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Updated · Apr 13, 2022

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Trust.Zone Review - Can You Trust This VPN? Image Visit Website
Users love Trust.Zone for one very obvious reason—its low price. But can it still dish out enough features to stay relevant on the merciless VPN service market? We’ll answer this very question in our in-depth review of Trust.Zone VPN!
Free version:
Number of devices:
Number of points of access:
Zero-log policy:
OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard, L2TP/IPSec, TrustZone Client
Torrenting & Streaming:
Windows / Mac / Linux / Android / iOS
Key features:
Fast speeds, secure, China support, split-tunneling, streaming, torrenting, etc.
Starting at: $2.33/month
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Best for:
  • Free trial
  • Pretty fast
  • Solid security
  • Very low price
  • Bad for streaming
  • Underwhelming support

Every time a cheap VPN appears, it either attracts unbelievable amounts of attention or immediately gets disregarded as unworthy. With such a low price, it’s no wonder that Trust.Zone VPN reviews are so positive—users are attracted to it.

But one question arises—is Trust.Zone VPN legit, or is it just a glitchy and terrible product?

Join us as we at Web Tribunal dissect this matter and try to answer the dreaded question.

What Is Trust.Zone VPN?

Trust.Zone VPN is the best VPN service for anyone looking for a cheap solution with a good feature set.

As you’re about to see, it packs quite a punch for a VPN that will cost you just over $2 a month!

Trust.Zone VPN Features

Let’s start this Trust.Zone VPN review with an overview of its most prominent features.

Cross-Platform VPN

This VPN is available for a multitude of devices—it offers not only PC and Mac apps but also a Trust.Zone VPN Linux version. Although that’s common, not all VPNs have a Linux version, so that’s nice to see.

The list of devices doesn’t end here—with routers, Xbox, PlayStation, and Smart TV. The Trust.Zone VPN Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are there to give you that extra layer of protection.

Of course, there are also all-important smartphone apps.

We reviewed the Trust.Zone VPN Android and iOS apps, and they performed stellarly. All the same, they don’t get as much attention as their desktop counterparts.

Number of Devices

The free Trust.Zone VPN version allows a single connection, the one-month and one-year subscriptions let you connect on up to three devices, and the two-year plan has a limit of five simultaneous connections. 

Although one device is highly insufficient, most of its competitors don't even offer a free version.

And the two-year plan is already on par with other VPNs.

Points of Access

This is a relatively new VPN, so the Trust.Zone VPN server count is underwhelming.

With only 202 servers, it falls far behind NordVPN’s 5,400 worldwide locations. But this VPN is constantly improving and expanding, so you can be sure that this will change sooner rather than later.

Split Tunneling

The lack of a split tunneling feature is often critiqued in Trust.Zone VPN reviews.

It’s not the most important feature to have, but if your internet connection is slow, you’ll notice its absence.

Split tunneling allows you to choose which apps to run through a VPN connection.

If it’s missing, all internet traffic will have to go through a VPN, which can slow down the speed significantly.

Surfing in China

Trust.Zone VPN works in China—it can bypass the Great Firewall and avoid its brutal censorship laws.

This means that you can look up Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Instagram—something you couldn’t do without a VPN.

Trust.Zone Security

We were pleasantly surprised by what this VPN has to offer in terms of security. Let us explain:

Where Is Trust.Zone VPN Based?

If a VPN is based in one of the Fourteen Eyes countries, your online footprint won’t be 100% protected.

 Fortunately, this one is under Seychelles jurisdiction, which means that your data won’t be given away so easily.

It also means Trust.Zone VPN avoids logging. This ensures the privacy, security, and protection of your online identity.

Security Protocols

Like many other VPNs, Trust.Zone primarily relies on its own tunneling protocol.

Still, it offers other popular ones, such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, and WireGuard. Trust.Zone also supports a point-to-point connection, but we wouldn’t recommend it—it’s obsolete and unsafe.

