-friendly virtual private network that delivers a secure internet connection to your favorite content.

But how does it do that?

It encrypts your data using advanced protocols, which we discuss further down in our detailed iTop VPN 2022 review.

Apart from protecting your online identity and activity, it also allows you to change your IP address by connecting to offshore servers. The best part is that there are plenty of locations to choose from, over 1,800—to be more precise.

iTop VPN servers can be used for various online activities, such as browsing anonymously, torrenting, streaming, and gaming. The provider also offers a suite of powerful tools for more demanding clients.

We took this private network service for a spin and also read hundreds of iTop VPN reviews to get a more rounded view of its virtues and weaknesses.

 Let’s see the results below.

iTop VPN Features

Here is a detailed breakdown of iTop’s main features and tools.

Multiple Platforms

The service is not only suitable for Windows users. As a matter of fact, iTop VPN for Android is an increasingly popular app.

It also provides iOS and macOS-optimized apps, which can be downloaded and installed in the blink of an eye.

The only downside is that iTop VPN supports a browser extension only for Chrome and is incompatible with routers.

IP Addresses & Locations

Although the provider claims to have over 100 server locations worldwide, taking a look over its map might say otherwise.

We identified around 24 country options for the Windows and Android apps. However, there are multiple iTop VPN locations in the US, with IP addresses in different cities.

What’s more, iTop VPN has different types of servers for different purposes. You can find gaming and streaming servers or dedicated social servers for accessing social media content through an encrypted connection.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlike other VPN providers, this one doesn’t impose data usage restrictions. This is only true for iTop VPN premium account holders, but it’s worth praising nonetheless.

If you choose the free version, you’ll have to be content with a 700MB daily data limit, monitored in real-time by the installed desktop client.

Also, note that the service allows for a maximum of five logins simultaneously, which aligns with the industry standard.

iTop VPN Logging Policy

As much as we wish to give you only good news, it’s important to mention the peculiarities of the service.

In this case, iTop VPN has a rather unclear logging policy.

On the one hand, the service claims that it doesn’t engage in any form of data logging or recording. However, it also states that it collects ”non-personal data,” which includes IP addresses.

This can be tricky because IP addresses are known for their potential to disclose personal information. Your privacy can be compromised if someone with sufficient tech know-how or level of access gets to them.

Split Tunneling

This noteworthy feature is praised in many iTop VPN VPN reviews online.

The positive feedback is fully justified, as the split tunneling gives you the luxury to protect your connections differentially. In other words, you can select which apps to protect and which to leave unencrypted.

iTop VPN Autopilot

Thanks to this clever perk, you can set the software to run automatically whenever you turn on your device.

This way, you can immediately benefit from protected connections without worrying about switching the VPN on and off every time you turn on your device.

Special Quirks

By now, you already know that iTop VPN is a legit provider with all the key-functionalities of a top VPN service.

But that’s not all.

It adds more useful and informative services to the mix—for example, displaying a color-coded speed bar to gauge the speed of every server.

There’s also the possibility to whitelist the app from your Battery Optimization settings so it can run in the background.

Additional iTop Tools

iTop’s utility doesn’t stop at connection encryption. There’s a suite of versatile tools that can be used independently of the VPN service.

For instance, you can download and enable the iTop Screen Recorder for free, access the iTop Data Recovery service, use the Smart Game Booster to increase your FPS and gaming experience, tap into the Screenshot feature, or explore IOTransfer—an iTop VPN service only for iPhone.

The latest product of the company is the iTop PDF reader and editor, which is quite lightweight and fast.


Now that we explored iTop VPN’s features, let’s zoom into the security protocols.

VPN Protocols

iTop VPN puts a host of tunneling protocols at your disposal. More specifically, the service uses TCP, UDP, and HTTPS—with the third one being absent from the Android version.

While TCP ensures high-level online privacy, UDP focuses more on increasing speed. HTTPS is a slightly different animal, being able to circumvent more online restrictions and deliver double encryption.

You can manually select your preferred protocol from the app or set it on ”Auto,” which allows the program to pick the fastest protocol available at any given time.

