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Birdeye a fine online reputation management solution for review acquisition and management. It comes with great customer support, a unified messaging inbox, and high-quality analytics. Read our full Birdeye review to see whether it suits your needs.
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  • Great online support
  • Multi-channel surveys
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Price
  • Social listening can be fidgety

Manually tracking client feedback, negative comments, and social network activity surrounding your brand is extremely tiresome, not to mention inefficient.

This is where reputation management software, like Birdeye, comes along to save the day.

We’re talking about software that helps you improve your brand reputation by generating and monitoring reviews, responding promptly to clients, and running various campaigns to engage customers and be a top-of-mind business.

Let’s dive deep into our Birdeye review to understand the platform in more detail.

What Is Birdeye?

Birdeye is a reputation management software that assists organizations in transforming their consumers into strong marketing engines.

This platform uses information gleaned from consumer reviews and comments collected from social media, review sites, and surveys to assist businesses in making more informed decisions.

Birdeye is worth considering if you're searching for a program that helps you command greater client acquisition, raise customer reviews and ratings, and enhance your income.

It doesn’t matter if your business is in the hospitality, automotive, retail, or healthcare industry—Birdeye is HIPAA-compliant and prepared to meet your needs.


Birdeye lets you handle all your messages, reviews, surveys, campaigns, listings, and analytics reports from one place.

The platform is quite intuitive and easy to navigate on both its desktop and mobile versions.


We at Hosting Tribunal have compiled a list of Birdeye’s features so you can see all the company has to offer you:


It’s crucial that your data is correct across all directories, and so Birdeye allows you to rapidly establish business profiles.

Your name, address, and phone number (NAP data), company category, pictures, and hours of operation are all included in your profile.

The Birdeye software searches over 50 websites (like Foursquare, TripAdvisor, and Snapchat) for information on each of your locations. It identifies missing or incorrect listings and allows you to correct any issues immediately.


Birdeye helps you make the most of your reviews.



With Birdeye, you can:

  • Generate: Encourage your customers to leave reviews on their site of choice—Birdeye supports more than 150 sites, including BBB, Expedia, and Amazon—by sending them customized review requests.
  • Monitor: See all your reviews in one place. Birdeye notifies you whenever a new review is posted, gives you detailed reports on your review performance, and allows you to filter them so you can easily pull up what you need.
  • Manage: Reply to all your reviews from your Birdeye dashboard—you can either type it out, use a responsive template, or set automated replies. Plus, Birdeye identifies spam and slander reviews and removes them from your feed.
  • Market: Share favorable reviews on social media platforms and your website—it incorporates review data into the coding of your website, ensuring that your top ratings and feedback show in search results.

Plus, Birdeye’s ticketing system allows you to easily identify when a customer’s comment is problematic and needs priority support. You can automate ticket creation, assign each ticket to a particular team member, and track ticket metrics.


To have access to customer surveys, you must subscribe to Birdeye's Premium Plan.

You can design a Birdeye survey in the ‘traditional’ format (like on Survey Monkey or Google Forms) or have it be more conversational and text it to your clients.

You can top it off by adding a review or referral request at the end.


With Birdeye, SMS and email campaigns are easy to design and distribute to your customers of choice.

The software allows you to insert data like business names and phone numbers dynamically,  plus it lets you attach photos or PDFs to your SMS and emails.

You can preview the message as you’re creating it and schedule it to be sent later.


The platform offers a consolidated inbox for your team to manage all two-way customer communications. Any review, survey, email, text, or video chat, every client communication is merged into a single discussion thread.

The Unified Inbox becomes the single point of contact for all team members.

With Birdeye’s messenger tool, you can send attachments, automate review responses, and assign conversations to team members.


Birdeye also acts as a website chat software.

You may configure the tool to answer your most frequently asked questions automatically, or you can have a member of your team manually respond to incoming messages.

All customer communications are saved in the inbox so your team can easily pick up the conversation even after your lead has left the website.


You can easily create insightful reports leveraging data from your company profile and reviews. These reports can include sentiment, traffic, reviews, usage, or ROI stats.

Additionally, you can purchase the Premium Plan to get your hands on Insights.

This Birdeye dashboard gives detailed information on the performance of each one of your locations across a variety of areas that you define during setup.

Another Premium feature is Benchmarking.

It allows you to compare your company to its top competitors (up to 10). The tool can contain the same categories as the Insights dashboard.


The program streamlines your customer experience management by integrating Birdeye with the technologies you already use.

Birdeye’s integrations include over 1,000 systems that make it easy for you to be discovered online, enhance operations, and boost income. Popular apps that you can integrate with Birdeye include MailChimp, Shopify, PayPal, Magneto, and many more.

Plans & Pricing

Birdeye offers three plans:

Pricing Plans


This is the most basic one. It only gives you access to Messaging and Reviews features but also listings on over 50 sites.


It includes the Webchat element plus all Standard features.


It adds Referrals, Surveys, Ticketing, Insights, and Benchmarking on top of all Professional features.

Unfortunately, the price for each Birdeye plan isn’t displayed on its website, but a customer representative informed us that the Standard plan costs about $350 per business location.

