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VPN Unlimited is great for online users that require an indefinite, unfailing level of protection and anonymity. It provides a range of trustworthy security protocols that work well without staggering your browsing and streaming speeds. Read our detailed VPN Unlimited review to find out what else it can do.
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  • Affordable long-term plans
  • Low server count
  • Small device limit
  • Restricted access

VPN Unlimited caught our attention with its competitive long-term plans and user-friendly app designs. It was developed by KeepSolid, a US tech company based in New York.

With 500+ servers sprinkled across 80 countries, high speeds, and excellent support, VPN Unlimited promises great performance.

We took our time with our VPN Unlimited review to ensure that it protects users as well as advertised. Keep reading to see what we found.

What Is VPN Unlimited?

Unlimited VPN is a US-based VPN company with reliable security protocols. It employs the zippy WireGuard, IKEv2, and the beefy OpenVPN. It also developed its own protocol, KeepSolid Wise.

Although it has a rather small number of servers, VPN Unlimited still covers over 80 countries. Plus, KeepSolid, the developer team behind the provider, recently added Costa Rica, Serbia, Libya, and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the list.

One more update and VPN Unlimited will be on the right track.

Below, we discuss how VPN Unlimited works, what other features it offers, how fast it is, and more. Keep reading to find out everything about it.

VPN Unlimited Features

In this section, we review VPN Unlimited’s safety and usage features. Does it have a zero-logging policy? How does it work on different devices? Let’s see.

Logging Policy

The VPN Unlimited logging policy is stated plainly on the official website—the company keeps no logs. Connection times, downloads, browsing history, data content, metadata, and IP addresses—it doesn’t record any of this information.

That said, there are a few details Unlimited VPN collects for the duration of your session. These include your OS version and IP address (for the sake of server communication). However, it deletes them once your session is over.

Split Tunneling

The provider offers split tunneling, but it only works with the VPN Unlimited Android version.

You can enable this feature from the “Settings” tab. Scroll down to “App Exceptions” and select the platforms you would like the VPN to exclude.

Devices, Platforms, and Proxies

Although this is not a VPN Unlimited Android review per se, we can’t help but focus on the functionality of this version.

This is where the company shines—the Android app is far more dynamic and handier than the desktop version.

The home page displays a world map of the available servers and allows you to switch between them seamlessly. Simply tap on the location you would like to connect to.

The VPN Unlimited iOS app works much in the same way as its Android cousin. It allows you to choose a server from a list or from the world map.

We were satisfied with our experience with both mobile apps. As several users note in their Unlimited VPN reviews, they have a user-friendly interface and sleek design.

You can also download a desktop app for Mac, Windows, and even Linux.

Windows users can choose between a phone and a desktop app. We recommend the Windows Phone app, as it is more user-friendly. Both versions have world maps that display your IP addresses and the ones you have connected to.

Lastly, you can use VPN Unlimited for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. On that note, some providers offer proxy servers, at least with their browser extensions. Unfortunately, those looking for a VPN Unlimited proxy service will be disappointed—there isn’t a SOCKS5 proxy on offer.


You can use VPN Unlimited for torrenting, but there is a major caveat in its usage. The provider supports P2P serversoptimized for torrenting. However, they are limited to just five locations in Canada-Ontario, France (Paris), and Romania.


This section of our VPN Unlimited review focuses on its security services. They are quite impressive. For starters, VPN Unlimited uses military-standard AES-256 encryption.

But what about its jurisdiction, protocols, and killswitch? Read on to find out.


Probably one of the first questions you asked yourself when you started researching this provider was, “Where is VPN Unlimited based?”

Well, its headquarters are in New York, US. This means its operation falls under the Five Eyes protocol, so it is obligated to hand over user data if US law enforcement agencies require it.

While that might be worrying to some, the company doesn’t store its customers’ information after the end of their session. It also doesn’t track internet activity, so there is very little data it can provide.

Security Protocols

Before you download VPN Unlimited, you might want to know what tunneling protocols it has in place. Let’s start with WireGuard, which provides a new level of security. VPNs began featuring it in 2020, and it has become almost standard usage.

Next up is IKEv2. It is a favorite for mobile users because it allows them to instantly swap between Wi-Fi and cellular connections.

We would have preferred OpenVPN TCP over UDP, but this is what VPN Unlimited stocks. That said, UDP is faster, and you should only need OpenVPN if WireGuard and IKEv2 stop functioning.

Finally, we have KeepSolid Wise, VPN Unlimited’s personal in-house Stealth VPN protocol. If you live in a country where VPNs are restricted, then Wise is your best option for anonymity

This means VPN Unlimited works in China.

VPN Unlimited Killswitch

A killswitch is an essential security feature for any VPN. This last line of defense activates when your connection to a VPN cuts, ensuring that your current location and IP address aren’t leaked.

Thankfully, VPN Unlimited has a reliable killswitch for each of its supported platforms. Although it isn’t mentioned often in VPN Unlimited reviews, this is a crucial component for your security.

In the event of a connection loss, however, you might need to restart your system a few times to clear the killswitch and get back online.

VPN Unlimited Speed

After a few speed tests, we noticed that VPN Unlimited’s speeds were highly dependent on the protocol we used. For our 2022 VPN Unlimited review, we connected from the “UK-South 1” server to the “US-New York” server.

With the WireGuard protocol selected, we clocked in 89 Mbps download and 65 Mbps upload speeds. We had an almost identical speed result with IKEv2 selected, but our upload speed dropped to 59 Mbps.

