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iubenda creates high-quality legal agreements for web enterprises. It ensures compliance with the most common global regulations and keeps you up to speed on policy changes, whether you use it on your website or mobile app. In this iubenda review, you’ll learn all you need to know about the service.
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  • Complex for newbies
  • Expensive for multi-website owners

Creating quality legal documents for your website or mobile app can be a time-consuming, headache-inducing endeavor when you’re unfamiliar with regulations and legal terminology.

But it doesn’t have to be.

When hiring an attorney isn’t an option—and, arguably, even if it is—you can lean on online website policy generators, like iubenda, to make things easier and cheaper for you.

Check out our review for iubenda, so you can learn everything you need to know about the platform and figure out if it’s the right solution for you and your business.

What Is iubenda?

iubenda is an online policy generator that creates legal documents for your websites and mobile apps.

The solution’s specialty is generating policies, terms and conditions agreements, and consent solutions that comply with different nations’ regulations.

iubenda Best Features

  • Privacy and cookie policy generator
  • Cookie solution
  • Terms and conditions generator
  • Advanced GDPR compliance
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Automatic updates
  • Site scanner

What We Disliked

  • Complex for newbies – Some operations and services are difficult to understand unless you’re somewhat familiar with legal terms.
  • Pricey for multiple website owners – iubenda’s price can become quite expensive for people who own multiple websites with high traffic volume. We think $129/year for a single site with a 25,000 visitors per month cap sounds a bit expensive.

Do You Need iubenda?

All websites and mobile apps need some form of legal documents, guidelines, and rules, especially if you plan to:

  • Collect email addresses and personal details
  • Sell products
  • Publish and share content
  • Let visitors post content on your site
  • Make your app available to the public

This is where iubenda’s privacy policy generator comes in handy.

It helps you stay compliant with legal obligations and saves you lots of headaches.

How Does iubenda Work?

iubenda has more than 1,600 clauses for you to choose from. When you’re creating your document, you can manually pick the ones that fit your business best or write your own.

Not sure about what you need to select?

Don’t worry—iubenda has your back.

You can run the site scanner and get an email report listing the services that are probably missing in your privacy policy.

Plus, the iubenda terms and conditions generator comes with a guided setup to help you craft your document every step of the way.

Once your policy is ready, iubenda hosts it (so it can update it as soon as there is a change in legislation or privacy law) and you can integrate it with your site or app.

How to Generate Policies with iubenda?

In this section of our iubenda review, we’ll go over how to create regulation-compliant documentation with the solution.

If you’re not sure about which policies you need for your site, you can simply take the quiz on iubenda’s Getting Started Guide, and it’ll tell you what documents you should create based on your answers.

You can easily create a privacy policy with iubenda by following these easy steps:

  1. Pick whether you want to generate a policy for your website, mobile app, or Facebook app. For this example, we chose a website.
  2. Enter your website’s URL.
  3. Choose the legal standards you want your policy to comply with, like GDPR, CCPA, or LGPD.
  4. Select the services you offer on your website—you can do this manually or simply let the program scan your site and auto-detect your services.
  5. Provide your contact details—company name, email, and complete address.
  6. Finally, you can view, edit, and embed your policy on your website.

This is one of our favorite iubenda features.

It lets you store users’ cookie preferences, manage opt-outs, track consent analytics, and use iubenda’s visual configurator to customize a cookie banner.

Plus, the solution lets you block all cookies prior to getting the user’s consent. You can implement this feature manually, using the iubenda plugins (available for WordPress, Magento, Joomla!, and PrestaShop) or its web server module.

Terms and Conditions

If you want to establish refund and return policies, write disclaimers, or create an EULA with iubenda, you need the terms and conditions generator.

Here’s how you use it:

  1. Enter your website’s URL and select the languages you want for your policy.
  2. Add or edit the clauses you need—like target audience, content rights, account registration, age restriction, acceptable use, and more.
  3. Type in your business’ name, email, and address.
  4. Insert the newly generated terms of use agreement on your site. Either by adding a widget to the footer, using a direct link, or embedding text in your page body.

