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Updated · Oct 06, 2022

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RoboForm is an affordable password manager that will help you create complex passwords, sign in with a single click, and store them securely online or offline. Its affordable annual plans are suitable for individuals, families, and businesses. Check out our RoboForm review to see what our tests showed.
Free version:
Windows / macOS
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Android / iOS
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Chrome / Firefox / Edge / Safari
Starts at: $17.90/year
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Best for:
  • Application logins
  • Device syncing
  • Strong 512-character passwords
  • Offline access
  • No dark web monitoring
  • Occasionally glitchy web app

To make full use of most online services, you need an account, which means you also need a password.

Managing all these login credentials manually is inconvenient, and if done incorrectly—a danger to your online security, too.

That’s where RoboForm comes in.

It’s a password manager that’ll help you create strong passwords and manage them (duh!). Accessing them is as easy as clicking a button.

Read our detailed RoboForm review below for the full analysis of the service’s functionality.

What Is RoboForm?

Launched in 1999, RoboForm is one of the oldest password managers around. With it, you can create secure passwords of up to 512 characters.

Over the years, many solutions have shifted to a web-first approach. RoboForm, however, stays focused on desktop and mobile applications. That way, it ensures you have safe offline storage on your devices.

RoboForm Best Features

First up, RoboForm’s best features.

Most of the ones we discuss below are pure tech. That said, we take a moment to touch on discounts for students and military members to close out the section.

Great Password Generator

You can use the RoboForm password generator from the app or the browser extension. It allows you to create passwords of up to 512 mixed characters.

And if you don’t have an account and want to check it out, you can access it from the website.

Login Sharing

If you want to share login credentials with someone, don’t bother with sticky notes. Do it securely with RoboForm’s login sharing function.

The only condition to use this function is that you both have a RoboForm account. Then, the system can transfer the information securely from your profile to theirs.

Device Synching

Password synchronization is available across all devices linked to your RoboForm online account.

Let’s say you have multiple mobile devices and separate work and home desktops.

With RoboForm, you can save all of your login credentials in your account and access them anywhere.

Offline Access and Storage

Some argue that the best way to secure data and protect against ID theft is to keep your information offline.

RoboForm has the same policy. Its desktop and mobile apps allow you to access and store your data offline.

Military and Student Discounts

Students and professors can get RoboForm for free for a year. After that, they pay a discount price of $12 per year.

Active military, veterans, military spouses, and families can apply for a 30% discount on RoboForm Everywhere plans.

They simply have to submit a background check through “” or a testimonial from an educational institute.

RoboForm Setup

For the best results, you should download the desktop app.

A standalone browser extension is available too.

However, we tested both options for this RoboForm review and found the extension’s use limited compared to the desktop app. Plus, it doesn’t provide offline access and storage.

The app is available for Windows and Mac.

Alternatively, you can get the browser extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari.

RoboForm Password Manager

RoboForm makes capturing, generating, and changing passwords easy.

Password Capture

Passwords can be captured manually, as-you-go, or imported en masse via a CSV file.

For manual capturing, RoboForm has a list of the most popular websites and apps available to speed up the process.

As-you-go saving is simple too. All you have to do is log into a site or app, and RoboForm will offer to save the credentials for you.

As an added bonus, RoboForm reviews your passwords and tells you whether they’re weak or reused.

Password Generator

The generator creates complex passwords of up to 512 characters.

You can instruct it to add upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and even specify which special characters to include.

The generator then gives each password a strength rating. The highest score we achieved was 3,083.

Best of all, you can create passwords for free on the home site even without a RoboForm account.

Password Change

You can’t change a password from RoboForm.

You have to do it from the settings of the account concerned.

That said, you can use the password changer to create a new one.

The browser extension will autofill the new password for you.

Speaking of autofill...


RoboForm’s autofill is primarily for passwords. Still, you can use it to enter saved payment information and other forms.

While it works as intended, we did have some trouble with it occasionally.

During some of our tests, the information appeared and then flickered out of existence. Clicking away and placing the cursor back into an infobox fixed it, though.

RoboForm Security

RoboForm’s security works to ensure your data is protected and that only you or someone you trust can access your account.


RoboForm uses the highest grade encryption available, AES-256, to securely store your data on its servers or your device.

Even if you opt for cloud storage, your data is encrypted locally when you use it.


To add an extra layer of protection, you can activate two-factor authentication for your account.

To do so, you have to log into your RoboForm account, access the security section, and review the settings.

The two-factor takes the form of a timed pin.

You can create it with several apps, such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.

Emergency Access

Emergency access allows someone to log into your account in case you can’t access it.

You can authorize multiple people.

Free users can’t grant emergency access, but they can receive the credentials to another user’s account.

RoboForm Desktop App

Undoubtedly, the desktop version of RoboForm is the best one.

RoboForm for Windows 10

The Windows app works well.

We had no problems when testing it.

In fact, we found it preferable to the web-based app and standalone browser extension.

RoboForm for Mac

You can choose to download the macOS app in either the .DMG or .PKG format.

Its performance is on par with the Windows app.

However, we did note that many users had some problems when using it with the Firefox extension.

