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Whether you run a small business or a large company, ClickUp won’t disappoint you! You can now trim your budget and manage multifaceted team operations through an all-in-one solution like ClickUp. To find out more about this software, read our extensive ClickUp review below.
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  • Few native integrations
  • A somewhat steep learning curve

In the business world, time and data are the most important resources. ClickUp helps you optimize both, gathering everything you need to manage your organization in one place.

“Save people time by making the world more productive”—this is the mission statement of ClickUp.

Indeed, the company aims to increase employee productivity by at least 20%.

But how can this simple project management software do that?

We answer this question, among others, in this ClickUp review below.

What Is ClickUp

Established in 2016 in San Diego, California, ClickUp is one of the newest yet highly appreciated project management solutions in the industry.

The software is well-known for its excellent value-for-money services, high customization capabilities, and remarkable ease of use.

ClickUp attracts our attention with its affordable prices and nearly unmatched suitability for both small and large teams in virtually any industry.

After carefully researching the product and browsing through hundreds of ClickUp reviews, we noticed it strikes the optimal balance between simplicity and complexity for quality management of the work process.


“All the features, without all the mess!”—promises ClickUp.

To assess whether this is true or merely an empty claim, we decided to analyze and extract the essential characteristics of the ClickUp project management toolkit:

Project Management

To deliver top-notch analysis and monitoring tools, ClickUp uses Agile methodologies. It also puts Kanban boards and Gantt charts at your disposal so you can enjoy multiple dashboards and lists for data visualization and project planning.

Given this diversity of options, the ClickUp project administration tools are excellent for scheduling and monitoring tasks and tracking work progress.

Workflow Automation

Even with the ClickUp free plan, you can create intuitive and easy-to-manage dependencies and streamline the workflow.

The software also reduces the rote work and boring tasks through more efficient resource allocation, checklist templates, and checklists for recurring tasks.

Collaboration Tools

ClickUp offers great conditions for a secure and effective communication process within the organization. Its core services include file sharing and collaborative project management tools.

Some of those are proprietary ClickUp features and others—integrations with renowned communication management tools such as Slack, Zoom, and other similar apps.

They allow you to post comments, tag colleagues, and directly communicate with the people involved in specific projects and tasks. You can message your teammates via the ClickUp chat app, private, and general channels.

Issue Tracker

The software provides alerts, issue scheduling, auditing, and recurring issue management as native features. They will help you develop a more seamless business administration and error-free work process.

The ClickUp task management toolkit also includes bug tracking. This option is highly appreciated by Agile software development teams, known for their eagerness to customize features.

Time Tracker

ClickUp allows you to organize calendars, monitor time spent on certain tasks, and visualize your ClickUp timesheet in a comprehensive and headache-free manner.

You also get advanced cost control and budget management functions thanks to the software’s financial analysis features. With these, you can plan invoices and bill working hours.

It tracks non-billable work, calculates overtime, and takes care of vacations too. By creating a project timeline, you can also prioritize tasks.

The noteworthy integration with Google Calendar, often praised by end-users in ClickUp reviews, effortlessly syncs all your information.

Project Templates

With ClickUp, you can access tons of customizable templates for projects, tasks, and lists. You can tailor them to the industry you’re working in, whether that’s design, development, education, media, event planning, or marketing.

Worth mentioning for the development field are the “Epics” templates—they allow you to divide the work into even more differentiated subtasks.

The Hierarchy

The ClickUp app is based on a hierarchical structure.

The workflow is divided into several parts—Teams, Spaces, Projects, Lists, and Tasks. Each one corresponds to the respective levels of the organization, departments, sub-projects, milestones, and everyday to-do tasks.

Multi-Task Toolbar

With these interesting tools, you can juggle multiple tasks and statuses at once. Tracking & management have never been easier thanks to these useful ClickUp features.

Set assignees, tag employees, determine due dates and divide bigger tasks into subtasks by simply ticking the “Manage All” box.

Power User Tools

ClickUp developed clever solutions to save you valuable time for decision-making managing and other truly important business operations.

The platform comes with intuitive keyboard shortcuts for setting deadlines for tasks and assigning employees.


The ClickUp app offers some useful reporting tools even with its free version. But the more extensive analysis and reports come only with the acquisition of the Unlimited Package or other higher-tier plans.

For instance, using ClickUp’s free plan, you will only enjoy a Goal Setting tool with a limit of 100 goals. Advanced reporting, cloud storage, and the ClickUp Gantt chart function are available only for paying members.

However, the scope of ClickUp’s analytical and reporting features is relatively limited. Some users even mention this as a downside in their ClickUp software reviews online, emphasizing the need for improvement.

