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RingCentral is a pro online phone solution that has everything you might expect from the best VoIP system—from numerous features and integrations to advanced security and analytics tools. Join us in this in-depth review below to see how all that lines up together.
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Tons of features, high quality, call recording, conference calls, screen sharing, cloud-based, etc.
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It seems like there’s an internet phone service for businesses of all sizes. Yet, large enterprises are faced with fewer good choices.

This is where RingCentral steps in. Many label it the best VoIP service in 2022, but does it live up to that hype?

To answer that question, we tested the service, contacted support, and combed through numerous RingCentral reviews to get a feel of user opinions.

Read on to see what we found out.

What Is RingCentral?

This is quite possibly the best business VoIP and phone service on the market. With its wide range of features, easy setup, and great call quality, it’s great for businesses of all sizes.

Although RingCentral isn’t for residential use, its most basic plan is suitable for small teams and even for individuals.

RingCentral Features

Let’s see what this provider packs in its offer.

Devices and Operating Systems

RingCentral is available not only for Windows and Mac but for Linux as well. However, the latter is not an official product. It was developed by the RingCentral community and not by the company itself.

There’s also a RingCentral phone app for Android and iOS. You can download both versions for free, but they offer basic features only.

To take advantage of the full capacity of the service, use the computer version.


The RingCentral VoIP service comes with a softphone on both PC and Mac versions. This gives them even more call control features.

Needless to say, you can use the mobile apps as softphones too.

Connection Requirements

This is a Session Initiation Protocol provider, so having a SIP device is preferable. Otherwise, the chances are that not all functions are going to work.

Still, since RingCentral is VoIP software, too, you can use its softphone or mobile apps. This way, you don’t need any additional devices.

However you look at it, you do need a stable internet connection in both cases, though.

Conference Calling

One of the most frequently praised aspects of the service in RingCentral reviews is its conference calling capability.

There’s no limit on the number of calls you can make, as long as you invite up to 1,000 people. Thanks to a service called RingCentral Video, you can also host HD video meetings for up to 200 people.

Call Forwarding

The service provides a feature called “Call Forward for Unreachable Phones.” When a call is directed to an unavailable RingCentral phone, it forwards it to another device in case of a network outage.

As soon as the signal returns, the feature will automatically turn off and the device will keep receiving calls as usual.

Note that this is an on-demand tool, meaning that you have to contact RingCentral tech support to enable it.

Call Recording

Depending on your RingCentral pricing plan, you can either record calls on demand or automatically save each and every one of them.

On-demand call recording means starting and stopping the process whenever you want. Mobile apps also support this feature.

Call Monitoring

With the RingCentral Call Monitoring tool, you can listen to an ongoing call if you’re an authorized user. But note that this is only available to customers in the US, UK, and Canada.


This service offers unlimited internet faxing—something that is often praised in RingCentral reviews

You can send faxes to nearly any machine, even those overseas.

Screen Sharing

With the RingCentral Video VoIP service, you can share your whole screen, a certain application, or even just a specific tab that’s open in your web browser.

The only (negligible) downside is that you have no other option but to share your entire screen if you’re presenting in PowerPoint or Keynote.

Document Sharing

Even though it’s a phone system, RingCentral has some handy collaboration tools. For example, you can share files on your computer with your teammates—even files that are in the cloud.

Some of the supported cloud storage services include Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box.

Other collaboration methods are available through RingCentral integrations with other programs.


The RingCentral website has an App Gallery—a section where you could download various add-ons. The most notable ones are the numerous integrations.

This business VoIP phone service can be effectively used alongside Slack, Teams, Outlook, Microsoft 365, Trello, MailChimp, Google Drive, and many other business-oriented services.


The features we described so far in this RingCentral review, although excellent, are fairly standard. Analytics is where the service really shines.

It has its own Analytics Portal that can help your company improve its performance.

It measures agent and company achievements, analyzes call flows, RingCentral usage, customer service quality, and much more.


RingCentral has a plethora of excellent security features. This includes multiple authentication levels, access and detection controls, and throttling, among others.

As an administrator, you also get to control who can make calls and where. The company is also HIPAA compliant and has multiple ISO and SOC certifications.

RingCentral Prices

Right off the bat, it’s important to mention that there is a free 15-day RingCentral trial version. You can try all features, but only with up to four other users. Additionally, there is a 50-minute talk time limit per person.

The company also offers four paid RingCentral plans, but they don’t exactly come in cheap.


The RingCentral cost of the most basic subscription is $29.99 per user per month. Its price falls down to $19.99 if you subscribe for a year right away. The plan allows for up to 20 members and includes business and/or toll-free numbers, unlimited calls to the US or Canada, unlimited business SMS and team messaging, voicemail-to-text, and document sharing.