You can get a more accurate quote by filling out the Pricing Configurator form (it asks for a few details).

Birdeye also offers you a Managed Service in case you need a helping hand.

If you don’t have the time to manage reviews, chats, and listings, this service is a great option for you. The price depends on the number of responses and listings needed per month.

Before you commit to any of the aforementioned options, you could always sign up for the Birdeye free trial. It lasts for 30 days and doesn’t require your credit card info.


The website’s support center goes beyond answering FAQs and provides both new and existing Birdeye customers with a lot of information regarding its features, billing, and account management.

Birdeye also offers a resources page where you can find various guides, webinars, and podcasts on reputation management, competitive benchmarking, customer experience marketing, and more.

You could also contact the Birdeye support team via live chat, phone call, or an online form. Based on my own experience, Birdeye’s customer support is exceptional and quite quick.

We got an answer in less than four hours through the online form, while the live chat took just minutes.

Ease of Use

The app is user-friendly—it groups your information in clearly categorized lists that make it easy to navigate.

Plus it uses various icons, colors, and graphics so you can navigate the Birdeye interface efficiently.

Additionally, most features come with automating, filtering, and template options that make it all that easier for you to handle.

Birdeye User Reviews

The platform has a 4.8 rating on G2 based on 1,293 reviews, with about 97% of reviewers rating the solution with four stars or more. Something similar occurs on Capterra and GetApp, where Birdeye earned a 4.7 and a 4.8 rating, respectively.

The most common praise in users’ Birdeye reviews focuses on the customer service and the app’s user-friendliness.

No platform can escape criticism. What little negative feedback there is about the program focuses on the price, which is higher than other reputation management systems.

Additionally, one user pointed out in their review that the Birdeye social listening tools weren't as great as they expected. In their experience, the system sometimes notifies them of content that’s irrelevant to their business—and the sentiment analysis feature is just OK.

Is Birdeye Worth It?

Birdeye is a famous experiential marketing tool used by over 60,000 businesses to boost their online presence and attract consumers.

It’s a market leader in terms of the number of tools and features it provides. Many Birdeye competitors, for example, do not offer listing management services or a full-featured survey tool.

Birdeye can help you get more feedback from your customers, keep track of what they’re saying about you, respond appropriately, and then use those reviews as free marketing content.

It’s a fantastic choice if you're looking to boost your customer relationship and brand reputation.

Alternatives of Birdeye

So, what does Birdeye have that others don’t?

Here we compare it to three popular alternatives:

Birdeye vs LiveAgent

LiveAgent is an omnichannel support platform that consolidates messages from all communication channels into a single common inbox.

It effortlessly connects with email, live chat, phone, customer portals, messaging applications like Viber and Messenger. Plus social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

This is quite similar to what Birdeye’s Messaging feature offers you. However, Birdeye also manages your reviews, helps you with listings, surveys, and email campaigns.

So, if you’re looking to improve your entire business reputation, then you should go for Birdeye.

If you just want to focus on improving your customer service, then LiveAgent is probably the better (and cheaper) option out of the two—pricing starts at just $15 per month.

Birdeye vs Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a cloud-based social listening tool that helps you manage your social networks, including Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

Like Birdeye, it offers a single inbox for your team to handle all conversations. It also has a long list of possible integrations so that you can easily keep track of everything from a single platform.

If you’re looking for a solution that lets you schedule posts, plan ad campaigns, and generally boost your social media presence, then that’s Hootsuite’s specialty.

If, however, you’re more interested in garnering reviews and improving your customer relationship management (CRM), then Birdeye is the more suitable option of the two.

Birdeye vs Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing tool that allows you to engage with your contacts and develop stronger consumer connections through targeted and relevant communication.

Sendinblue’s area of expertise is email marketing—just its free version lets you manage 300 emails per day. Birdeye, on the other hand, includes email and SMS campaigns among its wider reputation management services. They’re not the company’s main focus, however.

If you’re only looking to improve your email marketing campaigns, then Sendinblue is a great option. It starts at $25 per month.

Final Verdict

To conclude our review, Birdeye offers you all the tools you need to manage and track customer feedback, including automated notifications, detailed statistics, targeted requests, and a ticketing system.

Birdeye’s various additional features, like surveys, listings, and webchat management.

It is a comprehensive solution and our top choice for experience marketing software.

Is Birdeye a good company?

Birdeye has received numerous awards over the years that recognize just how great the company is. It features on G2’s 2022 list of Top 50 Products for Marketers and Top 50 Products for Customer Service.

Plus, the overwhelming amount of positive Birdeye reviews earned the company a spot on G2’s Top 100 Highest Satisfaction Products.

How much is Birdeye monthly?

The price varies depending on your feature requirements and the number of locations your business has. You have to speak with a customer representative or fill out the Pricing Configurator form to get a quote.

Currently, from what a representative told us on the live chat, a rough estimate for the Standard Plan is $350 per business location.

Is Birdeye worth it?

Yes, Birdeye is an amazing company that has helped over 60,000 companies around the globe improve their online reputation. A customer review for Birdeye praised it as the best service in the industry in terms of effectiveness, ease-of-use, and value for money.

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