RoboForm for Ubuntu/Linux

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated desktop app for Linux platforms.

Instead, users can download the standalone browser extensions for Chrome or Firefox along with the web app.

RoboForm on Mobile Devices

RoboForm is available for Android and iOS.

RoboForm for Android

The Android app holds a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store.

It offers the same features as the desktop app.

That said, the application login is only supported for certain apps.

More obscure platforms may not work.

RoboForm for iOS

The iOS app for RoboForm holds a 4.7-star rating on the App Store. It works quite well.

It even neatly integrates with Apple watches.

This allows you to access your passwords, secure notes, and identity info forms.

RoboForm on Browsers

RoboForm is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. All extensions work well enough to cover basic functions.

One of their main disadvantages is the inability to store data offline.

What’s more, while we were testing RoboForm for browsers, we noticed that the extensions can be slow. The inputs sometimes took a few seconds to register.

What We Disliked

For the most part, RoboForm works great. We did, however, notice a few downsides.

No Dark Web Monitoring

While RoboForm reviews your passwords and indicates which ones are weak or reused, it doesn’t check if they have been compromised.

Most other password managers offer dark web monitoring, so it’s strange that RoboForm lacks it.

That said, you can check this yourself with a tool like “Have I Been Pwned.”

Suboptimal Web-Based Experience

As we mentioned above, the web-based app is noticeably slow.

While the desktop app is better, certain users might be forced to use the web-based app depending on their platform.

Added to this is the fact that auto-filling through the standalone browser extension can be quite finicky.

RoboForm Pricing Plans

The forever-free plan allows you to store unlimited logins, provides autofill, sends logins securely, and monitors the strength of your passwords.

It costs $53.70 for three years or $89.50 for five years. On top of the goodies the free plan offers, you get device synchronization, web access, cloud backup, 2FA, folder sharing, and more.

RoboForm Famil

Should you purchase it for three years, the fee would be $107.40 and $179.00 for five full years of complete online security for you and your family. This package is the same as Everywhere, except it is for up to five users. You’re essentially getting five Everywhere plans for the price of two.

RoboForm Business
$39.95/user/month for one year

The price scales down to $33.95/user/month for three years and $29.95/user/monht for five years. Additional discounts are applied if you order more than 10 licenses. It offers the same features as Everywhere, plus a central management system for business admins.


You can contact the support team via the ticket system.

RoboForm Everywhere users get priority support, meaning reps review their requests first. Paying users can also access the live chat Monday to Friday during EST business hours.

Our experience with RoboForm support was excellent.

The agents answered our queries quickly and in-depth. We submitted a ticket and received a reply in just four minutes!

RoboForm User Reviews

To get an idea of how others find the password manager, we checked some user review sites online. RoboForm has a 4.6-star rating on both G2 and Capterra.

Users praise how easy it is to save and manage passwords with the service.

The complaints align with ours in part. Some customers also experienced issues with the autofill feature. Others complained about the lack of monthly billing options.

We found one full RoboForm review on Reddit and several comments and questions in the dedicated subreddit.

Overall, people are satisfied with the service. Still, there is the occasional complaint.

For instance, one user claims that they had some problems when configuring the desktop app.

But these are isolated cases that don’t change the overall positive impression of the service.

Is RoboForm Worth It?

RoboForm is a sturdy password manager.

It offers you everything you need to create, use, and store your login credentials securely.

The only missing feature that would make it a truly complete password manager is dark web monitoring.

Its family plan and collaboration possibilities make it ideal for families and businesses alike.

RoboForm Alternatives

If you’re unsure about RoboForm, consider these alternative password managers.

RoboForm vs Dashlane

Dashlane is more advanced and complex, which could intimidate newer users.

Its web-first approach makes its standalone browser extension better than RoboForm’s.

That said, RoboForm is the slightly cheaper option if you pay for a year-long plan and can easily protect several people at once.

RoboForm vs 1Password

RoboForm is simpler and slightly cheaper to use than 1Password.

The latter, however, has a major draw.

1Password’s business plans are more extensive than RoboForm’s.

If you’re shopping for a business solution, 1Password is a safer bet.

But if you’re looking for an individual program, RoboForm is the better option for a long-haul subscription.

Final Verdict

We hope our RoboForm review for 2022 answered any questions you had about the service.

RoboForm is an excellent password manager.

We recommend it if you want to keep your data on local hardware rather than the cloud.

Although a yearly subscription is a commitment, it’s what allows it to come at a low monthly cost.

Better yet, students and military personnel get special discounts.

Can RoboForm be hacked?

While no online service is immune to hacking, RoboForm’s AES-256 encryption makes it safe. Even if someone were to hack it, all your data would still be secure and useless to the hackers.

Is RoboForm really free?

Yes, RoboForm has a completely free plan. It doesn’t have the range of features available on the paid plans, though.

Is RoboForm secure?

RoboForm is very secure. For starters, your account is protected by a master password only you (and your emergency contact) know.

Plus, you can enable two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.

How much does RoboForm cost?

RoboForm offers only yearly plans. The individual plans work out to roughly $1.99 per month.

For the full price list, please see the pricing section in our RoboForm review above.

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