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Cuttles is the best business plan app for startups and newbie entrepreneurs to build solid business plans and pitches. The easy-to-use interface, real-life examples, and step-wise-step guide make business planning easier. Check out our detailed Cuttles review to see where it shines and where it comes short.
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You can create a business plan on Word or Google Docs, but if you’re looking for a more creative and responsive platform to develop your business idea, then you should consider Cuttles.

Cuttles is a powerful (and fun) business plan technology that helps entrepreneurs create solid pitches and plans for their startups.

The best part?

Cuttles reviews your business plan and gives you in-depth, personalized feedback.

Keep on reading to find out more about what Cuttles has to offer.

What Is Cuttles?

Cuttles helps entrepreneurs write business plans, do financial forecasts, and prepare pitches that are easy to understand and share with investors.

The Cuttles team can also review (or create) your business plan, even if you don’t have a Cuttles subscription. The company’s mission is to empower dreamers and grow ideas, no matter which platform entrepreneurs choose to write their business plans on.

Cuttles Best Features

  • Pitch
  • Business plan
  • Budget management
  • Team management
  • Business plan review
  • Startup academy
  • Customer perks

Business Plan Building

Cuttles’ features give you everything you need to create your business plan, feel confident about it, and convince people to get on board with your project.

Let’s talk a bit more about each of them.


The first thing that will show on your screen after you’ve created your startup on the app is a neatly organized collection of the most important bits of your business plan.

Like all Cuttles templates, the pitch looks clean and friendly, and (unless you choose otherwise) it’s color-coded with your logo.

You can share it with whomever you like with a public link (which you can turn off and on as you see fit to protect your privacy) or as an exported PDF file.

Business Plan

Cuttles is a great space to compose and corroborate your business ideas smoothly, quickly, and effectively.

The business plan template is customizable—you can add, modify, and remove all the sections, text, and widgets you want.

It also offers prompts and guides to help you develop your business plan without breaking a sweat.

Budget Management

All Cuttles plans include a budget tool that helps you manage your expenses, revenue, and capital.

You can create as many categories for your finance items as you’d like, indicate if they’re recurring expenses, and then let Cuttles work its magic.

You’ll see your financial info as colorful, easy-to-read charts, graphs, and tables that you can export as images, Excel spreadsheets, or CSV files.

Cuttles will review the data you put in and tell you plain and simple what’s your monthly burn rate, how long before you’ll run out of money, and when you’ll reach your breakeven point, among other key metrics.

You’ll also see a little sign on the top left corner of your screen that tells you how healthy your budget is—if it’s green and “Growing”, you have nothing to worry about.

Team Management

You can use the Team tab on the Cuttles app to specify who is working with you and visualize your startup's equity.

Cuttles encourages you to use this space to tell the world a bit of who each teammate is, instead of just listing their qualifications and responsibilities within the company—in other words, to make this section both personal and personable.

Business Plan Review

After you’re done creating your business plan, you can contact the Cuttles team and let them know you want them to review it.

Unfortunately, the service isn't included in any of Cuttles' plans, but you do get a hefty discount if you have a subscription.

The review process takes two weeks, and in the end, you get thorough, personally delivered feedback on each section of your business plan, plus a written report.

Startup Academy

It’s designed to train, inspire, and empower people to create extraordinary solutions. It offers you:

  • Courses – They’re more like in-depth articles on entrepreneurial topics that go straight to the point, like “How to get seed capital (and avoid early startup death)”.
  • Insights – A small collection of real-life startups’ journeys meant to inspire you and get you thinking before you fill out your templates on Cuttles.
  • Definitions – They’re basically guides to help you build each piece of your business plan; for example, “How do you define the value of your product?”
  • Recommendations – A curated selection of crowdfunding sites, accelerators, incubators, software, and other resources for entrepreneurs. Cuttles even lists specifically which of the more than 37 million YouTube channels you could watch for high-quality startup content.

Customer Perks

They’re basically resources from third-party companies that come at a discounted price (or sometimes even for free) for Cuttles subscribers.

None of these is a Cuttles integration, so the info won’t automatically update between platforms, and you’ll have to handle each one separately, but they’re still pretty cool.

For example, you can get 25% off Syften (a social listening tool), 50% off Deskera (an accounting and CRM software), and a free domain, email, and hosting for one year with

(These last few items are our specialty at Hosting Tribunal, so be sure to check out our articles to learn more about domains and web hosting.)

What We Disliked

We don’t see any major issues with Cuttles, but if we’re being picky:

  • The app doesn’t integrate with any other platform, and it’d be cool if it could connect with accounting software, like some of Cuttles’ competitors can.
  • Customer support is restricted to business hours and a live chat. Cuttles is a small company that cares about work-life balance—which is actually nice when you think about it.

Pricing & Plans

Before investing your money in Cuttles, you can sign up for its free version (no credit card needed). The Free plan comes with limited features and guides, but it’s a good way to see if the software’s the right fit for you.