Automatic Killswitch

The Trust.Zone VPN kill switch ensures your security even if the server goes down.

If that happens, your connection will be blocked until the issue is fixed—and you won’t be redirected to a public network without warning.


This VPN makes sure your encrypted connection is intact with AES-256—the best encryption method so far.

But our Trust.Zone VPN review would be incomplete if we don’t mention the RSA-4096 handshake encryption.

Sure, it’s old and rarely used by other VPNs, but it does the trick. Plus, it’s not the only encryption Trust.Zone uses.

Cryptocurrency Payments

This is an important feature because it fully protects your identity while you’re making a payment.

With Trust.Zone, you can pay using Bitcoin, Cloakcoin, and Emercoin. On top of that, you get a 10% discount.

That’s one of the main talking points of many Trust.Zone VPN reviews - users who want to surf safely usually appreciate the possibility to pay safely as well.


The Trust.Zone VPN rating is so high partly because it’s a surprisingly fast VPN. We were impressed by the speeds of its free version, especially since these tend to be slower than paid plans.

First, we compared the speed of our regular network and with a VPN in the same country. The download speed dropped a little, but the upload speed barely changed.

Next, we tested the Trust.Zone VPN speed with a server in a nearby country. We were truly impressed—the download speed was higher than that in the same country!

Trust.Zone isn’t the fastest VPN but is still very quick and a great choice if you’re looking to download a free VPN. It takes a while to connect to a network, but with such browsing speeds, you won’t be overly annoyed by that.

You’ll hardly see any Trust.Zone VPN reviews with complaints about the download and upload speeds. It’s one of the top 10 VPN services with a free version.


If you’re looking for a VPN for torrenting, you’ve come to the right place. With its great speeds, Trust.Zone is an excellent VPN for P2P file sharing.


The average user is looking for a VPN to get past geo-blocking. Unfortunately, Trust.Zone does not work with some popular streaming services, such as BBC iPlayer or Amazon Prime.

But the question that everyone’s asking is: “Is Trust.Zone VPN good for Netflix?” Well, we have good news and bad news:

Let’s start with the good news—this VPN is capable of bypassing Netflix’s geolocation blocker. However, it can only reliably do that with a dedicated IP address, which comes at an additional monthly fee.

That said, Trust.Zone VPN works with Netflix, so if that’s the only platform you want to stream on, you might as well take advantage of the low price. But if streaming is your top priority, you should consider other VPNs.

How to Use Trust.Zone VPN?

The setup process of the Trust.Zone desktop application is very easy.

The same goes for Trust.Zone VPN for iOS and Android. All you need to do is create an account, download the app, and make a payment. Then just follow the simply outlined setup steps; the connection process is automatic.

Things are a bit more complicated with the Trust.Zone VPN extension. The setup process for smart TVs, for instance, is unnecessarily confusing.

For that reason only, we wouldn’t call it the best free VPN for Firestick (although it comes pretty close).

Plans & Pricing

At the time of writing this review, you can download Trust.Zone VPN and try it for free with the 3-day trial version. You will have limited access to servers, a bandwidth of 1 GB, and you’ll be able to use it only on a single device. But at least it’s there.

Not many VPNs have a truly free version, so this is a breath of fresh air in the ever-growing VPN market.

The catch is that this is a limited offer with an expiration date. But you should be on the lookout for those—they come often.

One-month plan

Full bandwidth capacity, and access to all 202 servers on up to three devices at a time with no data transfer limit.

One-year plan

All the features of the previous plan at a reduced cost.

Two-year plan

The cheapest plan available at the time of writing, plus it's usable on up to five devices.

To sweeten things up further and to boost security, Trust.Zone offers additional discount if you pay through cryptocurrencies.

