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Are you looking for the optimal way to start your business without going through all the paperwork-related hassle? Or you just need an easy way to set up a loan agreement? LegalNature has you covered! With its wide palette of legal forms and incredibly positive LegalNature reviews, the service is a reputable, high-quality solution for individuals and businesses of all sizes.
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Legal services, legal forms, registered agent services, dissolution assistance, etc.
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  • Excellent ease of use
  • Credit card information required for the free trial
  • No legal consultation

Founded more than a decade ago by three ambitious entrepreneurs with different specializations—LegalNature combines excellent legal expertise, smart business practices, and high-end technology into one single entity.

After reading numerous LegalNature reviews and testimonials by actual users and carefully researching the product, we put together this thorough overview of the service.

Keep reading to find out whether it is the right solution for you.

What Is LegalNature?

LegalNature is a legal assistance company that provides convenient solutions for everyone—from individuals and families to future owners of small businesses.

Troubled by the large fees that regular attorneys request for LLC filing services and other types of legal aid, the founders created a highly affordable product.

LegalNature provides an extremely wide range of legal forms and templates. In the following sections, we at Web Tribunal evaluate the features praised by users in reviews and some less familiar but valuable tools.


  • Fair pricing - The LegalNature prices are fair and affordable. The company offers high value for money, starting with $125/year for registered agent services.
  • Easy to use - It takes only a couple of minutes to complete a LegalNature form! The company provides not only high-quality but also time-saving opportunities.
  • Streamlined experience - The forms are numerous, diverse, streamlined, and fully customized to your needs—you simply have to answer several questions.
  • Downloadable documents - You can edit the forms after downloading them as Word documents—a convenient and highly valued by users service, as becomes evident from the many positive Legal Nature reviews. If you don’t plan on making adjustments later on, you can also download a PDF version.
  • Great accessibility - You have unlimited access to the forms, which are stored securely with great care for your data privacy.
  • Free trial - Before you subscribe to one of LegalNature’s paid plans, you can opt for a 7-day free trial to test the service!
  • Intuitive UI - Using LegalNature for LLC formation is an easy and hassle-free process. Its user interface is a very intuitive one, especially for business formation services.
  • Money-back guarantee - The company extends a money-back guarantee and excellent customer care!


  • To start a free trial, you need to fill in your credit card information. This is often mentioned as a downside in negative LegalNature LLC reviews. More details on this are available in the user reviews section.
  • Other disadvantages include the lack of a legal advisory service (apart from customer support) and the occasional problems with the LegalNature refund policy and billing.


Thanks to LegalNature’s online formation services, you can open an LLC, an S-corporation or a C-corp, or even a non-profit organization hassle-free.

Let’s see how you can achieve this and more in this section of our LegalNature LLC review.

Filing Articles of Organization

With LegalNature’s forms and templates, you can prepare and draft business formation documents quickly and seamlessly.

The company then helps you submit them in perfect compliance with your state-specific requirements.

Don’t forget you have to pay your state fees separately—they are not included in the cost of this LegalNature service.

Employer Identification Number

Although you can obtain an EIN by yourself from the IRS, the process is usually long and tedious. LegalNature will do the legwork for you and get this Federal Tax ID Number for $70.

Once that’s done, you can hire employees, open a business bank account, and enjoy certain tax benefits.

LegalNature Registered Agent

To be fully compliant with the state regulations, your nascent business needs to have an official physical address.

LegalNature can serve as your registered agent for an annual fee of $125. For this price, the provider will make sure you’ll never miss a filing deadline or receive a fine.

As you probably guessed by now, a lot of the services are offered a la carte, but the LegalNature LLC fees are fairly reasonable.

The company can provide you with an operating agreement (or corporate bylaws), certificate of good standing ($89), foreign entity registration ($129), or even articles of dissolution ($99).

These features will help maintain your good standing and inform the state about your business operations.

HR Documents

Apart from some of the best incorporation services, LegalNature offers tools that are invaluable for other business-related areas.

For example, the company will give you access to several human resources forms, such as employment offer letters and employee confidentiality agreements.

HR managers are extremely pleased with this feature, as becomes evident from their Legal Nature reviews.

Healthcare Documents

LegalNature is the optimal solution to protect your health and your loved ones from a legal perspective.

This service gives you access to living wills, a Medical Power of Attorney (which designates a healthcare agent to make decisions on your behalf), or a Healthcare Proxy.

Marriage & Divorce Forms

Another all-time favorite feature mentioned in many LegalNature user reviews is the option to handle personal and family matters.

From prenuptial and postnuptial contracts to divorce settlements or marriage separation agreements, LegalNature can cover your individual as well as business needs.

Estate Planning

With LegalNature, you can also prepare last wills and testaments, codicils, affidavits of domicile or heirship.

Whatever you may need finance or estate management-wise (leases, rental agreements, eviction notices, mortgages, property transfers), LegalNature is a good service to turn to for help.

US Passport Application

This unique and noteworthy LegalNature feature will help you obtain a new US passport or renew your old one within minutes.

The company will provide assistance and step-by-step guidance every step of the process!

State Filing Fees & Turnaround Calculator

The LegalNature LLC cost covers some additional handy tools that most LLC services don’t offer.

One great example is the calculator that estimates the value of your state fees or the time necessary to officially form your business.

These clever little extras are not essential to your business, but they are a nice addition to your toolbox.

LegalNature Plans & Pricing

In this section of the review, we discuss the company’s plans and pricing.

