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Improve the efficiency and well-being of your team. nTask offers tremendously affordable solutions and even a comprehensive free plan. Better yet, it has a plethora of simple yet powerful features. Curious to see what it can do? Read our comprehensive nTask review below to find out.
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Android / iOS
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Free plan, meeting management, risk assessment, ease of use
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  • Very easy to use
  • Extremely affordable
  • Meeting management
  • Risk assessment & issue manager
  • Unclear privacy policy
  • Self-hosting only with Enterprise plan

In the world of project management tools, quality is often a luxury. Finding a project management solution that is both feature-rich and affordable is quite difficult.

This is why nTask is so invaluable. It specializes in a few key aspects of work management, does a decent job at providing extras, and is super low-cost!

Grabbed your attention already? Then keep reading our thorough nTask review to find out more about this tool.

What Is nTask?

nTask is business administration software that specializes in simple task management, issue tracking, and meeting planning. While a lot of programs have complicated interfaces and tons of different options, nTask sticks to the basics—and it does so gracefully.

Launched in 2015, nTask is one of the newest project management apps on the market. So, without the advantage of vast experience, what makes nTask a go-to solution for scheduling and planning activities?

As we found out, the nTask project management tool is a rare animal in the industry. It emphasizes some aspects of the work that are often overlooked or downplayed by other services.

Let’s take a closer look.

nTask Features

Are you wondering how you and your team can use nTask? Here are some examples of the most useful functions.

Task Management

Project management is the first functionality that every top-level manager would rush to explore in a service like nTask. But project governance is more about the organization of individual tasks than anything else.

Luckily, this is where nTask really shines. It enables you to seamlessly assign tasks and set due dates, change statuses, and monitor progress.

If you opt for a paid plan, more advanced nTask project solutions will kick in. We discuss them in more detail below.

Project Workforce Management

The software’s capabilities improve as you upgrade your plan.

nTask’s basic project management features are geared toward independent task management, while the more advanced options allow you to see the bigger picture.

For instance, you get access to the all-important Gantt charts. These charts display your tasks’ relation to one another and with the whole project. This way, you can manage business operations on a larger scale and have control over all resources, employees, and processes.

This is just one example of the functionality you get with higher-tier packages. For more examples, read the pricing section of the nTask review.


nTask can save you a lot of valuable time if used properly. The software is designed to improve your workflow and allow you to focus on the more creative aspects of your job.

How does it do that? For starters, it gathers all the important data about a task or a project in one convenient place. This creates a single source of information that all team members can access.

What’s more, you can use the nTask Gantt chart and Kanban view to set dependencies and recurring tasks. Best of all, you can do all this with the drag-and-drop option, which makes the process smoother.

Collaboration Tools

nTask is also great collaboration software. It makes sure everyone is on the same page by providing team chats and the option to comment on tasks.

Although you won’t find a native nTask chat app per se, there are several built-in features that allow you to foster communication within your organization. For example, nTask provides dedicated workspaces where you can discuss tasks and organize meetings.

Let’s learn more about the noteworthy ”Meetings” feature.

Meeting Management

The most notable aspect of the nTask’s meeting organizer is the option to link a task to a meeting. This can make your objectives more precise and focused and assist you in decision-making managing.

Many users mention in their nTask reviews how convenient it is to set up a meeting agenda or create recurring meetings. The software also lets you set a time and location to coordinate your team.

Further, nTask allows you to invite teammates to the meeting by sending them personalized emails. You can also jot down important discussion points and plan follow-up actions.

Issue Tracker

nTask has a unique approach toward issue management and bug tracking. It doesn’t just let you identify issues by inspecting the nTask timesheet or Gantt charts. It also lets you create a separate ”Issue Tab.”

There, you can add a short description of the issue and assign someone to take care of it. You can then track their progress until completion and change its status accordingly.

Plus, you can label the issue based on its level of priority. Finally, you can link it to certain tasks or projects in your workflow and even attach files.

Risk Assessment & Management

nTask project solutions cover risk assessment tools to help you with forecasting and problem-solving.

By inspecting the nTask risk matrix and graphs, you can take actions to mitigate potential losses or delays. Then, assign these mitigation plans to your most trusted employees and establish rigorous accountabilities.

Time Tracking & Management

nTask is also proficient in monitoring how much time your team spends on a given task.

The nTask time tracking tool informs you of your work speed and billable hours. Using these insights, managers can inspect timesheets and allocate resources accordingly. This helps improve cost control and budgeting while opening the door for performance analysis.

Best of all, you can access the time tracking tools from the web version, as well as the nTask mobile app, allowing you to perform operations on the go.


For the most part, nTask’s analysis and reports are based on the above-mentioned timesheet insights.

