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Versatility, cross-platform presence, ease of use, great features, affordable price—no wonder so many users praise SendPulse in their reviews. We tested the software thoroughly to see if it really is that good, and we weren’t disappointed. See what we found below in the review.
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Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to have a business without an online presence. But simply having a website won’t cut it. You have to approach your customers and potential leads actively, and that can be hard to manage. You need email automation—not just any solution but the best autoresponder software in 2022.

Enter SendPulse with its unprecedented versatility. It offers not just email automation but also SMS marketing capability and Facebook and Telegram chatbots. That’s a promising start, right? Let’s see if it holds up after a deeper look into its functionality.

Read our detailed SendPulse review below to find out everything about this solution.

What Is SendPulse?

SendPulse is an all-in-one marketing tool, offering several communication channels, including email, SMS, social media chatbots, and web push notifications. It’s also extremely easy to use, so it’s suitable for businesses of all sizes.

SendPulse Best Features

SendPulse offers a great variety of features, including a landing page builder. Since we can’t cover them all, in this part of the SendPulse review, we focus on the ones essential for your email marketing campaigns.

Ease of Use

This email autoresponder is not only easy to use but to set up as well. It only takes minutes to get started and learn the basics. Still, there are more than enough features for advanced users to explore. On top of that, the user interface is sleek, and the visual workflow feature is the icing on the cake.

Visual Workflow

While creating automated SendPulse campaigns, you can track your emails through the visual workflow panel. From there, you can also set automated workflows and workflow triggers.

Instead of simply sending random promotional emails, the SendPulse automation tool lets you initiate communication in response to specific actions. For instance, when someone signs up to your newsletter for the first time or when they reactivate their subscription.


This autoresponder software relies on tags to organize your contacts. You can assign a label to a single person, a group of people, or your whole mailing list.

Then, segment the contacts based on the tags. You can also edit the labels or delete them from a single contact or the entire list at any time.

Email Segmentation

You can use the SendPulse email segmentation tools to build trust with your audience and keep the customer retention rate high. But their main function is to increase the efficiency of your marketing campaign by sending better-targeted emails.

The best is that the software can manage the segmentation criteria by itself. For example, when someone inputs their gender and country of residence, SendPulse automatically adds them to the respective email campaign.

Delivery Rate

This automated responder makes sure that all your customers receive their emails. According to the company website, the SendPulse deliverability is 95%. The rate is calculated by subtracting the number of “bounces” from the total amount of emails sent, then dividing the result by the number of emails sent.

The SendPulse autoresponder divides said bounces into hard and soft. Hard bounces occur when an email address is invalid or nonexistent. Soft ones, on the other hand, are a result of full inboxes, server outages, or emails that are just too big.


SendPulse integrates with a variety of apps. Some of the most notable ones include Zapier, Shopify, PayPal, and Slack. In this SendPulse review, though, we focus on the three most important ones.

First, you can connect the SendPulse CRM with the email autoresponder. This way, you can automate your customer relation management process and generate leads without looking for thief-party solutions.

Second, SendPulse integrates with WordPress. You can use the WordPress autoresponder plugin for more efficient mail list building. If you have a subscription form on your website, the software will automatically add every subscriber to your mailing list.

Last but not least, the SendPulse Zapier integration provides you access to numerous other apps.


SendPulse offers excellent templates, which you can use for free even if you’re not a SendPulse client. There are over 100 of them, divided into different categories.

You can edit the pre-made templates or create your own from scratch. The automatic email response provides several ways to do that. You can use the drag-and-drop editor, the HTML builder, or import a template via a web link or ready-to-use HTML code. Just keep in mind the last two options require coding experience.

All this sounds good, but there’s one huge BUT. We encountered several complaints regarding the templates in SendPulse reviews, and we agree with them. Some users find the builders hard to use; others have problems downloading the templates. That hardly casts a gloom over the entire experience but is something to consider.

Email Automation

Email automation is at the core of the SendPulse email marketing toolkit. It makes continuous advertising and lead generation simpler and less time-consuming.

Better yet, it’s very easy to manage. You can set triggers, schedule emails, and initiate communication in response to certain events in a few clicks.

There are several types of SendPulse email events: registration, purchase, abandoned cart, feedback, confirmation, and re-engagement. You can also create custom events to tailor the campaign to your business.

Best of all, these options are available not only for email, but also for SMS and web push notifications.

Split Testing

This feature lets you create up to three different versions of your email and test them with a subset of your customer base. You can alter the sender name, the email subject, or the contents.

The percentage of subscribers that will receive each version and the duration of the testing period are also up to you. You choose the settings, SendPulse reviews the results.

Once that’s done, you get a detailed report about the performance of all versions. You can decide which one to use with the rest of your customers based on, say, the open rate.


This autoresponder offers advanced analytics. The following SendPulse pro tools can help you understand user behavior and improve your CRO:

  • Click map with the total number of unique clicks
  • PDF and XLS reports of your email marketing campaign statistics
  • Mailing list analytics
  • Error statistics
  • Number of emails open by country
  • Browser and device statistics

What We Disliked

The SendPulse app is one of, if not the best free autoresponder of 2020. However, it’s not without its flaws.

