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AccuWebHosting is best known for its Windows hosting services, but the company doesn't shy away from other web technologies. Its Linux and cloud setups are among the best in the industry as well.
Data centers:
Six global locations
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Shared, cloud, WordPress, VPS, dedicated, reseller, Windows
Starting at: $1.99/month
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Best for:
  • True SSD hosting
  • 300+ applications available
  • Free migration
  • CloudLinux virtualization
  • SSD storage restricted
  • Subpar features

AccuWebHosting has been in my crosshairs for a while now. The provider has enough distinct services to catch anyone’s eye. Even better, it has accrued a massive following that praises it left and right.

It was time the internet got a proper AccuWebHosting review.

To start, I checked how well it covers the basics—server performance and support quality must be on point. If not, you'd just be likely to have a miserable time.

I also checked what the host can do for its customers, and the list is hefty. The number of services alone makes the host a good fit for most users. I weighed the main advantages (as well as a few things to watch out for) to determine if it is worth your time.

I have to say, I am impressed with the results. Although AccuWebHosting is the biggest generalist among hosting companies, all of its plans showcase remarkable quality. What’s more, the overall server speed and uptime are not too shabby either.

I outlined all the main points in the comprehensive 2022 AccuWebHosting review below. Keep on reading to see how the provider performs.

What Is AccuWebHosting?

Established just after the turn of the century, AccuWebHosting started out as a Windows hosting specialist. The idea was to fill the need for a flexible web host that can adapt itself to each customer. Over time, it kept adding different services into the fold, tremendously expanding its portfolio.

Today, it still puts a strong emphasis on Windows-based plans, and it scores exceptionally well in our Windows web hosting review. Still, it has a range of other services and more plans than the vast majority of providers. 

Another principle AccuWebHosting abides by is friendly support that takes a hands-on approach to helping customers. The policy is working out well, having earned AccuWeb a high customer satisfaction rate.

The host also makes an impressive amount of info available about its plans. This is refreshing, considering most providers point out only the best qualities while keeping everything else well-hidden from prospective customers.

The website certainly gives off a positive impression. I took the provider for a spin to see how well it actually works.

The Basics—AccuWebHosting Uptime, Speed, and Support

Speed, uptime, and support are the first things to inspect. Coincidentally, many AccuWebHosting reviews rave about those. Let’s see if the host justifies all the compliments.

1. AccuWebHosting Uptime—99.99%

Server uptime is one of the first things I measure when I sign up for a service.

The uptime represents the percentage of time a server is available. If the server goes down, so does your website. That’s why you’ll want to avoid unreliable hosts.

In general, a provider should record at least 99.9% uptime each month to be considered decent. Many web hosts swear by this and return a portion of your hosting fee back if anything goes wrong.

Unfortunately, AccuWebHosting’s uptime guarantee is a bit suspicious. It promises the standard 99.9%. However, if you check the SLA, you’ll see you get a partial refund only if uptime falls below 99%. This means the provider can have over seven hours of downtime in a month, which is quite a lot.

On the flip side, measuring AccuWebHosting’s server availability indicates near-perfect uptime. There were no outages over many months of testing. The tech team undeniably does a remarkable job of maintaining the infrastructure, despite the disappointing SLA. 

With availability like that, the uptime guarantee is hardly a problem. 

Verdict: Near-impeccable server uptime marks a positive start to my AccuWebHosting review.

2. Decent Speeds

Speed holds the same importance as uptime. A slow server equals a slow website, which visitors simply hate.

AccuWeb boasts about fast load times and flaunts the metrics on its website. What’s more, many customers praise the speeds. I could hardly wait to check how accurate such AccuWebHosting reviews are.

I hooked AccuWebHosting up to multiple speed testing tools and checked how quickly it loads up a real website. I took the averages from many months of hosting to give you an idea of the host’s long-term performance. 

The server response times average at 0.192 seconds. This simply means the machine can quickly process a request for your web page and start delivering content. 0.19 seconds is a pretty impressive result, indicating fast servers and a stack that works like a well-oiled machine. I’m talking blazing-fast results, second only to that of iPage.

