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Safe Shepherd is a leader in data security, and it provides automated online privacy protection and internet scrubbing on a flexible subscription basis. It has premium features like a privacy dashboard and instant alerts to address consumer privacy concerns quickly and efficiently.
7-day free trial
Sites covered:
Time to remove:
30-60 days
First report:
30 days
Follow-up reporting:
Automatic web monitoring:
Key features:
Instant alerts, ease of use, automated tracking, detailed privacy handbook, complete opt-out guides
Starts at: $7.08/month
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Best for:
  • Automated tracking
  • Unlimited monitoring
  • Complete opt-out guides
  • Detailed privacy handbook
  • Difficult to cancel
  • Website lacks information
  • Hard to reach customer support

The data brokerage industry generates over $200 billion a year and is forecasted to maintain a trajectory of growth year over year. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. We sign up for so many sites and services, that our personal data is all over the web.

Data brokers collect your info and sell it to other companies for marketing and advertising purposes. That’s why we’re constantly inundated with cold calls and text messages for things we seemingly don’t need.

Luckily, there are data security companies here to help you. And if you’re looking for a recommendation, customer reviews say Safe Shepherd is one of the best ones for the job.

Check out our analysis to see why Safe Shepherd is one of the leading companies that delete you from the internet (and why you need it).

What Is Safe Shepherd?

It’s an internet privacy service that helps remove online records that may violate a user’s privacy on the web.

Unlike some of its competitors, Safe Shepherd uses an algorithm to scrub your personal information from data broker and people finder sites, as well as other web pages that put you at risk by displaying sensitive data.

Safe Shepherd Ease of Use

Safe Shepherd’s automated process makes it incredibly easy to use. The algorithm locates your details, fills in what forms it can, and makes the data removal request to the site where your info was found.

Once you have Safe Shepherd all setup, the dashboard on the Safe Shepherd website will be your central point of contact. Although you will also have access to a privacy expert, whom you can consult at any time.

How Safe Shepherd Works

Safe Shepherd constantly scans the internet (including private databases) to look for your personal info and confidential data. When Safe Shepherd finds a site publicizing your information, the service automatically submits an opt-out request on your behalf. Be it digital or through old-school snail mail, whatever’s needed.

Safe Shepherd sends you instant, real-time alerts via email whenever your info is found and it also gives you an overall safety score, so you know how exposed you are.

You can use the website’s dashboard to review Safe Shepherd’s progress and request reports.

If a website doesn’t allow Safe Shepherd to remove your data, your subscription comes with a Privacy Handbook, which has instructions on how to remove personal information from the internet and public data sources.

What Information Does Safe Shepherd Remove?

Like most personal information remover services, Safe Shepherd deletes all private information that can be found online—each of Safe Shepherd's plans has different site coverage, though, so unless you get the Executive subscription, there’s a chance your information will still be out there.

Private information includes (but is not limited to) full names, residential and email addresses, phone numbers, social security number, age, gender, income, occupation, financial assets, purchase history, web browsing history, and even your credit card information.

What Sites Does Safe Shepherd Cover?

The company isn’t exactly forthcoming with the list of specific websites they cover but, according to their website, Safe Shepherd now covers anywhere from 50 to an unlimited number of websites.

The list includes well-known people search sites like BeenVerified, InfoTracer, InstantCheckmate, Intelius, Spokeo, TruthFinder, and Verispy.

In addition, the Safe Shepherd Privacy Handbook gives you opt-out information. Sites like Yellowpages, Whitepages, Voter Records, United States Phonebook, and State Records are covered.

What We Disliked

  • Poor customer support, which is the source of many complaints in Safe Shepherd reviews—it even earned the company an F rating on BBB.
  • The website doesn’t have sufficient information available, for example, it doesn’t specify which sites they cover or list their contact information.
  • Subscriptions renew automatically, which means that they keep on billing you unless you cancel manually (and it’s not that easy to cancel).
  • Phone consultations have an extra cost—$24.95 per consultation.

Safe Shepherd Pricing & Plans

Safe Shepherd has four tiers of protection. You can choose the plan and subscription period (a month, a year, or two years) that fits you best. No matter which you choose, you can pay the fee in monthly installments.

All price plans include premium features like the Privacy Dashboard, Constant Protection, Instant Alerts, Automatic Removals, and access to the Privacy Handbook.

$13.95/month, $99.95/year, $169.95/biennially

It monitors 50 data collection sites for information limited to one alias, two emails, two phone numbers, and two addresses. It includes privacy support between 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday to Friday.

$29.95/month, $199.95/year, or $396.95/biennially

This is the most popular plan. It monitors 75 sites and deletes up to two aliases, three emails, three phone numbers, and three addresses. It has the same level of privacy support as the premium plan and a similar discount scheme.

