Pixpa Review—How Efficient Is Pixpa For Building Product Portfolios in 2022?

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Pixpa is the best website builder for creatives in terms of ease of use and functionality. With affordable rates, frequent discounts, positive customer feedback, and an SEO-oriented approach, it’s not to miss. To learn more about it, read our extensive Pixpa review below.
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If you’re a photographer or a designer, you probably won’t find many specialized tools to help you create a business out of your portfolio.

This is where Pixpa comes into play.

With an intuitive website builder and ecommerce functionality for visual content creators, Pixpa stands out from other solutions.

For this Pixpa review, we put to the test every aspect of the service.

Read on for the full list of pros and cons of Pixpa and see if it meets your needs.

What Is Pixpa?

The Pixpa website builder is not for everyone.

It specializes in the presentation of product portfolios of content creators. So, the Pixpa templates and functionalities won’t be suitable for, say, retail.

That said, Pixpa is the perfect solution for photographers, visual artists, and graphic designers.

Although it’s a relatively simple website builder, it provides tons of different features. This includes sales management, payment processing, and branding tools.

How easy is it to use them?

Pixpa Ease of Use

Pixpa is one of the best DIY website builder tools when it comes to ease of use.

It employs a drag-and-drop method, so you can upload and publish your content seamlessly. The editor also allows you to customize your pages, sections, and galleries in a couple of minutes.

The Pixpa interface is very user-friendly and functional. You can manage even the more advanced operations from the frontend. Still, if you need to do some fine-tuning, you can use the custom CSS to access Pixpa’s HTML.

You can add new elements, such as field texts, headers, buttons, social media handles, and footers, to your pages.

What’s more, you can change the fonts, colors, sizes, and alignments on photos and blog posts.

You will find all these settings in the editor’s menu. From it, you get access to the main dashboard, Pixpa website design options, online store functions, and much more.

Most operations are intuitive and time-efficient. That said, we also experienced some loading delays, unnecessary tab openings, and overlapped features during our testing.

Pixpa Templates

Templates are at the core of every website editor, and Pixpa makes no exception to this rule.

There are around 100 different Pixpa themes you can choose from. They are all mobile responsive and optimized for visual content.

Many end-users praise the modern and sleek design of the templates in their Pixpa reviews.

You can pick from many different layouts for your portfolio—grid or list view, fixed or dynamic, etc. The variety of background pictures and page styles Pixpa provides is also impressive.

After you choose a design from the Pixpa theme library, you can arrange the items and web sections on your site as you wish.

Although most templates come with pre-uploaded pictures and default settings, these serve as an example. You can adjust, edit, or delete elements.

Pixpa Best Features

Now that you are familiar with the basics, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of the platform’s features.

Drag-and-Drop Functionalities

As we mentioned, Pixpa allows for both interface manipulation and CSS editing. But if you’re just starting out, you won’t need the latter.

If you encounter any issues, you can access Pixpa’s Help Center directly from the editor. The detailed guidelines will walk you through every step of the process.

Pixpa is WYSIWYGwhat you see is what you get. For the most part, you can grasp how the tools work in less than an hour.

Pixpa gets a lot of praise for its easy to use interface reviews by web designers we examined.

Streamlined Website Builder

Pixpa takes the guesswork out of website building.

The pages and sections have a simple and intuitive structure

Further, you can change the order of the pages in the navigation bar.

Pixpa provides several default sections. The main ones are the Home page and the Work folder containing your photo or video portfolio.

It also includes galleries, About Us and Contact Us pages, and a Blog section. Lastly, you have a link to your Pixpa ecommerce store.

You can make adjustments to each of these sections.

Once you update your content, you can save and publish it in seconds. On top of that, you can recover deleted items or delete your entire website content.

SEO & Marketing Tools

Pixpa is one of the best cheap website builder solutions largely thanks to some unique functionalities.

For instance, it offers marketing-oriented features and SEO tools. With them, you can increase your conversion rates and rank higher on Google.

Optimize your content by creating SEO titles, adding brief page descriptions, and attaching tags.

Further, you can post your photos or videos on social media using Pixpa. Enable the function, and the posts will automatically appear on your site.

The Gallery Apps (which we discuss in more detail below) also have marketing capabilities. Namely, you can add your brand name and contact information as watermarks.

Last but not least, Pixpa puts at your disposal pop-ups, social links, and an announcement bar.