The time to fully load a basic web page is reasonable as well. AccuWebHosting averages a time till fully loaded of 0.94 seconds. It’s a reasonable result, showing you can easily get quick load times with AccuWebHosting.

Only a handful of hosts we tested at HostingTribunal can match these benchmarks. You can easily compare AccuWebHosting vs Hostinger or other hosts in the upper-speed echelon.

Verdict: AccuWebHosting results impress, and the web host is in the top five fastest providers.

3. Hands-on Support

A support team is the maintenance crew keeping a hosting service going. Efficient support takes care of customers’ needs, ensures all issues get fixed, and catches problems before they do damage.

Does the AccuWebHosting team deliver?

I contacted the team at various times of day (and night) to see if they can compete with the top web hosting of 2022.

The support team does its job quite well. The agents are refreshingly adept at handling hosting issues and can answer all your questions. They are also fast and responsive.

One optional service by AccuWebHosting is getting one-on-one time with a server admin. This is an administration expert that you can consult with for advice or configuring the hosting server to your specifications.

It’s not really a service for most newcomers, since shared hosting has limited flexibility and degree of control.

However, it’s an excellent help for higher-end plans. VPS and cloud hosting users even get two hours of admin time per month for free, so you don’t have to pay extra to take advantage of it. If you need professional assistance, AccuWeb lets you get it affordably.

One complaint is the clunkiness with the live chat system. When I first tried it, I had to get around a few knowledge base suggestions before asking my question. Once I did figure out the chat, the system created a support ticket instead of connecting me to an agent.

The automatic response stated no one was available. I opened the knowledge base and tried the chat there, and, what do you know, this time I got connected. When I went back to the homepage, the chat was, once again, unavailable. 

Even with the issues, though, the team proved to be excellent during the making of this AccuWebHosting review.

The knowledge base is quite a pleasant surprise as well. It is stacked with hundreds of articles and video tutorials. You can search both simple questions and technical topics, and you’ll likely find an article that can help you. If you’re the DIY type of webmaster, you might never have to contact the support with a question.

Verdict: Overall, the support does an excellent job. Though AccuWeb has occasional live chat bugginess, you can expect top-notch assistance from the team.

The Pros of AccuWebHosting

With its massive service, AccuWeb has no shortage of attractive qualities. I selected the best ones to be featured in this AccuWebHosting review. Here’s what you can take advantage of with the host:

1. Robust Infrastructure and Server Stack

AccuWebHosting doesn’t mess around when it comes to server infrastructure, and the technologies installed on the servers are pretty decent too.

For starters, the host runs top-of-the-shelf hardware in its data centers. The typical server is equipped with:

  • 2x Intel E5-2670v3 12 core CPUs
  • 128GB DDR3 RAM
  • RAID-10 or RAID-6 redundant SSDs

Instead of the typical CentOS, AccuWebHosting shared plans are deployed on top of CloudLinux. It’s a premium solution that boosts account isolation and prevents clients on the same server from interfering with one another.

AccuWebHosting has a “no overselling” policy, so you are guaranteed access to the resources you purchase—which is one of the main hurdles of typical shared hosting. Such guarantees are not possible for most providers, but CloudLinux lets AccuWeb get around the issue.  

The host’s shared plans also run on LiteSpeed web server. As opposed to the regular Apache, this guarantees content will be delivered faster, especially if you run a PHP-based CMS. AccuWebHosting also supports the latest versions of PHP, so it can really do wonders for applications like WordPress.

Of course, not all of AccuWebHosting’s power is concentrated in shared hosting. It offers some of the best VPS web hosting that includes plenty of advantages like Hyper-V, Xen, and SolusVM virtualization, 1Gbps connectivity, and instant upgrades.

Overall, AccuWebHosting has a highly reliable infrastructure, combined with cutting-edge shared hosting plans. The excellent AccuWebHosting uptime and speed metrics only showcase how good a job the host does with its servers.

2. Choice of Data Centers

Getting broad coverage is essential for delivering content in record time. For this, you’ll want a data center close to your target audience. Otherwise, at long distances, even the fastest servers can fall short.