$99.95/month, $599.95/year, or $960.95/biennially

It monitors 99 sites and removes three aliases, five emails, five phone numbers, and five addresses. This plan includes Safe Shepherd support all around the clock, Monday to Friday.

$199.95/month, $1,199.95/year, or $1,920.95/biennially

This is the ultimate Safe Shepherd plan. It monitors unlimited sites, unlimited aliases, unlimited emails, unlimited phone numbers, and unlimited addresses. Plus, it gives you 24/7 executive privacy support.

Do the prices seem a bit overwhelming?

Don’t worry—Safe Shepherd offers a seven-day free trial, so you can test it out before committing long-term, and coupons, which you can exchange to get discounts.

Safe Shepherd Support

You can find all the customer support information on the website’s dashboard. Safe Shepherd subscriptions grant you access to privacy experts and free email support. However, you’ll have to pay an additional $24.95 per phone consultation.

Safe Shepherd also provides you with self-help options and DIY guides on how to get your info off the internet manually.

Safe Shepherd User Reviews gave it three (out of five) stars, stating that Safe Shepherd is an affordable and accessible way to address information exposure.

Safe Shepherd, unfortunately, has an F rating on the Better Business Bureau with 13 complaints closed during the last 12 months. Most of these were about how difficult it is to cancel their subscriptions.

In fact, one user wrote a Safe Shepherd review questioning the validity and legitimacy of the company, given the amount of BBB complaints and the fact that their social media profiles haven’t been updated since 2017.

Is Safe Shepherd Worth It?

Safe Shepherd is an inexpensive and convenient internet scrubbing service with automated tracking and notifications that make internet safety more accessible. 

Its cancelation procedure is not ideal, that’s true. An overwhelming majority of the negative Safe Shepherd reviews we read were about customers not being able to get in touch with the company to cancel their subscriptions.

But the rest of Safe Shepherd’s processes and services seem to be quite satisfactory. The actual data-deletion time depends on each site’s opt-out policy. However, Safe Shepherd’s approach certainly makes the process efficient and, more importantly, easy for you to track.

All that, along with the affordable plans, make Safe Shepherd well worth it.

Safe Shepherd Alternatives

In case you wanted to measure Safe Shepherd against other internet privacy services in the market, we at Web Tribunal made a couple of comparison analyses for you to read:

Safe Shepherd vs DeleteMe

The biggest difference between the two is that DeleteMe has a manual approach to data removal, which means they have a dedicated team of employees who submit removal requests for you. Safe Shepherd does all this through an algorithm. It searches and displays all the websites that have your data and automatically follows the designated opt-out process.

Safe Shepherd subscription plans are all individual and a bit pricier in comparison. DeleteMe, on the other hand, has a family plan. It also doesn't no restrict the number of aliases you can submit for online removal.

Safe Shepherd vs PrivacyPros

PrivacyPros is a great alternative to SafeShepherd.

Although it may seem like PrivacyPros is the more expensive option out of the two, it has a truly extended coverage. The PrivacyPros plan costs $999/year and removes info from over 164 sites.

The Safe Shepherd equivalent (based on site coverage) costs $599.95/year.

Just like DeleteMe, PrivacyPros has a team of experts who manually perform the opt-out procedures and Google dead link removals. They don’t store or display your info anywhere—not even on a dashboard.

However, Safe Shepherd’s plans are more flexible, so you’re more likely to find an option that balances both your budget and your needs with them than with PrivacyPros. Plus, Safe Shepherd’s Executive plan is debatably superior with its unlimited site coverage.

Final Verdict

Safe Shepherd’s subscription plans are quite affordable, the interface is user-friendly, and they can cover an unlimited amount of websites.

Safe Shepherd’s system automatically scours various sites and databases for your private information, then notifies you once it finds something. Following this it starts the appropriate opt-out protocol, allowing you to keep track of the progress in real-time.

So, the conclusion of our Safe Shepherd review is that it’s a pretty good service that can help you cover your internet privacy needs for a good price.

Plus, if Safe Shepherd can’t remove your data, they have free DIY guides in the Privacy Handbook to help you.

How much does Safe Shepherd cost?

Safe Shepherd offers four subscription plans (Premium, Pro, VIP, and Executive) and three possible subscription lengths (one month, one year, or two years). Safe Shepherd’s cost varies depending on the combination you choose.

For example, the Premium subscription is $13.95/month, $99.95/year, or $169.95/biennially.

How long does it take for Safe Shepherd to work?

It can take anywhere between 30 days and two months for Safe Shepherd to successfully remove your data online, as it depends on each site’s opt-out policies.

Is Safe Shepherd legit?

Although some Safe Shepherd reviews have questioned the company’s validity based on its lack of social media activity, Safe Shepherd has been helping people protect their privacy and remove unauthorized information since it was founded in 2011.

The company has even been featured in Fobes, Times, Business Insider, and CNBC.

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