LegalNature offers a 7-day free trial during which you can create and download legal forms at no cost. After that, you can pay either monthly or annually for its services.

LegalNature’s pricing is available in dollars and pounds. To keep things simple, we will only refer to the US pricing structure.

To access and use a legal form one time only, you will have to pay $34.95. Using the document whenever you need it and creating multiple versions of it will cost you $78.95.

This plan will set you back $38.95/month ($84/year). It's an excellent package for individuals. With it, you gain access to all legal forms and can create one version of each document. You will also enjoy secure cloud storage and the option to edit your documents anytime from anywhere.

The LegalNature LLC pricing for this plan isn’t announced on the website. We contacted support via email to get a quote. They sent us a detailed response within a few hours, explaining it costs $299/year. In addition to the features included in the previous plan, you get unlimited versions of each form and the possibility to organize documents into multiple folders.

Note that LegalNature also sells a la carte services, as we already mentioned in the previous sections. In fact, there are no LegalNature LLC packages to speak of—you have to purchase all LLC filing services separately.


On the Contact page of its official website, you will find all the necessary information to get in touch with LegalNature’s customer service.

The company provides support via phone, email, and the contact form displayed on the same page. LegalNature’s customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PT—pretty standard for this industry.

Many LegalNature reviews online praise customer support, especially the online ticketing system’s 24-hour response time.

To put the support crew to the test and check if the praise is justified, we personally contacted the LegalNature reps via email. We received a thorough and detailed answer in less than four hours—the quality of customer service truly is superior!

Ease of Use is extremely easy to use and navigate. We didn’t encounter any problems with LegalNature when checking out its offering and searching the website.

The interface is very intuitive, the layout—modern and user-friendly, and the information is easily accessible and useful.

Тhe site also has an extensive Help Center with comprehensive guidelines and billing FAQ. We gained a great deal of knowledge by reading the guides on personalized corporate forms or the necessary information to form an LLC.

LegalNature User Reviews

The LegalNature ratings are generally high and flattering. For example, the company has 4/5 stars on TrustPilot based on more than 2,275 reviewsmost of them overwhelmingly positive.

LegalNature is also BBB accredited and it holds a more than honorable A+ rating on the platform. LegalNature reviews on BBB are mostly favorable as well. According to its website, LegalNature has over 3,000 five-star reviews online.

We didn’t find any LegalNature reviews on Reddit—the provider doesn’t seem to be very popular among this community’s members. Still, there are plenty of user opinions on other platforms.

Most LegalNature complaints revolve around failed cancellations of the free trial and the ongoing charges resulting from that: “This company uses deceptive practices to get your credit card info and enroll you in a monthly subscription.”

The lack of notice in regard to such continuous charges is also mentioned: “Every other company that bills me monthly sends me an email with the invoice of the bill. This company didn't.”

Even though this negative feedback should be taken into account, the majority of LegalNature reviews for its LLC services yield a rather positive image.

Is LegalNature Worth It?

LegalNature is a solid LLC formation provider. You can also benefit from its features as an individual, using its forms and templates for a huge variety of legal issues—living trust, healthcare directive, employment agreements, and even cover letters.

With its exceptional customer support, advantageous free trial, and high ease of use, LegalNature stands out from the crowd.

However, LegalNature’s customer service is the only type of advisory service the company offers.

If you’re looking for thorough legal advice, you might be better off with one of the LegalNature competitors we present in the next section.

Alternatives of LegalNature

In this section, we analyze the top companies fighting for the title of best LLC website.

Without further ado, we present you LegalNature’s most fierce competitors:

LegalNature vs Rocket Lawyer

This LegalNature alternative is definitely more renowned and provides top-tier legal advice beyond the LLC formation process. In contrast, LegalNature only provides assistance for its own services.

But RocketLawyer is more expensive, offering LLC filing services for a steep price of $99.99. Read our Rocket Lawyer review to see what else you get for this price.

LegalNature vs LawDepot

LawDepot has somewhat mixed customer feedback but is cheaper than LegalNature—only $33 for a monthly subscription.

Apart from that, these two providers are quite similar—both focusing on form building and document preparation.

LegalNature vs LegalShield

LegalShield is also slightly more affordable than LegalNature.

It also provides 24/7 Emergency Service, but it doesn’t offer such a wide variety of features as its counterpart.

Final Verdict

Is LegalNature worth the money? Considering its fair pricing, high-quality legal forms, and positive user opinions, the answer is “Yes!”.

Still, different solutions work best for different needs and LegalNature is no exception to this rule.

LegalNature is particularly suitable for individuals who require high-quality legal documents. It’s perfect for landlords and other professionals that are not on a tight budget—it’s not the cheapest LLC registration provider around.

Nevertheless, LegalNature provides more-than-decent LLC formation services, as becomes evident from the numerous positive Legal Nature reviews, including ours.

How can I get in touch with LegalNature?

You can find the LegalNature phone number, address, and email, among other useful resources, on its website.

Is LegalNature legit?

Yes, LegalNature is completely legitimate. Suitable for individuals and businesses, it covers a wide range of legal and LLC formation services.

While minor issues are reported occasionally by some users, there are no LegalNature scams you have to worry about.

How much does LegalNature cost?

You can either choose the Standard plan ($38.95/month), the Professional one ($58.95/month), or the one-off documents package ($34.95).

For more in-depth pricing information, check out our review above.

Is LegalNature worth it?

Yes. As many LegalNature reviews, including ours, point out, LegalNature is a solid, trustworthy, and safe solution for your legal needs.

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