Trust.Zone VPN Support

Trust.Zone VPN’s support could use a makeover. To begin with, the FAQ section isn’t displayed in the navigation bar, which makes it harder to notice. To reach it, you’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the page. When you do find it, you’ll notice that it doesn’t have much to show in terms of troubleshooting. If your issue is more serious, chances are it will disappoint you.

What’s more, there is no live chat or even a phone number. The only way to get in touch with support agents is through the ticketing system. We’d say that this is the lowest point of this Trust.Zone VPN review.

One of the main Trust.Zone VPN complaints is that the ticketing system has long waiting times. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened in our case. We created a ticket and while we did get a reply, it came after one whole day. However, the team was knowledgeable, kind, and very helpful.

There is also no Trust.Zone VPN Reddit channel, but as you’re about to see in the next section, that’s not a huge problem.

Trust.Zone VPN Customer Reviews

Similarly to other VPN providers, Trust.Zone has mixed user opinions.

The VPN received some negative reviews mainly because of the small number of features. But Trust.Zone VPN is in the update phase, so it keeps adding new features and extensions.

Other common complaints include the lower speed of the Mac version, the lackluster support, and the lack of split tunneling.

On the bright side, Trust.Zone VPN reviews on Reddit are highly favorable. Users emphasize its cheapness and praise its overall performance, speed, and security. What’s more, the majority of these Trust.Zone VPN reviews were written before 2022.

The VPN is even better after the updates.

When to Use Trust.Zone VPN

It’s a great balance of price, quality, and security.

It’s cheap yet very fast.

Trust.Zone VPN is perfect for torrenting.

Trust.Zone VPN Alternatives

Since this VPN lacks some features, you might find some of the alternatives to be a better fit.

Trust.Zone VPN vs Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is much better for streaming and has a split tunneling feature.

It also offers a free version, but so does Trust.Zone. The latter is also great for torrenting, better in terms of security, and much cheaper.

If you prioritize your online safety, Trust.Zone is the clear winner

Hotspot Shield is the clear winner if you find streaming or split tunneling important. Read our Hotspot Shield review to see its other perks before you choose.

Trust.Zone VPN vs ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best providers on the market, so it poses a serious challenge to Trust.Zone. Both VPNs are fast, secure, and great for torrenting.

They support the same devices—there are ExpressVPN and Trust.Zone VPN Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. 

But ExpressVPN has more servers, split tunneling, and is much better for streaming. It has a higher price, but if money isn’t an issue, this is the go-to VPN. Check out our ExpressVPN review to find out why.

Trust.Zone VPN vs Hola VPN

Hola VPN isn’t a classic VPN, but more of a peer-to-peer network (read our Hola VPN review if you’re not sure what that means).

It has a good free version and is very user-friendly.

But Trust.Zone is much better. Both Hola and Trust.Zone VPN are fast, but only the latter allows torrenting. And it’s much safer, too.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, only one question matters—Is Trust.Zone VPN good?

We would absolutely say so!

For a very affordable price, you’re getting nearly everything you might need from a VPN. The only Trust.Zone VPN problems are the lack of live chat support, split tunneling, and its far from ideal streaming capabilities.

Everything else it does nearly perfectly—great speed, excellent for torrenting, secure.

It even has a free version!

We’d highly recommend that you give it a shot.

Does Trust.Zone VPN work?

Yes. It does everything as advertised. The only possible exception is streaming.

How does Trust.Zone VPN work?

It hides your IP address and protects you from DNS leaks. You just need to choose one of its servers or let it do that for you.

How much is Trust.Zone VPN?

The highest price is $10.52 per month. The cheapest option is $56.88 for two years, which is only $2.36 per month. This is as low as a VPN subscription can get.

Is Trust.Zone VPN safe?

It absolutely is. Combine a Seychelles jurisdiction with numerous security protocols and encryption methods and you’re getting one safe VPN.

Does Trust.Zone VPN work with Netflix?

Yes and no. If you don’t get a dedicated IP, the chances are that neither of its libraries will work.

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