If it is, then you can always upgrade. Cuttles pricing goes like this:

Seed plan

With this plan, Cuttles lets one member create one startup. It grants you access to all features, in-app guides and examples, and full share-and-export capabilities.

Grow plan

It allows you to collaborate with as many people as you’d like on your business idea. It includes all Seed plan features and a designated Startup Success Manager.

Series plan

This plan lets your team work together on an unlimited number of startups (all Cuttles features and perks included, of course).

Cuttles tries to be as budget-friendly as possible, so it offers various discounts. For instance, if you get an annual subscription, you can save up to 59%, and if you’re a student, you can get an additional 51% discount on the Seed plan.


Cuttles’ live chat is not available 24/7, so it can be a bit tough to get in touch with the team. When we messaged them, though, the support rep was quick to respond and solve our issue.

A couple of the (tragically) few Cuttles reviews available online also praise the support team for being quick, attentive, and friendly. So, we feel comfortable saying that Cuttles offers high-quality customer support—it’s just not as flexible as you’re probably used to.

If you have a question about the product and the team is not available at the time, you can always check out Cuttles’ help center. It has a lot of information on getting started, privacy, security, payments, and the software’s functionality.

Cuttles User Reviews

Cuttles just launched in 2020, so online user reviews are unfortunately hard to come by. The business plan builder app has 5-star ratings on Capterra based on just three reviews.

Users say the app is user-friendly, makes it easy to visualize your data, and lets you put your business plan together quickly. They also like Cuttles’ sharing capabilities and customer support.

As for suggestions for improvement, one user mentioned in his Cuttles review that he’d like more customization options, whereas another said he’d like a Cuttles mobile app.

Is Cuttles Worth It?

Cuttles has a close-knit, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere that permeates its templates, website, and customer support.

The startup is quite young and, as a couple of Cuttles reviews say, it still has a few things to smooth out. But overall, Cuttles has a solid offer and shows great promise for the future.

So, if you’re looking for an online business plan builder with great templates, an easy-to-use interface, and first-rate guidance, then we recommend you check out Cuttles.

Alternatives of Cuttles

Cuttles is a young startup trying to make headway in an industry where other companies have been well-positioned for decades.

Let’s see how Cuttles compares to some of the best business plan software in the market.

Cuttles vs PlanGuru

PlanGuru is more of a financial reporting software than a business plan program. Unlike Cuttles, it doesn’t come with templates or guides so you can develop your ideas and write them down.

What PlanGuru does best is create financial plansbalance sheets, cash flow statements, sales forecasts, you name it. While Cuttles’ budgeting tool is quite good, it doesn’t come with the 20+ forecasting methods and analytics features that PlanGuru does.

That said, PlanGuru is much more expensive ($99/month) and difficult to use than Cuttles.

LivePlan vs Cuttles

LivePlan has a very similar offer to Cuttles. Both grant you customizable templates, beginner-friendly financial tools, a one-page pitch, and step-by-step guides.

But LivePlan offers more for less—more customization options, more powerful financial tools, more ways to contact customer service, and more templates, for just $20/month.

To be fair, Cuttles’ UI is a bit more user-friendly.

Cuttles vs Business Power Tools

Business Power Tools has been in the market for more than 30 years, which, on the one hand, means it has a lot of experience. But on the other hand, it is somewhat stuck with the same tried-and-true business planning strategies from a few decades ago.

Its UI, tutorial videos, and even its marketing content certainly have an old-school vibe that is difficult to ignore.

Let’s just say it—they’re outdated. Or, at the very least, they look outdated.

The Cuttles app, for comparison, was launched in 2020 by a small team of young European entrepreneurs. The Cuttles team offers you a modern interface and the latest entrepreneurial insights. Plus their extensive network of investors, startups, and partnering firms to help you succeed.

Our Verdict

Cuttles is a business planning platform that helps you to create the fun, interactive, and professional-looking plans and pitches you need before launching your startup.

The Cuttles Startup Academy and Startup Success Managers are at your disposal. They're ready to give you all the support and guidance you need on your road to entrepreneurial success.

So, to conclude our review, Cuttles is one of the best business plan apps we’ve tested. Its usability, features, guides, and especially its Business Plan Review service make it one of our favorites.

What is Cuttles?

Cuttles is a business plan creator app that provides entrepreneurs with step-by-step guidance and easy-to-use templates to help them develop a solid business plan (financial analyses and pitch included).

Is Cuttles good?

Yes. Barely seven months after its launch, Cuttles already had over 400 subscribers, €10.000 in monthly revenue, and a spot in The 100 Most Transparent Companies of 2020.

How much does Cuttles cost?

It depends on which plan you choose. Pricing starts at €19/month (about $22/month), but you can always sign up for the Free Plan first to try out a limited version of the software commitment-free.

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