AccuWebHosting is highly unlikely to cause any issues. The provider lets you host data in 15 different locations, including four data centers in the US, four in Europe, three in Asia, and one in Canada, Australia, and South Africa, each. The average host has 3-4 facilities, so it’s one of the broadest choices you’ll run into. 

Keep in mind that not all locations are available across the board. For instance, AccuWebHosting’s cPanel plans only let you access six locations (with two more in the works), while VPS plans allow all fifteen.

Even so, AccuWebHosting’s worldwide server network is nothing short of impressive. Even shared plans will have a location suitable for most websites.

3. Broad Range of Services

Most hosting providers have fairly simple offers. They usually include shared, VPS, and dedicated plans, and perhaps a reseller program. This makes it easy to start and scale through the plans, and it’s a standard range of services.

AccuWebHosting takes its services way beyond what you’d expect from any web host.

For one, it’s one of the leading Windows hosts. It starts you with basic ASP.NET shared hosting and follows with a massive range of VPS services, including Windows servers. If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out the AccuWebHosting review in our top Windows hosting providers.

Servers optimized for load balancing are on the table as well. If you want to make your project more reliable by adding failover and efficiently spreading your workload, AccuWebHosting can assist you. 

You can also choose from a range of more specialized plans. In addition to various dev technologies, which I’ll cover in the following section, AccuWebHosting has Windows servers optimized for Forex trading. The support team can deploy your favorite Forex app and you can get started effortlessly.

If you need something a bit more elastic, you can go for the cloud VPS hosting plans. They are similar to the VPS but allow you to pay for hosting by the hour. You can freely upgrade or downgrade your servers to accommodate traffic spikes on the go.

Add managed services for WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and a bunch of other CMSs and shopping carts, and AccuWebHosting’s range of products becomes one of the most diverse out there.

The host can handle just about any web app and handle it well.

4. Dev-friendly

The providers competing for the top web hosting of 2022 mostly look to be beginner-friendly. Clients usually want an easy time setting up a website, so supporting scripts like WordPress is expected.

Other than that, developers are often left on their own. Sure, most companies support a few basic technologies. But if you want to run a custom setup, you pretty much need to get a blank VPS and configure the technology stack. It’s more time-consuming for developers that don’t rely on the typical LAMP stack.

AccuWebHosting goes about things differently.

AccuWebHosting’s cPanel plans support a range of technologies. This covers standard tech like PHP, Python, Perl, Curl, etc. You also get SSH access and can schedule cron jobs. The Windows-based equivalent supports ASP.NET and a bunch of related technologies, like IIS, MVC 5, AJAX, and many MSSQL features.

But wait, there’s more! 

AccuWebHosting has special plans for technologies like Node.js. You can even get MEAN stack hosting with full server stack support, which few providers offer. The service can save you a ton of time if you want to write apps in JavaScript but don’t want to lose time on server maintenance.

If you’re on a VPS or a cloud hosting plan, you can use your free admin hours to install any technology. Just request your desired setup when signing up.

All things considered, the shared plans come with all the useful features developers enjoy. The VPS takes it up a notch and grants support for a massive range of technologies.

5. Great for WordPress

Many companies claim to be WordPress-optimized and promise an industry-leading WP service. Unfortunately, few actually honor their pledge and mostly just host your site on a standard server. 

AccuWebHosting is the lucky exception. Many AccuWebHosting reviews praise it as a WP host, which is a good sign. The provider sells managed WordPress plans that are feature-packed.

For starters, the solution sports a fantastic server stack for WordPress, featuring CloudLinux and LiteSpeed. This isolates your account from other clients, adds more robust security, and makes WordPress blazing-fast.

The provider adds several layers of security to your WordPress site. This covers an anti-DDoS system, a hardware firewall, and Cloudflare web application firewall. 

A WordPress auto-updater is available too. You don’t have to worry your website will be vulnerable if you miss a critical patch. It makes for some of the best hosting for WordPress if you don’t want to constantly watch out for new software versions.

The host does preload your WordPress installation with some useful plugins, like Super Cache and Yoast SEO. This makes it a bit easier for beginners to get started.