  • Drag-and-drop builder could be better—it doesn’t let you edit images in any way.
  • Long support response times—our response was delayed, although SendPlus support is 24/7.
  • Occasional issues with templates—although they’re free to use, some customers struggled to create and download them.

Plans & Pricing

The software’s affordability is a common point of praise in SendPulse reviews, and for a good reason. It’s a pretty cheap autoresponder, and it has a free version suitable for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Every service (web push, SMS, landing page builder, etc.) comes with different pricing. Here, we discuss only the email marketing plans, listing the lowest monthly price for each package. Note that you can get a 20% or 10% SendPulse discount if you opt for the yearly or 6-months plan, respectively.

With this plan, you get the core functionality but are limited to 500 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month. However, you won’t have access to the segmentation and A/B testing features. Plus, you can only use up to three addresses and one domain.

Standard plan

This package includes A/B testing, up to five addresses, three domains, and three landing pages. What’s more, you can invite up to three users to your account.

Pro plan

This subscription includes ten users and up to 20 addresses, five domains, and ten landing pages. It also enables unlimited tags and segmentation.

Enterprise plan

With this package, you can invite an unlimited number of users. In addition, it includes unlimited addresses, landing pages, and automation.

The costs listed above are for 1-500 subscribers. However, for a higher price, you can include up to five million contacts on your mailing list.

SendPulse Support

SendPulse has one of the best email software knowledge bases. You can learn how to use SendPulse and perform actions like sending follow-up emails from the comprehensive guides and video tutorials. It also offers some of the best autoresponder email examples and a glossary with definitions of basic email marketing terms.

That said, the SendPulse customer service is disappointing, to say the least. Although it supposedly provides 24/7 live chat support in six different languages, our response arrived with a huge delay. That came as a surprise, considering the number of users satisfied with the support team.

SendPulse User Reviews

Most user reviews for this autoresponse emails software are highly positive. Customers love SendPulse because of its ease of use and reliability.

As we mentioned above in this 2022 SendPulse review, people often praise the support team. They claim that agents are polite and very quick to reply. But most of all, they appreciate the free version and the fact that it’s actually enough for startups.

Although there isn’t a full-blown SendPulse review on Reddit, we did find a few laconic comments. While we can’t say it’s the best autoresponder according to Reddit users, most people are satisfied with the software.

The most commonly mentioned downside we came across is the hard-to-use API. Even that isn’t a huge problem—it does require a lot of work, but everything else works just fine. There are also a few complaints about the templates, which we discussed above in the review.

Is SendPulse Worth It?

Yes, this autoresponder is most definitely worth it.

What’s not to like about it? It’s quite easy to use, with a sleek user interface and versatile communication and automation options.

The only aspects that could use some work are the API, customer support, and template builder.

However, complaints about them are sporadic at most, with the vast majority of users extremely happy with the service.

SendPulse Alternatives

In case you’re not sure whether SendPulse is the right choice for you, see how it performs compared to other autoresponders.

SendPulse vs GetResponse

The GetResponse autoresponder has the edge feature-wise. It can help you create a webinar or even a sales funnel. Coupled with good analytics, automation tools, and autofunnel, it gives SendPulse a run for its money.

GetResponse is more expensive but has superior split testing capabilities. That said, if you can afford it, we recommend you to at least give it a try.

SendPulse vs MailChimp

Although expensive, MailChimp is a good choice for owners of larger businesses. It’s good at everything and offers a variety of creative tools and audience management features.

SendPulse, on the other hand, is much cheaper. Plus, it provides better automation tools, which are key for email marketing.

SendPulse vs AWeber

This is a close one. While AWeber has more responsive templates and an AMP tool, it’s noticeably more expensive than SendPulse. Besides, it lacks its versatility.

Its email marketing tools might be slightly better too, but that comes at a price. Literally, price. It’s up to you to decide whether you’d sacrifice affordability for the few extras AWeber offers.

Our final Verdict

After testing every aspect of software for this SendPulse review, we can confidently say it’s one of the best autoresponders on the market.

It’s also one of the most versatile solutions, with multiple communication channels and automation options.

Best of all, you can use a great part of its features for free.

What is SendPulse used for?

You can use SendPulse to generate and automate your email campaigns. It can help you increase your customer base and improve your customer relations.

How much does SendPulse cost?

SendPulse has a free version. Its paid plans start from as little as $6.40/month and can go up to $11,760/month. It all depends on the number of subscribers you expect. You can find more information in the pricing section of the review.

Is SendPulse better than AWeber?

SendPulse is more versatile, but they are very similar when it comes to their email marketing capabilities. However, SendPulse has the advantage of being cheaper.

Is SendPulse the best?

This largely depends on your personal preference. That said, SendPulse comes close to being the best email autoresponder. Check out the rest of this SendPulse review to see where it excels and falls short.

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