Store Pages, Orders, and Payments

The Store option allows you to link your landing pages to your product pages.

This way, interested visitors can reach the store and choose between your products more easily.

You can attach price tags to goods, list their specifications, and launch special deals with Pixpa.

Next, set up shipping rules, taxes, and your preferred payment processors. The options include PayPal, Stripe, and offline payments.

Best of all, you can add various ecommerce galleries to increase conversion and streamline the sales process.

Client Galleries

Pixpa’s client proofing tool is a unique feature, particularly useful for photographers.

It allows you to share image galleries with your customers.

Then, the clients can give you feedback and suggest changes to their photos.

Through this collaborative and transparent process, you can agree on the final version more easily.

Finally, negotiate the price of the items they select.

This is yet another unique feature of Pixpa.

It offers the same capabilities as ”Client Galleries,” but mobile-friendly.

Basically, you can create a personalized Pixpa app for every client to review their photoshoot.

Then, you send them a link via email through which they can download the app.

That way, your customers can look through the photos in their own time, share them with friends and family, and give you feedback.

Website Analytics

Pixpa offers valuable analytics and conversion tracking tools.

You can find most of them in the Contact section of the editor.

For example, you can monitor the number of orders, completed forms, abandoned carts, and more.

Thanks to the Pixpa integrations with Google Analytics and Statcounter, you can also enjoy advanced reporting on conversion rates and visitor engagement.

Speaking of integrations…


Pixpa connects with several third-party apps with different functions, such as:

  • Instagram and Facebook—For uploading your feed to Pixpa
  • Stripe, PayPal, and PayUmoney—For payment processing
  • Blog RSS feed—For blog posts
  • MailChimp and MailerLite—For email marketing

Excellent Customer Feedback

Unlike many other website builders, Pixpa has a solid reputation.

During our research, we came across numerous Pixpa reviews.

End-users praise the service’s ease of use, neat interface, affordable rates, and a large range of features.

What’s more, Pixpa ratings on third-party review platforms are extremely high. It boasts hundreds of positive user opinions and 4.7/5 to 10/10 ratings on sites like Capterra, G2, TrustPilot, or GetApp.

What We Disliked

Like any other service, Pixpa has a few shortcomings. We list the main areas for improvement below:

  • Limited free trial—There are certain features that are not available with the Pixpa 15-day free trial. The most disappointing one is that you can’t publish your content.
  • Slower loading times—This is the issue that hurts Pixpa’s popularity the most. It’s particularly bad if you have multiple tabs open on your browser.
  • Not the fastest customer support—Pixpa offers a live chat option and a contact form. On both, the reps can be slow with their responses at times.

Plans & Pricing

In this section of our 2022 Pixpa review, we focus on the platform’s subscription options.

First things first, you can get the 15-day day free trial without providing any credit card information.

That way, you can play around with Pixpa tools before purchasing the service.

Just keep in mind that some of the features won’t be available. The biggest drawback is that you can’t publish your site during the trial period.

If you want to scale your business, you’ll need a paid plan.

You can choose between the following options:


It includes most features of the Pixpa website builder, except the free custom domain name. Plus, you only get to create up to five menu items (e.g., published pages and galleries) and 100 gallery images. Besides, you can set up just a basic email list. Also, none of the blogging and online store features are available, you can’t set up client and mobile galleries, and you won’t get any storage space. Still, you get over 50 third-party integrations, and you pay next to nothing.


By upgrading, you receive up to 15 menu items, 300 gallery images, and a free custom domain. You also get more website extensions, such as cookie information bars, 301 redirects, and files. Pixpa also includes client proofing tools and 3GB of storage space. Last but not least, with this plan, you can publish unlimited blogs and sell up to five products.


You get unlimited menu items and gallery images, basic marketing pop-ups, and advanced mailing lists. The extra website extensions include announcement and mobile information bars, among other things. What’s more, you can request help with the website setup from a Pixpa expert. With this package, you can sell up to 50 products, create 25 mobile gallery apps, and enjoy 25GB of storage. According to the website, this is the most popular Pixpa bundle.


With the Business plan, Pixpa customers get advanced marketing pop-ups, unlimited mobile gallery apps, and 100GB of storage. You can sell up to 1,000 products, set up advanced discount coupons, and create customer accounts.

Other Pixpa Deals

Pixpa offers promotions and discounts frequently. For example, you will get 50% off any plan if you’re a student or a teacher.