Lastly, you get advanced features, like SSH access, WP-CLI, Git integration, and WordPress staging. You might not need these as a complete beginner, but they are useful tools when doing advanced changes to your WordPress site. 

AccuWebHosting WordPress plans put into your hands everything necessary to take your site to the next level.

6. Free Backups

Backups are one of the most essential features of any web hosting service. If something goes wrong or you need to move your website, your backup is there to let you revert any mistakes.

The shared plans come with daily automated backups. The provider saves these for a week, so you always have seven backup versions. You can perform restoration for free as many times as you want at no extra charge.

Keep in mind not all plans have this feature, though. If you move to larger VPS plans, your backups would get downgraded to weekly. In that case, you’d have to pay at least $10/month for daily backups.

The value here is that paid backups get exported remotely. This means the backup file stays safe whatever happens to your hosting server.

Having backups is excellent, even though it’s not the best on VPS web hosting as it incurs an additional expense.

7. Free Migration

Handling a website migration can be a real pain. Things often break, and you usually must do some troubleshooting.

To help you out, AccuWebHosting offers a free website migration service. The host’s tech team can perform the entire website migration for you.

All you need to do is submit a ticket with the logins to your old hosting plan. You have a week from receiving your AccuWebHosting logins to do this. The team will move the website within 72 hours.

It’s a fantastic service if you already have a website and are looking to switch hosting companies.

8. Domain Name and an IP Address Included

Everybody loves a good freebie. And, if you get essential services, it’s as good as free money!

As you can probably guess, AccuWebHosting throws in free domain registration with a year's subscription. The domains are renewed at pretty standard prices—$12.99/month for a .com extension. The freebie practically saves you $13 bucks off your first invoice.

One thing to keep in mind is that AccuWebHosting WHOIS guard costs $8/year. This is pricey, considering many registrars throw in WHOIS privacy for free with each domain. Going for a domain with AccuWeb is only really worth it without the privacy protection.

AccuWeb adds a free IP address with the largest shared hosting plan. Even better, the second VPS plan and above come with 2-4 dedicated IP addresses.

The add-on is excellent for ecommerce, SEO, setting up premium SSL certificates, or doing advanced email campaigns. A dedicated IP address usually costs $2-4/month, so having free ones is a treat. 

All in all, AccuWebHosting comes with a few nice freebies, especially for business websites that can take full advantage of the dedicated IPs.

9. Lots of Add-on Services

And if you thought this AccuWebHosting review is done with add-ons, you’re in for a treat. The web host offers a bunch of services you can tack onto the existing plans.

These aren’t all exactly free, but they can be massively helpful. They are a great asset if you want to dial the power of your servers up to eleven.

The backup add-on I mentioned is one such service. That one, however, is not necessary if you go for AccuWeb reseller hosting or shared plans.

One awesomely useful integration are SSL certificates by RapidSSL—a leading provider of encryption services and one of the top SSL certificate authorities. You can get a range of certificates, all with a liability warranty and the option to secure multiple domains. 

AccuWebHosting only resells RapidSSL products, meaning it buys them in bulk at discount prices. The advantage is that you get lower rates than you would otherwise have to pay. This is great if you need to get a higher level of validation for your business.

AccuWebHosting provides a CDN, too. This makes it much easier to quickly deliver static content to remote locations. Plus, most user-generated AccuWebHosting reviews swear by the speed boost they get due to the service.

The add-on gives you 107 points of presence in 31 countries you can access. This lets you speed up content delivery pretty much anywhere in the world. The service costs $3.95/month per 10GB bandwidth. You can also prepay for longer, but this gets you a very small discount.

It's a decent CDN if you're in the market for one.

An email marketing service is in the mix as well. It lets you manage quite massive marketing campaigns—up to 200,000 contacts and 5 million emails per month. The service starts at $13.95/month, though you can get a free email hosting trial with 100 emails per month indefinitely. It’s a top-notch choice if you don’t want to go with a third-party provider.

You can get SpamExperts protection for $1.95/month. It’s a simple yet effective way to mitigate all sorts of annoying stuff coming your way. It is a security add-on popular among VPS web hosts, so it’s helpful that AccuWeb gives you an option to use it.