On their online iubenda reviews, users often commend how easy it is to comply with even the most stringent regulations when you use the software.

In fact, both this and the Internal Privacy Management features are part of iubenda’s advanced GDPR compliance package.

The consent solution isn’t another policy generator, but iubenda’s approach to keeping track of who gave consent, when, and what exactly they consented to.

To use it, you just have to activate the solution from your dashboard and either add the JavaScript widget to your page or use the HTTP API.

The consent solution syncs automatically with all your iubenda documents, so all you need to do is go to the dashboard whenever you want to review consent records or do a manual update.

Internal Privacy Management

This feature is all about keeping a record of everything related to the user and employee data you collect—how you store it, why you need it, how you process it, who you share it with, how you protect it, etc.

The Internal Privacy feature is fully integrated with your other iubenda policies and comes with over 1,600 pre-made processing activities to make everything easier for you.

Most importantly—iubenda is safe. You can trust the company to host your documents and information.

The first thing you need to do is define your areas—in other words, make tags for the parts of your business where the same data-processing activities apply—for example, website, recruiting, physical stores, etc.

Then, you select the appropriate processing activities for each area and add the details we mentioned above (security measures, legal basis, and more).

iubenda Templates

With iubenda, you can adapt the policies to your unique needs by selecting from over 1,600 pre-crafted clauses that address even the most complicated, individual circumstances.

iubenda’s editor allows you to customize the format and content of your legal document. You can modify the clauses to your preferences, reorganize sections, and add new content.

Plans & Pricing

iubenda’s pricing structure is so flexible it ends up being a bit complex.

Let’s start with the custom plans.


This is iubenda’s free plan. It includes a continually updated website or Facebook app privacy policy (with up to four clauses only) and full access to the cookie solution, even though it doesn’t include a cookie policy.


The license is for one language only. It grants you full access to the privacy and cookie policy generator, as well as the cookie solution.


With this, you get all the features in the pro plan plus a terms and conditions agreement.

iubenda also offers a few bundles that are excellent for a single or a small number of sites and apps.

iubenda Bundles


Protect a single site behind a comprehensive user license and cookie policy. The latter is good for up to 25,000 monthly visits.


Procure privacy and cookie policy for up to five domains or 25,000 visitors.

Business Plus

This one also serves up to five sites, but the visit cap doubles to 50,000 and visitors can select which cookies to allow and which not.

All custom plans include only one license (aka one site or app), but you can get a price reduction if you need more. The discount iubenda offers depends on the number of licenses you want to get, though.

If you’d like to add the advanced GDPR features, you can do so by paying an additional $468/year.

On top of what we just explained, iubenda also has a few bundle plans with several add-ons you can choose from.


The live chat is the easiest and fastest way to speak with the iubenda team. The company claims to reply in three minutes or less and—based on our own experience—it makes good on its promise.

You could also contact the support team by filling an online form. When we tried it, we got a response four hours after submitting the ticket.

In both instances, the agents were very helpful and easy-going—which wasn’t really surprising, as customer support is a constant feature in user reviews for iubenda.

If you’re more into self-service support, though, iubenda’s help center offers valuable insights into the platform, including guides on getting started, deployment, the cookie solution, and more.

iubenda User Reviews

iubenda has a 4.8 rating across both Capterra and GetApp, based on 118 reviews.

Users often praise iubenda’s cookie solution, automatic updates, and multi-language features. Redditors also commend its customer support and user-friendly interface.

The complaints about iubenda were mostly about its complexity. If you’re not familiar with legal terms, it might take you some time to get the hang of the solution.

Users also point out that it can also get fairly expensive, depending on the functionality you want and how many websites you own.

Is iubenda Worth It?

The company undoubtedly offers an all-around high-quality service.

