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With an amazing price to value ratio, 1-VoIP is a great service for both residential and business use. Prioritizing simplicity, affordability, and ease of use, the provider guarantees a streamlined experience. Check out this in-depth 1-VoIP review to find out whether it suits your needs.
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All features on all plans, easy set up, simple UI, good support
Starts at: $8.97/month
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Best for:
  • Very cheap
  • Easy to set up
  • Simple user interface
  • Good customer support
  • Lacks advanced features
  • No SMS support
  • No trial version

With so many expensive, complex, business-oriented VoIP service providers finding an economic, simple solution is next to impossible. 

This is where 1-VoIP comes in. With an affordable residential plan and decent business package, it’s great both for home and professional use.

To make sure it’s worthy of your time and money, we tested the provider through and through, tried its features, read through numerous 1-VoIP reviews, and even contacted support.

Stick with us to see what we found.

What Is 1-VoIP?

This is one of the best VoIP providers for people looking for a simple residential or business solution. It comes at a very low price, yet its plans include all the essential features.

1-VoIP Features

Both residential and business pricing plans come with a fair share of features. As one would expect, some of them are available for both versions.


This business and home VoIP phone service does not offer a softphone by itself, although there is a workaround.

The 1-VoIP website suggests that you download Zoiper—a VoIP softphone software that’s compatible with both of its main plans.

It is free for non-commercial, casual use, but you would have to pay up if you need it on a daily basis. It’s only a one-time payment.

Extension to Extension

With 1-VoIP, all employees have a 4-digit number assigned to them.

The “Extension to Extension” feature allows you to call them, whether you’re at the same office or in different locations. It is available with business plans only.


The 1-VoIP phone service lets you check your voicemail in several ways:

  • From your phone (by hitting the Envelope button)
  • From the Online Member Center that you get access to
  • By using the “Voicemail to Email” feature
  • From a cellphone or another number not connected to your home or office
  • From another number in your office, thanks to the “Extension to Extension” feature

Call Forwarding

According to 1-VoIP reviews, the call forwarding feature is pretty good. We were pleased to discover that it’s also highly customizable.

For instance, you can set up all your phones to ring every time you receive a call. You can also forward calls to other numbers if you are unavailable.

Hold Music

Both business and residential plans allow you to play music if you haven’t answered the phone for a while or the moment the phone starts ringing.

However, only the business versions of the 1-VoIP service give you access to more advanced settings, such as choosing your own music.

Call Waiting

Another standard feature, this one lets you know if somebody is calling you while you are already on the line.

You can enable or disable it at will.


The 1-VoIP phone system is partnered with Nomorobo—a service that blocks robocalls and telemarketers, keeping your end of the line safer.

1-VoIP Residential Features

Although it might not be the best residential VoIP service in 2022 with its relatively scarce feature set, the low price entirely makes up for that.


Do you want to receive calls and faxes?

With 1-VoIP, you can do both. You can also use the online interface to send and receive faxes as PDF files.

While that feature is included in business plans, you’ll have to pay $4.95/month to add it to your residential subscription.

3-Way Calling

One of the most often mentioned drawbacks in 1-VoIP VoIP reviews is the lack of conference calling.

As a substitute, this internet phone service provides 3-way calling. With it, you can talk with up to two people at a time.

While that’s not ideal for large businesses, it’s enough for most home users.

Whitelisting and Blacklisting

You can opt only to receive calls from certain numbers or to block them.

You will not receive calls from blocked numbers, but these callers will know that their numbers have been blocked.

1-VoIP Business Features

Although it’s not comparable to some of the best business VoIP service providers, VoIP still offers the most crucial features at a reasonable price.

Call Recording

You can record all your dialed and received calls.

They are automatically uploaded on the Online Member Center database, but only for seven days.

Extension Monitoring

Although 1-VoIP doesn’t offer call monitoring per se, there is an extension monitoring feature.

With it, you can keep track of the status of other lines. If they are on a call, a red light will be on.


During our research process for this 1-VoIP review, we tried a lot of 1-VoIP features, but we were most impressed by this one.

With it, you can direct incoming calls to certain employees instead of others.

What’s more, you can create custom messages that you can play to waiting callers.


Other than blacklisting and Nomorobo, the 1-VoIP application does not offer much in terms of security.

It can block calls with a hidden caller ID, but that’s about it. However, this should be more than enough for casual users.

1-VoIP Pricing

This is possibly the best VoIP service in 2022 in terms of price. Best of all, all plans include all features—a great advantage over other solutions, which, surprisingly, is mentioned only in a few business phone systems reviews.

There are only monthly subscriptions and, unfortunately, no 1-VoIP free trial.

Residential Plans

Users that are looking for the best business VoIP service usually need more functions than residential providers typically offer. Luckily, this is where 1-VoIP excels.


The cheapest package already offers unlimited time for incoming calls. However, it allows only 500 outcoming minutes—and only to North America. Still, the hardware is included and you get to keep your number. At the time of writing of our 1-VoIP review, this plan costs $8.97 per month.

For $17.97 per month, you get unlimited calls to North America, plus free shipping for the hardware As we mentioned, the rest of the features are the same for all plans.