DNS Protection & Automatic Killswitch

While you’re connected to the iTop VPN servers, you can rest assured your Domain Name System (DNS) is protected from malware infections.

What’s more, your internet connection will be automatically cut whenever iTop VPN drops, thanks to the Killswitch feature.

Browser Privacy, Adblock, & IP Checker

If you want to be even more protected, iTop VPN gives you a browser privacy service. It cleans your browser history, deletes the cache and saved passwords, and so much more. It’s sleek and can be used with all major browsers.

Further, the iTop’s Adblock service helps you avoid malicious ads, while the IP Checker enables you to test any VPN’s IP masking capabilities.

iTop VPN Speed

To gauge the performance of this VPN, we ran a series of speed tests from different locations.

We were particularly impressed by the service’s performance on Android, which surpassed our regular connection on several occasions.

We began by testing the speed of a US server, which yielded a download speed of -20% and an upload one of around 15%. From the UK-based server, the iTop VPN speed test showed 4% download and 14% upload speed.

Considering that iTop VPN is a partially free service and that it does put a lot of focus on cybersecurity, these speeds are exceptional.


We also looked at the provider’s capacity to bypass the geo-blocking methods of the most reputable streaming platforms.

The results were quite solid, which is made possible by the wide range of streaming-optimized servers. We found that the app can ”crack” HBO Max, Paramount+, and Hulu on Android even when using the iTop VPN free service.

For paying customers, iTop VPN allows for secure access to:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • HBO Max
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Netflix US and KR, mainly on Windows

Now, let’s talk a bit more about iTop VPN VPN Netflix unblocking capabilities.

From our testing experience, the software is perfectly capable of bypassing Netlflix’s system and giving access to exclusive shows or other content that is blocked in certain regions.


Ease of Use

iTop VPN is one of the most streamlined, easiest-to-use VPN services currently available.

This is because it doesn’t require signup if you’re a free user. Instead, you can seamlessly use its apps as a guest.

The service also supports multiple languages on both Android and Windows devices. Annoying ads will not be a problem on the free PC version, but iTop VPN for Android will show popups once in a while.

To simplify things even more, the iTop VPN Mini widget helps you hide your online footprint without even having to launch the Windows app.

As you can see, every operation can be carried out in a few clicks.

The interface is very user-friendly, and the design is neat and modern.

iTop VPN Pricing

iTop VPN’s plans and prices are transparently displayed on its website. We laid out the main packages and how they scale from each other.

The following plans are available for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS:

This 100% free package comes with a 700MB daily data cap and access to 10 locations and three streaming servers. It also gives you 24 gaming servers to choose from. Considering it’s a free package, this deal is surprisingly generous. But let’s see the difference between the zero-cost offer and the paid plan.

$3.99/month (billed annually at $47.99)

The annual VIP plan gives you access to the entire palette of 1,800+ servers and includes unlimited data and bandwidth. It also offers some iTop VPN premium features, such as extra browser privacy, block ads and trackers, secure iTop VPN P2P servers for torrenting, split tunneling, and static and dynamic IP.

The VIP package can also be paid either monthly ($11.99/month) or once every six months ($6.99/month billed $41.99).

iTop VIP’s policy encourages longer commitment, offering discounted rates for the annual and biannual plans.

Lastly, there is a plethora of other services (most of which we touched upon in the ”Features” section of our iTop VPN review) that you can buy a la carte. You can visit the official website to check them out in full detail.

iTop VPN Support

The most effective way to get support is to use the in-app iTop VPN feedback tool. Many users online attest to its efficiency and speed.

If you want to take a more traditional approach and submit a request, you can do that, too. But beware that the response usually takes one business day.

When we sent a ticket, the answer came the next day, about 18 hours after dispatching our call for help.

The iTop VPN support team aren’t slow at all, and the rep that got back to us was very polite and straightforward with his honest and friendly answer. You can submit requests by filling in the contact form on the website.

When it comes to self-service, iTop VPN provides a pretty vast knowledge base, with guides, documentation, blog posts, and FAQs.