By assessing everyone’s work volume within a given period, you can make important decisions regarding workload, promotions, or payments. Although this is a cursory analysis, it can give you a general idea of individual and group performance.

Every employee has to submit these reports to their project managers. The submission of a nTask personal report takes no more than a couple of seconds and a few clicks. After that, the manager approves the timesheet, which is also a quick and seamless task.

What’s more, you can give your employees permission to withdraw their timesheets to rectify errors.

To keep up with the competition, the service promises to add extra reporting features to its current nTask plans. Hence, the nTask ”Business” plan includes ”Advanced Reporting,” but only with the ”coming soon” label.

All in all, nTask is a rather simple project management software solution in terms of reporting. It provides managers useful insights on how much and how fast their employees work. It also promises to develop and expand its reporting capabilities in the future.

For now, all you can do as a manager is gauge productivity and human factors from the timesheet insights.


In this section of our nTask review, we take a close look at the software’s integrations with other apps.

nTask doesn’t offer many native integrations. However, the apps that it does connect with are all extremely useful for managing workflows.

For example, nTask integrates with Slack to ensure a smoother communication process within your organization. Zoom is also a great addition to the pack, as it improves your collaborative project management efforts.

When it comes to scheduling, planning, and organizing activities, the Google and Apple Calendar integrations come in handy. Also, your documentation and file-sharing capabilities can be greatly improved through the nTask integration with Dropbox.

Further, you can enhance your team’s time management  by connecting with the tracking software Harvest. You can even integrate nTask with some of its competitors, like Jira and Asana. These two services focus on task management and Kanban-style visualization.

But the best of the nTask integrations is with Zapier—the app that gives you access to hundreds of additional integrations.

nTask Downsides

Although nTask does a great job at streamlining your work, it is far from being the perfect software. Below, we list its main shortcomings.

  • Unclear privacy policy—While nTask’s data security systems are more than solid (high-level encryption), the privacy part is a little questionable. nTask gathers a lot of information about you and might use some of it for marketing purposes. However, there is no reason to think that nTask sells your information to third-party solutions.
  • No self-hosted option with the basic plans—Several nTask software reviews include complaints about the lack of self-hosted options. Indeed, you can self-host nTask only by purchasing its highest-tier plan, which we discuss in the next section.
  • A bit limited in terms of large-scale project management—Long story short, nTask is very well-suited for small-scale project management. It isn’t as capable of handling large teams and complex projects involving many cross-references and inter-related tasks.

Plans & Pricing

nTask is among the cheapest solutions on the market.

Many users praise the affordability and high value-for-money in their nTask reviews. And this is exactly what the company sets out to provide.

To begin with, nTask provides a noteworthy 14-day free trial with every package. In two weeks, you can test every feature in the paid plans without providing your credit card information. Sounds like a great deal, right?

Let’s see what else nTask has to offer.

This nTask plan is extremely feature-rich—hence, often praised online. Designed for individuals and freelancers, it includes: 100MB of storage space A maximum of five users allowed Unlimited tasks & workspaces Meeting manager nTask timesheet Issue tracker

Premium Plan

This extremely affordable package is also the most popular choice among nTask’s users. Note that the same plan will cost you $4 per seat per month with monthly billing. On top of the previous features, nTask adds the following: 5GB storage Unlimited projects & Gantt charts Kanban board Bulk Actions—triggering multiple operations of the same kind Custom filters

Business Plan

The nTask pricing goes up to $12 per seat per month with monthly billing.  The package is suitable for larger teams and contains the following extras: 10GB storage The option to save custom filters Risk management tools Custom roles & permissions Custom status Kanban board templates—streamlining your workflow even more Advanced reports & integrations—coming soon

Enterprise Plan
Get a quote

This option can fit the needs of large enterprises. You can call support and negotiate the price and features based on your organizational goals. The package includes: Personalized onboarding plan for your employees Dedicated account manager The option to self-host nTask

nTask Support

You can find the company’s contact information on the Contact page of the nTask’s website. You can either choose an email address based on your issue (tech support, billing, etc.) or submit a ticket using a contact form.

Alternatively, you can check out nTask’s vast knowledge base. The service’s informative content is extremely comprehensive, offering thorough explanations and guides for every feature.

You can access the support team’s email and live chat even before you download the nTask desktop app or mobile version. Shortly after you visit the website, a small pop-up live chat window appears at the bottom-right of the screen.

According to multiple nTask reviews, the live chat is the fastest, most efficient way to get assistance. Users mention that email support can be a little slow, so it’s usually better to submit a ticket or chat with the reps directly.