World Unlimited

As its name suggests, this subscription provides you with unlimited calls to multiple countries—30, to be precise. This 1-VoIP VoIP pricing plan will cost you $23.97 per month.

Business Plans

This might not be the best business VoIP provider in terms of the number of features, but its offer is still pretty good, considering its price tag.


The cost of this 1-VoIP subscription is $14.97 per extension per month. However, you also have to pay for the minutes you use. The rate is two cents per minute. While it might sound like this raises the cost unnecessarily, it actually makes the pricing more flexible. It also allows you to try the service without breaking the bank.


For $19.97 per extension per month, you’re getting the same features without any additional charges per minute.


For $29.97 per extension per month, the most advanced plan on the 1-VoIP price list adds a phone number for your extension to the package.

If you need a SIP trunk, look no further. With 1-VoIP, you can either get a US & Canada number for $4.95 per month or a toll-free number for $5.95 per month. The Minute Bundle package costs $25 per month and gives you 2,000 minutes for outbound calls.

1-VoIP Support

1-VoIP delivers excellent customer service.

You can only contact the 1-VoIP technical support team via email or phone, but they make up for it with their professionalism.

Phone support is available 24/7, but it is entirely based in the US.

Still, the crew will go out of their way to help you.

Judging by the praise for the support staff expressed by other clients in 1-VoIP reviews from 2022, our positive experience was not an exception.

Ease of Use

The 1-VoIP setup process is a breeze.

All you need is an internet connection and a VoIP phone. Luckily, nearly all of them work fine with this service.

Still, if you do experience any issues, the support team will solve them within minutes, as users often point out in numerous 1-VoIP phone system reviews.

The VoIP phone service for business and home use relies on existing phones. Although the lack of desktop and mobile apps might be considered a disadvantage, this also facilitates the process—you don’t have to install any programs to use the service.

1-VoIP User Reviews

As far as VoIP phones reviews go, they are highly favorable... when found. And 1-VoIP reviews on Reddit are no exception.

Most users praise its price, call quality, and ease of use and setup in their 1-VoIP residential reviews. They also speak very highly of the customer support agents.

The only thing that people are usually unsatisfied with is the feature set. While it’s fairly decent considering the price, the missing SMS support is still a huge blow.

1-VoIP is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. There are, however, three 1-VoIP reviews on BBB. All three are from dissatisfied users with complaints about delays or failed refunds—pretty standard for a VoIP service.

Is 1-VoIP Worth It?

We’ve tested numerous VoIP providers, so we had a strong basis of comparison when preparing this 1-VoIP review. For that reason, we can confidently say that this is the best VoIP system in that price range.

It’s very easy to use, doesn’t take more than half an hour to set up, and offers great voice quality. The support crew is also great, so any issues that might arise will be solved promptly.

The main 1-VoIP complaints we encountered are about the lack of a trial version and advanced features. Some crucial business features, such as video conferencing and screen sharing, are also absent.

It might not be the best VoIP service for business or the best residential VoIP service, but it certainly offers excellent value for a very affordable price.

1-VoIP Alternatives

If you’re not convinced 1-VoIP is the right choice for you, you might want to consider some of its alternatives.

1-VoIP vs RingCentral

RingCentral is widely considered to be the best VoIP phone service overall. Unlike 1-VoIP, RingCentral allows you to try certain features for free. It also offers much more advanced functionalities, like unlimited SMS messaging.

Its only true downside is its price—it’s much more expensive than 1-VoIP. If you have a tight budget, you should stick with the latter.

1-VoIP vs Vonage

The idea behind these two solutions is the same—offering a cheap VoIP service with basic features at affordable prices to attract small and growing businesses.

But there’s one clear winner here—1-VoIP has more features yet still costs less.

1-VoIP vs Nextiva

Nextiva is the best VoIP service for small and medium businesses that can afford to chip in for more advanced features.

If you need a residential VoIP, however, you’d be better off with 1-VoIP.

Read our dedicated Nextiva review to learn more about this business VoIP phone service.

1-VoIP vs Grasshopper

Similarly to Nextiva, Grasshopper is exclusively a business VoIP service. It’s most suitable for smaller businesses. If you’re not in its target audience, it might disappoint you.

Grasshopper has more features than 1-VoIP but is considerably more expensive.

Think about what you need and how much you can afford before you choose one of those solutions.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the best cheap residential VoIP provider, look no further. 1-VoIP has solid features, is extremely easy to use, and requires no contract—all that, at very low prices.

Although the 1-VoIP reviews online are scarce, most of them are highly favorable.

But if you don’t trust us or the many other satisfied users, we recommend you test the service yourself—it won’t cost you much.

What is 1-VoIP VC?

VC most commonly stands for Voice Chat. 1-VoIP offers voice calling, but only via dedicated VoIP phones. Fortunately, this service supports most of them.

Is 1-VoIP safe to use?

Yes. It lacks some advanced security features but is pretty safe. The integration with Nomorobo—a service that blocks robocalls and telemarketers, is a great addition to its toolbox.

How much does 1-VoIP cost?

It has monthly plans with prices ranging anywhere from $8.97 to $29.97 per month. The pricing sections of 1-VoIP reviews, including the one above, can give you a detailed overview of all that’s included in its deal.

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