There are also standalone plans for client galleries.

Apart from the Pixpa student and teacher discount, various coupons and special offers are available on the website almost constantly.

Pixpa Support

It’s time to examine the quality of Pixpa’s customer service. For starters, you can reach the Pixpa support team via email or live chat.

To submit a ticket, go to the ”Contact Us” section and fill out the form. However, this is not the fastest way to get a reply from the agents.

We came across a few Pixpa reviews with complaints about the speed of the support team. But we suspect that those customers used the ticketing system.

To get an answer to your question quickly, you’re better off using the live chat option. It pops up in the bottom-right corner of the Pixpa editor.

We used this communication channel to test how fast and knowledgeable the reps are, and remained very satisfied. We received a thorough and friendly reply within 15 minutes. The agent even covered some potential follow-up questions.

If you don’t want to talk to a rep, you can explore the Pixpa knowledge base. It contains detailed guides about the use of features, customer stories, information for students and educators, and a list of integrations.

Alternatively, once you log in, you can access the Help Center directly from the Pixpa dashboard. There, you will find in-depth guides, extensive documentation, FAQs, and even video tutorials.

Is Pixpa Worth It?

Pixpa is a great addition to every visual creator’s toolbox.

Photographers, video editors, graphic designers, and even students and teachers can take advantage of it.

The Pixpa online portfolio platform covers everything needed to market and sell your work.

It has an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, professional-looking templates, an online store, convenient client proofing features, and much-appreciated SEO tools.

In addition, thanks to the Pixpa integration with Google Analytics, you’ll have an insight into conversion rates and other stats.

Best of all, it has highly affordable rates, especially with the Pixpa discount coupons.

Still, the platform has room for improvement. For example, it could offer better loading times and speed of customer service.

All in all, Pixpa is an excellent choice for photographers and visual creators. If you run another type of business, though, you’d be better off with one of the solutions on our list of top website builders.

In the next section of the Pixpa review, we compare the platform to some of them.

Pixpa Alternatives

Let’s see how Pixpa measures up against the industry giants.

Pixpa vs WiX

The main difference between these two solutions is that WiX is more flexible.

It can be useful for almost every industry and business purpose, while Pixpa is particularly designed for photographers and artists.

A key advantage of Pixpa is the frequent discounts.

This makes it a more affordable solution, especially for students and teachers.

Pixpa vs Squarespace

Again, Squarespace is a generalistic website builder.

It offers a 14-day money-back guarantee but charges payment processing fees.

The extra flexibility comes at a price.

Pixpa, on the other hand, is a niche provider. It receives a bit more positive customer feedback than Squarespace.

Plus, it extends its money-back guarantee to 30 days.

 Pixpa vs Weebly

Weebly has a notable advantage when it comes to pricing.

Its base plan is 100% free, albeit with limited features.

Pixpa fights back with a greater number of integrations and specialized toolset.

On the other hand, Weebly targets a larger audience, including large corporations and enterprises.

Pixpa vs WordPress

WordPress is widely regarded as the best and most popular CRM in the business.

Besides, unlike Pixpa, it provides a completely free plan.

However, real-time editing is more seamless with Pixpa.

Plus, somewhat surprisingly, Pixpa’s customer feedback seems to be more positive.

Final Verdict

To end this Pixpa review, we go over the pros and cons of the service one last time.

For starters, Pixpa is a niche solution.

It has great functionalities for people who want to promote and sell their visual content online.

But it’s not so great for other industries.

The platform has an extremely powerful and easy-to-use editor. It is super affordable, SEO-oriented, and user-friendly.

We came across some complaints about customer support and loading speeds. Still, its overall reputation is overwhelmingly positive.

All in all, this handy solution is great for presenting and selling your artwork in 2022.

Is Pixpa free?

No, Pixpa is not a free service. However, it offers a 15-day free trial. You can test its features before deciding whether to purchase it.

What is Pixpa good for?

Pixpa is an excellent tool for setting up and editing a photography website. You can display your work, enable client proofing, and sell your products—all of these by using its intuitive drag-and-drop techniques.

Is Pixpa good for blogging?

You can add a Blog section and unlimited articles on your site using Pixpa.

But if blogging is your primary business purpose, you might want to use a more generalistic solution, such as WordPress.

How good is Pixpa?

Pixpa can be extremely useful for starting visual creators who want to popularize their artwork.

To learn more about it, read our detailed Pixpa review above.

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