We at Hosting Tribunal tested the quality of customer service by using the website’s contact form.  We asked if we could use the nTask mobile version on both Android and iOS. The answer was quick and, better yet, affirmative.

The rep we talked to was also very polite and personable. They took the time to ask if we needed any other information and were prompt with the response.

Ease of Use

nTask is known for providing a very user-friendly experience.

How does it accomplish that?

By having an extremely clutter-free interface and streamlined design. Furthermore, it organizes the tasks and issues in a very intuitive fashion.

It enables you to make profound changes in your workflow in a few clicks. What’s more, all data visualization styles and management tools are within easy reach.

Many nTask competitors boast numerous different features at the cost of navigation. Being a simpler solution, nTask doesn’t have this problem.

We can definitely say that the ease of navigation is one of nTask’s strongest suits. Not only the apps but the official website too. It is as straightforward, sleek, and pleasant-looking as it gets.

nTask User Reviews

Next up in our nTask 2022 review, we focus on the company’s reputation by checking specialized sites and Reddit threads. 

On Trustpilot, nTask enjoys a decent 4/5 rating. However, the number of reviews is not large enough to yield a relevant score. Only four users have expressed their opinions. Still, they are mostly positive.

For example, one satisfied user praises the low-cost services and excellent value-for-money nTask provides. Another customer highlights the simplicity and effectiveness of the risk assessment tool.

On G2, the rating is even higher—4.5/5 stars. Users on this platform are delighted by nTask’s high functionality and affordable rates. In contrast, some of them report long loading times for pages and waiting times for queries.

The nTask reviews we found on Capterra average a 4/5 rating. Still, opinions on this site are mainly positive. One of the users even describes nTask as a ”hidden jewel” for work management.

More praise appears in the nTask Reddit threads. This is somewhat surprising, considering the proverbial skepticism of the users of this platform. Still, in a nTask Reddit review we came across, the customer writes: ”the UI and functionality appears to be intuitive.” There are other comments of this kind.

The usual complaints aside, nTask’s online reputation is overall solid.

Is nTask Worth It?

For a low-cost solution that is also fairly new on the market, nTask is quite robust. 

It provides every traditional tool for virtual management, including Gantt charts and Kanban boards. What’s more, it implements them in a simple and headache-free manner while also leaving room for customization.

The nTask project management solutions are straightforward and powerful. The platform comes with unique specializations, such as issue administration, risk assessment, bulk actions, and meeting organizers.

However, nTask is a bit underwhelming in the reporting department. Plus, it lacks some advanced project coordination tools like workload management, resource allocation, invoicing, or project templates. It also has an iffy privacy policy, which can annoy some users.

Still, nTask is one of the very few work management platforms that are both affordable and comprehensive. It provides high-quality solutions while keeping things simple.

nTask Alternatives

If you have more complex organizational needs or you manage a large virtual team, you may want to look at other solutions.

Don’t worry—we did the legwork for you and compiled a list of the top project management software.

You can also take a look at our comparison of nTask with some of its more reputable competitors.

nTask vs Asana

These two services have similar specializations. Both are designed to handle ongoing tasks seamlessly and have a mobile app for Android and iOS.

However, Asana is much more expensive than its counterpart. Its paid plans start at $10.99/user/month. That said, it provides some extra features for this price, such as project templates.

nTask vs MeisterTask

One thing is for sure: both solutions focus on task management. (Who would have guessed?)

MeisterTask has a more granular approach, with an emphasis on creating subtasks and milestones. nTask fights back with the provision of tools suitable for budget management.

nTask vs Paymo

In this project management software comparison, nTask definitely has the edge in terms of affordability. But Paymo excels at invoicing and billing—two features that nTask completely lacks.

Nonetheless, nTask provides an issue manager and risk assessment tools, which are nowhere to be found in Paymo’s offering.

Final Verdict

As our nTask review comes to an end, we want to point out that this software is quite a rarity among project-scheduling tools. It handles your tasks and meetings with immaculate precision.

Plus, it’s extremely affordable and easy to use and even has a comprehensive free plan. It has a remarkable quality-price ratio.

It’s definitely worth trying, especially if you manage a smaller team and have high demands from your work management software.

How secure is nTask?

nTask keeps your data 100% safe and secure. However, it doesn’t guarantee complete privacy of information, as we mentioned above in the article.

Is nTask free?

nTask offers a 14-day free trial and a free plan, which includes a decent number of features. The paid plans are also extremely affordable, starting from $2.99/seat/month.

Is nTask legit?

Yes, nTask is a completely legitimate and reliable service. Launched in 2015, it already has a solid user base and decent reputation.

Is nTask any good?

Yes, nTask does a great job, covering all the essentials while also providing some unique extras. You can learn more about its features in our nTask review above.

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