All in all, there are plenty of add-ons to choose from, so you can easily get more power for your web app.

10. Incentives for Students

The provider has several incentives to help out university students.

For one, you can take advantage of AccuWebHosting’s free hosting for students. This comes with 2GB SSD storage and 30GB bandwidth, which is pretty good, especially for a free plan. You can host an entirely decent website, as long as all your files fit into the allocated storage.

You should make a two-minute application video to apply. It’s a fair condition since you are getting free hosting for any website you want.

College students can also apply for the AccuWebHosting scholarship program. The host awards the best entry each semester a $1,000 grant. All you need to do is submit a three-minute video on a topic related to technology.

The incentive programs are undeniably generous. If you’re a student, AccuWebHosting is one of the friendliest providers.

11. Positive User Reviews

A quick Google search reveals a few hundred AccuWebHosting reviews, most praising the reliable and efficient support team. You’ll find only a couple of negative comments that have to do with AccuWeb’s free hosting. The service costs nothing, though, so it’s a bit unfair to complain.

Users that do sign up for the paid plans are almost universally satisfied with the service. It’s yet another testament to the host’s reliability and performance.

The Cons of AccuWebHosting

Although AccuWebHosting is a strong player, no host does everything perfectly. I got a bit nitpicky for this AccuWebHosting review and pinpointed a few things to be aware of. Here’s what you need to know before you sign up:

1. Poor Site Builder

Many website owners don’t have that much experience with tech. Such users usually want an easy way to build pages without worrying about code. That’s why AccuWeb includes a site builder that should help users create a website in just a few steps.

The issue is that AccuWebHosting is partnered with RVSiteBuilder, which is amateurish, to put it mildly. It has unattractive templates, a buggy and unintuitive editor, and limited business features. The solution is way behind other site builders, which is why many hosting providers have already stopped supporting it. 

The site builder isn’t the platform’s shiniest feature. Installing WordPress on AccuWebHosting is a better choice if you want an easy time.

2. Short Money-back Guarantee on Some Plans

Hosts usually offer a money-back guarantee which lasts 30 days or more. For instance, DreamHost extends a 97-day guarantee on shared hosting and a 30-day guarantee on all other hosting types. This gives you some peace of mind that you can back out if the service doesn’t work out.

AccuWebHosting has a 30-day money-back guarantee on its shared plans. This part is definitely a positive.

However, many AccuWebHosting reviews complain that not all plans have the same refund period.

For instance, VPS plans shorten the guarantee to just seven days, even if you prepay for a year. In most cases, this is not enough to see whether the platform works for you. If you’re doing a server migration, you might not even manage to get started before the guarantee is up.

While this is not a massive issue, it’s not ideal either. The provider incentivizes users to prepay for longer, but it’s a risk without an extended money-back period.

3. No Month-to-month Shared Hosting Deals

Most hosting companies let clients choose the length of their subscription. Usually, a discount sweetens long-term deals. Still, some clients prefer to pay monthly and make the hosting fees more manageable.

AccuWebHosting doesn’t always leave you the option of paying in smaller portions. For instance, the shortest term you can subscribe to the shared and AccuWeb reseller hosting plans is three months. It’s not ideal, even though you get discounts when prepaying for longer. 

Fortunately, more expensive services like VPS and dedicated hosting allow monthly billing. All the same, the lack of such a payment option on some plans might be a deterrent for a few users.

4. Not All Plans Run on SSDs

This isn’t exactly an issue, more of something to watch out for. AccuWebHosting has multiple services dubbed “classic.” These are a bit more affordable for the resources, but they store data on hard disk drives, as opposed to much faster SSD storage. This can lead to slower website performance.

This isn’t that much of an issue in and of itself, since you can just go for SSD hosting. The reason this point made it to the 2022 AccuWebHosting review is that the host doesn’t do a great job of pointing out which plans run on HDD. Non-SSD plans in no way indicate the underlying storage hardware, which can cause confusion.

Your best bet is to go for plans that explicitly state they run on SSDs. This way, you'll avoid speed issues that stem from traditional drives.