This RingCentral phone system pricing plan could be yours for $37.99 per user per month or $27.99 if you subscribe for a year. It removes the user number limit altogether and adds unlimited internet faxing and audio conferencing, business phone numbers in 100+ countries, and most of the non-CRM integrations, such as Office 365, Slack, and Google Suite. You also get video meetings with up to 100 members and 24/7 RingCentral tech support.


For $44.99 per user per month or $34.99 with an annual subscription, you get multiple admin and management tiers, automatic call recording, and video meetings with up to 200 members. It also includes real-time performance analytics, CRM integrations such as Zendesk and Salesforce, and Open API and custom integrations.


For $59.99 per month or $49.99 with an annual RingCentral contract, you get the most advanced features. These include phone registration status monitoring, setting up monitoring rules, access to the device history, and unlimited data storage.

RingCentral Support

RingCentral has great support.

With an informative website, chatbot, and live chat, it’s no wonder we found so many positive RingCentral customer reviews. Subscribers also get 24/7 customer service.

We were quite satisfied with the support team ourselves.

Their answers were kind, helpful, and they replied quickly.

Ease of Use

The RingCentral VoIP and phone service is very easy to use and configure. For most of the things you can do in this program, a wizard appears and walks you through the main steps.

On the downside, it may become tedious for more experienced users. You need to go through all the wizard steps, oftentimes even if you’ve done a certain action before.

Because of that, some actions that take longer, like adding bigger amounts of data (e.g., multiple users), will be a bore.

RingCentral User Reviews

RingCentral is a Better Business Bureau accredited business.

Its BBB rating is A+, but customer opinions on the website are mainly negative.

Some of the most frequently mentioned issues in VoIP phone reviews are the high cost of the RingCentral service and the supposedly impossible to cancel subscription. Other users criticize its support, claiming that the agents didn’t even help or just straight up ignored them.

Then again, just like with other similar services, there are lots of positive RingCentral reviews from 2022 as well. In all of them, users praise the call quality, the program’s diverse features, and ease of use.

RingCentral reviews on Reddit are also very inconsistent. For every positive opinion, there is a negative one, so it’s hard to draw conclusions.

Let’s just say that you’re best off testing the program yourself.

You can do that without spending a dime—simply request a free demo or check out the trial version.

Is RingCentral Worth It?

Many business phone systems reviews deem it the best business VoIP service. Users praise the wide variety of features, the easy setup, and the streamlined navigation through the program.

It’s worth mentioning that the number of negative RingCentral VoIP reviews by customers isn’t negligible.

For that reason, we recommend testing the service with a free trial before committing to a long-term subscription.

Still, with its advanced analytics, top-notch security, and extra collaboration tools, you’ll almost certainly find the right features for your business.

RingCentral Alternatives

This program has some excellent functionalities. Still, if you aren’t satisfied with any of them, perhaps one of its competitors might suit you better.

Let’s take a look.

RingCentral vs Nextiva

Although RingCentral is more expensive, it has more features. Nextiva, on the other hand, has much better, award-winning customer support, as well as 99.99% uptime.

In short, RingCentral is better for large businesses, while Nextiva is the go-to choice for smaller companies. Both are among the best VoIP providers that money can get.

RingCentral vs Grasshopper

Grasshopper is the best VoIP service for business organizations in terms of cost and pricing structure. It is mainly intended for a small number of people, which makes it an excellent choice for SMBs.

Also, it doesn’t support any real scaling, so keep that in mind too.

RingCentral, in contrast, is better suited for large companies due to its numerous features and rather high prices.

RingCentral vs Vonage

This VoIP providers comparison comes down to one thing—the number of people the service is intended for.

Both companies excel at what they do, but they are intended for different customer bases. Although it can be used by smaller groups, RingCentral is a business VoIP service.

Vonage is one of the best residential VoIP service providers in 2022.

Naturally, it has fewer features than RingCentral, but it’s also way cheaper.

Final Verdict

RingCentral has everything you can expect from the best VoIP service and more.

The long list of RingCentral features includes document sharing, file storage, numerous integrations, analytics and security tools, and others.

With this diverse choice, the high prices are justified.

Don’t hesitate to test the service with the free trial to see whether it’s the right fit for your business.

What is RingCentral used for?

This is a VoIP phone service for business. That means it’s primarily used for call management by large companies.

How does RingCentral work?

It works with both your existing phones and softphones. But keep in mind that not all landlines are supported.

Is RingCentral free?

Unfortunately, RingCentral isn’t free. Being the best VoIP phone service apparently comes at a high price. Although users often complain about this in RingCentral reviews, it is worth it. Give it a try with the free trial.

What is better than RingCentral?

This highly depends on what you’re looking for. Vonage is better as a home VoIP phone service, Grasshopper is a cheap VoIP service, and Nextiva has the best customer support.

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