At its highest pricing tier, iubenda grants you access to unique features (like the site scanner or the advanced GDPR solutions) on top of fully customizable, very comprehensive, and always up-to-date website policies.

But that’s precisely the crux of the matter with iubenda—the policies are only yours as long as you keep paying a recurring fee, which can, incidentally, get quite high if you want to take full advantage of the solution.

iubenda’s pricing structure translates into the company charging you per policy, per site, and per language every month (or year). Plus add-ons.

Granted, you’d probably pay more if you hired an attorney or if you faced a fine. However, there are certainly budget-friendlier options in the market.

Is it worth it, anyway?

Yes, it is.

We’ll compare iubenda to some of its competitors in the next section, but—spoiler alert—you’ll be hard-pressed to find a solution as comprehensive and as high-quality as this one.

So, if iubenda’s cost isn’t an issue, we at Hosting Tribunal would wholeheartedly recommend you give it a try.

Alternatives of iubenda

Now, as promised, let’s compare iubenda with some of the best terms of use generators in 2022.

iubenda vs TermsFeed

Both software create legal documents for your websites and apps, though their approach differs.

TermsFeed doesn’t have recurring fees. Its pricing structure is an á la carte model that considers a free template and premium clauses as add-ons, each for a one-time fee. Once you’re done creating your document, the policy is forever yours.

iubenda, for comparison, has premium subscriptions that let you pick and choose from 1,600+ clauses for your policies. You get to use and edit your policy as long as you keep paying the monthly fee.

TermsFeed is a solid option for businesses looking to create simple policies with a low budget, whereas iubenda works great for companies that want advanced policies and have little budgetary concerns.

iubenda vs GetTerms

GetTerms policies are simple, cheap, and easy to generate. For instance, its Comprehensive pack gets you a custom privacy and cookie policy, terms and conditions agreement, and an acceptable use policy for a one-time fee of $49.

iubenda, for comparison, offers the same policies, but with continuous updates and more advanced features. For example, a fully customizable cookie banner, plugins, consent analytics, a site scanner to auto-detect services. All for $129/year.

iubenda vs FormSwift

FormSwift allows you to create and edit legal documents online, which you can then export as both Word and PDF documents.

Its 500+ template library has everything from personal legal documents to tax forms. 

However, FormSwift doesn’t give you a cookie policy or banner, continuous updates, or most of the premium features iubenda includes in its subscriptions. It only has privacy policy and terms of use templates, but they’re simple and non-compliant.

That said, if you need business-related legal forms—such as employment contracts, NDAs, invoices, pay stubs, etc.—and don’t mind generic website policies, you can get a FormSwift membership for $89/year.

Final Verdict

iubenda is without a doubt one of the best privacy policy generators available in 2022.

Its thorough documents are written by actual international lawyers. They'll even make the necessary updates as soon as there’s a change in online privacy laws.

Once you get a premium subscription, you have nothing to worry about—iubenda has GDPR and CCPA down to a tee.

The 360° solution is a splendid choice for businesses of all sizes that want advanced regulation compliance.

What is iubenda?

It’s an online policy generator that helps you create legal documents for your websites and apps. The policies are written by actual lawyers, can be translated into nine different languages, and comply with global regulations.

Is iubenda good?

Yes, it’s one of the best policy generator software available in the market.

iubenda’s reviews on user feedback sites like Reddit, GetApp, and Capterra tell you all you need to know. Users often praise its high-quality policies, amazing customer support, and multi-language capabilities.

Is iubenda legit?

Yes. Over 80,000 clients around the world—including top brands like MaxMara, Honda, MIT, Business Insider, and The Spectator—trust the solution with their legal documents.

Is iubenda worth it?

Yes, iubenda is definitely worth your budget and time. The company ensures that you have all the legal agreements you need to conduct your business effectively and legally.

Read our full iubenda review to learn more about the solution and how to create these documents.

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