You can also request an iTop VPN refund via the help portal if you’re still within the 7-day guarantee.

iTop VPN User Reviews

It’s time to take a look at the software’s reputation and customer feedback.

iTop VPN enjoys fairly positive user reviews on specialized platforms such as Trustpilot. There, it boasts an impressive 4.5/5 rating out of more than 250 independent reviews.

There are a lot of praises for iTop VPN’s speed, ease of use, traffic anonymization capabilities, and affordability.

The few complaints that we found refer to the Split Tunneling free trial provided to Android users. The necessity to give your card information upfront causes trouble for those who forget to cancel their trial on time.

On G2, you can find a 4/5  iTop VPN rating, but with far fewer independent reviews. The low number of opinions is also true for other third-party review websites, as iTop VPN is clearly not the most famous VPN solution.

We also encountered a strange situation on Reddit. More specifically, we found several Reddit threads where various users review iTop VPN. A common complaint was the aggressive iTop marketing approach.

Several Redditors reported receiving a pop-up alert saying ”your IP address is being leaked.” After clicking on it, the VPN software was automatically installed on their device.

This was quite disturbing to read, but there we couldn’t find the exact steps those users followed before seeing the pop-up, so we couldn’t replicate the scenario.

All the same, something to keep in mind.

(Technically speaking, your IP address will be publicly visible as long as you aren't using encryption.)

We Recommend iTop VPN For

iTop VPN is a solid option if you want free secure connections without not sacrificing performance.  Its free version is the main point of attraction for a large category of users.

This provider has something for everyone, including gamers and streamers, who show their love in many iTop VPN reviews.

It’s also great for torrenting, surfing the Web with enhanced privacy, and accessing content unavailable in your country or subject to censorship.

On the other hand, it has fewer servers and locations than other players (such as IPVanish), doesn’t offer unmetered connections, and has somewhat confusing logging practices.

All in all, we particularly recommend iTop VPN for casual streamers, media consumers, and gamers.

iTop VPN Alternatives

To provide you with the bigger picture, we compared the focus of our review with some of its most renowned competitors.

Here are our data-driven conclusions:

iTop VPN vs. Surfshark

Right off the bat, Surfshark has the advantage of catering to more operating systems, as it works on Linux. It also allows you to connect unlimited devices from a single account, which can’t be said about iTop VPN.

While Surfshark prioritizes and optimizes security features, iTop VPN is faster and easier to handle.

iTop VPN vs. ZenVPN

Unlike its counterpart, ZenVPN has a very strict no-logging policy. However, this is pretty much everything that ZenVPN has over iTop VPN.

The latter provides far better speed, many more locations and servers, and it also has a higher data cap for its free account holders.

iTop VPN vs. IPVanish

IPVanish is one of the most reputable iTop VPN competitors, with advanced security features, cutting-edge protocols, and similar prices.

iTop fights back with some exciting add-ons like Smart Game Booster or the iTop Data Recovery service.

Final Verdict

As our iTop VPN review comes to an end, it’s important to summarize the main takeaways and give a final verdict on the service.

All things considered, iTop VPN is a solid provider for free data encryption. It also excels when it comes to speed and performance.

It’s a well-balanced, well-rounded VPN with many extra functions, such as the screen recorder, the speed bar, or the gaming booster.

If you’re looking for a convenient, cost-effective, and neat solution to enhance your online privacy in 2022, iTop VPN might be the right choice.

Is iTop VPN legit?

Yes, iTop VPN is a legitimate company based in Hong Kong, founded in 2016. A lot of positive user reviews attest to its legitimacy.

Is iTop VPN VPN free?

Yes, iTop VPN does have a free version. Check out the ”Pricing” section above to find more details.

Is iTop VPN VPN good for Netflix?

The service has no problem bypassing Netflix’s geo-blockers and providing secure access to streaming content.

Does iTop VPN keep logs?

Yes and no. iTop VPN states that it doesn’t track your activity but can record your IP information. Read more about it in our iTop VPN review above.

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