When we used OpenVPN (UDP), however, our speeds plummeted. For download, they dropped by 79%, and for upload—by 91%. Although OpenVPN (UDP) is the speedier form of the protocol, it still staggered our speeds considerably.


Is VPN Unlimited good for Netflix? Yes, we managed to get through most of the streaming service’s geolocation blockers. This includes Netflix Japan, UK, and US.

We recommend that you change your protocol to WireGuard while streaming. This will ensure the optimum VPN Unlimited Netflix experience.

Beyond Netflix, we also watched previously restricted YouTube videos and accessed BBC iPlayer when connected to a US server

 Remember to experiment with the different servers if your platform of choice is still blocking your access.

Ease of Use

As we mentioned, the VPN Unlimited mobile apps work like a charm. They are easy to navigate and use and have a sleek, straightforward design.

Despite being aesthetically pleasing and functional, the Windows app gave us grief occasionally. There are some inconsistencies in the server list with regards to city-country listings.

While it isn’t a dealbreaker, one of the biggest problems we faced with VPN Unlimited was the upselling. We were mostly annoyed with the ads for extra features or subscription extensions that popped up occasionally in the app.

Next, let's see how much is VPN Unlimited going to cost.

VPN Unlimited Plans & Prices


The starting one-month plan will set you back $9.99 per month.


The one-year VPN Unlimited subscription will cost you $59.99 annually or $4.99 per month. VPN Unlimited deems this its “Best Choice.”

Next, we have the three-year package, with a once-off payment of $99.99. There is no option for monthly payments with this one.


Finally, there is the “Lifetime” plan, with a once-off payment of $199.99.

Before you select one, you can try its functionality with the 7-day free trial. All plans include the same features; the VPN Unlimited price is determined by the subscription period.

Each subscription has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can back out from the heftier payments if needed.

VPN Unlimited Support

VPN Unlimited offers 24/7 email support. However, although their live chat service is advertised as 24/7 too, we were unable to open a conversation with an agent. We decided to express our complaints about VPN Unlimited via email.

An agent responded within 30 minutes, explaining that the live chat service is occasionally overloaded and stops functioning. Despite the small hiccup, we received a timely and adequate response via email.

That said, our question regarding the availability of VPN Unlimited specialty servers remained unanswered. We can only presume that it doesn’t have any, given that we couldn’t find them in its offerings.

VPN Unlimited User Reviews

As part of our research, we read tons of VPN Unlimited reviews to see how others enjoyed their time with the VPN. User reviews are always a good place to start when you want to know if a VPN is worth your time and money.

VPN Unlimited has a respectable 4.3-stars rating on Trustpilot. 79% of users rated the service as “Excellent”, while only 12% regarded it as “Bad.”

Most VPN Unlimited reviews contained glowing opinions about the service. Customers praise the support team, affordable costs, and fast speeds. Only a few damning comments popped up here and there. They were mostly about problems with refunds and renewals.

We also checked out several VPN Unlimited Reddit discussions and were a bit disappointed with what we read. Several users complained about the company’s logging policy and slow speeds.

However, said VPN Unlimited reviews on Reddit were mostly from three to seven years ago. The company has since addressed all these issues.

We Recommend VPN Unlimited For…

VPN Unlimited provides solid speeds across long distances and a dependable range of security protocols. Its biggest downside is the lack of VPN Unlimited P2P availability. Its server range is also far narrower than that of many other VPN services.

Is VPN Unlimited safe, though?

Yes. Beyond these complaints, we found VPN Unlimited to be a safe and dependable provider with responsive and comprehensive customer service.

VPN Unlimited Alternatives

In this section, we compare VPN Unlimited to some of the best VPN providers on the market.

VPN Unlimited vs PIA

While we disregarded the earlier-mentioned Redditors’ complaints, several of them did recommend Private Internet Access (PIA) over VPN Unlimited.

This mainly comes down to personal preference, but there is some reason to it. PIA VPN provides a global server coverage, which trumps VPN Unlimited’s comparatively restrictive access.

VPN Unlimited vs StrongVPN

VPN Unlimited is more affordable than StrongVPN. However, the latter offers StrongDNS for speedier internet usage and unrestrained Netflix streaming.

VPN Unlimited vs ZenMate

Both companies provide well-designed apps and 7-day free trials. The major difference between them is that ZenMateallows its users to torrent on all its servers.


KeeSolid has designed and executed a solidly performing VPN with a feasible pricing structure. Its apps run well on nearly every platform imaginable.

Despite its relatively low server count and a finicky killswitch, VPN Unlimited is worthy of your time and money.

Is VPN Unlimited worth it?

If your line of work or personal needs require a far-reaching and extensive server list, you might want to consider another VPN.

Otherwise, VPN Unlimited is a solid solution that can cover most privacy and streaming needs.

Is VPN Unlimited legit?

VPN Unlimited is certainly legit. With its 256-bit AES encryption, this VPN will keep users safe and stealthy for a lifetime, if needed. If you don’t want to leave an online footprint, VPN Unlimited can wipe away any trace of your activity.

Does VPN Unlimited work with Netflix?

You can use VPN Unlimited to get past geo-blocking and stream on Netflix. The VPN works particularly well with US servers, but you can also enjoy stable and high-quality connections to Japanese and UK servers.

We tested multiple streaming services and described our findings in more detail above in the VPN Unlimited review.

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