AccuWebHosting Pricing

AccuWebHosting has a massive variety of services and is one of the most flexible platforms. Below are the Linux shared hosting deals. Just keep in mind this is only scratching the surface of AccuWeb’s offer as there are way more plans to look at.

For instance, AccuWebHosting Windows plans are only marginally more expensive, starting at $5.49/month. And there’s a bunch of other types of hosting you can go for.

All AccuWebHosting’s plans support unlimited domains. Although you might have trouble squeezing in multiple smaller websites on the starter plan, it’s a helpful option to have.   

The prices reflect a 15% initial discount you can achieve by getting an AccuWebHosting cPanel account for three years. If you want to go for a shorter period, the pricing is not too expensive either.


For less than $2/month, the Personal plan gets you 10GB SSD NVMe storage, 25GB bandwidth, and free domain registration. The resource limits are decent for starting out, and it's one of the more affordable entry-level plans on the market.


The Small Business plan is only a tad more expensive and it boosts the storage 10GB with RAID setup and comes with 500GB bandwidth. It has more resources for growing websites.

Small Business++

The Small Business++ plan packs 30GB SSD storage and 750GB bandwidth. It’s a decent option if you want to scale up, though you can also jump right into affordable VPS website hosting for $7.99/month.

Bandwidth: 500/750/1,000MB
Email: Webmail integrated into cPanel
Database: MySQL database
Domain names: Free registration, but paid WHOIS privacy
Control panel: cPanel
Software installation: 1-click installation via Softaculous
Migration: Free
Payment options: Credit/debit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, check, and money order 
Account setup: Instant
Upsells: Domain privacy, CDN, spam protection, premium SSL, and InvoiceNinja
Other hosting solutions: Shared Windows hosting, Managed WordPress, Reseller, VPS, Cloud, Forex Trading Servers, Dedicated plans, and more
AccuWebHosting user reviews: Mostly positive

Do We Recommend AccuWebHosting?

Of course! AccuWebHosting dazzles with its comprehensive hosting platform.

For starters, it has a solid grasp on the essentials. The servers are fast, and so is the efficient support team. To top it off, AccuWebHosting uptime is stellar.

What really makes the provider stand out is flexibility. Aside from being excellent for both standard Linux and Windows hosting, AccuWeb offers specialized plans, like MEAN stack VPS. There’s something for everybody, from WordPress users to professional web devs. 

All the plans have reasonable pricing to boot. The shared hosting costs just $3.09/month, pegging AccuWebHosting as one of the most affordable starter hosts. Even more impressively, it’s a budget-friendly VPS web host too, so you can scale without breaking the bank.

There are a few things to watch out for, like a clunky website builder. However, it’s nothing that compromises the overall service.

If you’re looking for a robust and flexible, yet affordable web host, AccuWebHosting won’t disappoint.

Is AccuWebHosting better than SiteGround?

It’s tough putting AccuWebHosting vs SiteGround because of the providers’ different offers.

SiteGround is an absolute beast for WordPress hosting, and it sports excellent performance and stellar support. Although the plans don’t come cheap, it is one of the leading hosting companies.

Meanwhile, AccuWebHosting has a way more extensive offer than SiteGround. Not only does it have a slew of Windows-based plans, but also forex trading servers, MEAN stack management, and VPS optimized for load balancing. Plus, it’s more affordable than SiteGround while maintaining decent support and performance. 

SiteGround might be the obvious choice for WordPress, but AccuWebHosting is way more flexible and affordable.

How much does AccuWebHosting cost?

AccuWebHosting’s shared plans start at $5.49/month. This gets you 10GB of SSD storage and 500MB bandwidth per month, plus all the advantages that come with the service. It’s a very affordable solution for those just getting started with hosting. If you’d like to learn more about the features, check out the detailed review above.

Is AccuWebHosting Good?

You bet!

AccuWebHosting has a range of services, excellent performance and customer support, and great features with helpful add-ons. Plus, you would have to get pretty nitpicky to point out anything wrong with the service. 

Starting at just $5.49/month, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better value web host. If you’re interested in learning more, scroll up to our data-driven AccuWebHosting review.

Nick Galov
Nick Galov

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