Some might even go as far as saying that ClickUp’s analyses are not thorough enough to yield proper risk assessment and management decisions when dealing with high-stakes matters.

Still, you can make use of the software’s monitoring and forecasting tools to assess work performance and spot consistent employees or those who delay their work and miss deadlines.


Compared to some of its most notable competitors, ClickUp supports relatively few native integrations.

Still, it connects with all the key apps that will help you enhance your virtual team management, store and share documents more effectively, and handle complex operations on the go.

A few examples of such ClickUp integrations include Dropbox, Google Calendar, Slack, Drive, YouTube, Outlook 365. There are other 50+ native integrations, but most of them are unavailable with the ClickUp free plan.

The company also allows external integrations through Zapier with CloudApp, Google Sheets, Salesforce, HubSpot, Shift, and Station, among others. These can help you streamline the workflow and develop optimal time management for your business.

To top it all, ClickUp promises to release one new integration every week.

ClickUp Downsides

No software solution is perfect and ClickUp is no exception. To show you what you’re in for, we compiled a list of its shortcomings based on our experience and user opinions from ClickUp reviews.

  • Even though we like the abundance, ClickUp might be a little overloaded with features. For this reason, the learning curve is steep. Smaller teams, in particular, may find some of the ClickUp features unnecessary.
  • The free version is underwhelming in some aspects. It provides a limited amount of storage and goal-setting options and lacks essential advanced tools. While that’s normal for a free trial, it is still a bit disappointing.
  • ClickUp provides few direct integrations. You can connect with other services through the third-party app Zapier. However, some users complain that this creates unnecessary complications.

Plans & Pricing

The ClickUp pricing policy is among the biggest advantages of the company. It’s an affordable choice for a wide range of businesses.

Let’s see what its plans include:

This version allows for unlimited projects and users, but only five spaces, 100 custom views, and 100MB storage. It also lacks many of the advanced features, such as the ClickUp time tracking and reporting features.


With this package, you will enjoy all the features included in the free plan, plus unlimited storage, cost management tools, and more advanced time tracking options.


This package is more focused on cybersecurity—it adds two-factor authentication and Google sign-in to the Unlimited plan’s offering.

Business Plus

This plan adds extra team features to the set of the previous one. It includes team sharing, custom role creation, and priority support.

Get a Quote

From all the ClickUp plans, this is the most suitable choice for large businesses and enterprises. It includes API access and HIPAA compliance for maximum data protection and privacy.


ClickUp support is available 24/7 and puts forward several communication channels. Customers can contact the team via email ([email protected]) or chat directly from the “Help Page” on the website.

You can get in touch with a ClickUp specialist that will assist and coach you during the onboarding process. Just keep in mind that this luxury service comes with an extra cost.

ClickUp provides Priority Support and a dedicated account manager only to Enterprise customers.

In terms of online resources, ClickUp offers an FAQ section and a forum space in its Learning Center.

It also has onboarding guides and a platform demo, which is highly praised in many ClickUp reviews.

You can also take advantage of the rich knowledge base by watching a ClickUp tutorial or participating in one of its on-site training sessions or webinars.

Ease of Use

ClickUp’s interface is fairly intuitive and user-friendly, but it has room for improvement when it comes to displaying essential information.

Some users complain about the empty spaces and panes in the ClickUp app, the font size being too small, or the text color—too faint.

Although this may sound like nitpicking, a platform that cares for its users’ high standards and demands should listen to the slightest criticism and act accordingly.

Still, has an elegant, modern, and easy-to-navigate layout. The program is available on PC with the ClickUp desktop app.

The mobile version works flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices.

ClickUp User Review

"Very prompt and on top of things. The constant new innovations and features are always wonderful surprises and very helpful," says one appreciative client on Capterra.

User opinions about ClickUp on Reddit are quite similar. "It's really nice, and the developers are killing it—new features every week!"—states another customer in a ClickUp review on Reddit.

ClickUp rocks a solid 4.7/5 rating on Capterra based on more than 1,200 ClickUp reviews. The average customer satisfaction rating on G2 is the same.

On TrustRadius, ClickUp enjoys 4.5/5 stars and over 5,000 flattering reviews—a true testament to the overwhelmingly positive impression the platform leaves.

Apart from the few complaints we mentioned above in our 2022 ClickUp review, the majority of user feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Is ClickUp Worth It?

Our experience with ClickUp was pleasant and seamless. The software will give you more bang for your buck than most other project management apps.

It impresses with affordable plans, well-rounded packages, high suitability for any kind of business or industry, a multitude of helpful features, and high customization power.

Despite the few shortcomings we mentioned above in this ClickUp review, the service is an easy-to-navigate, balanced, and reliable solution.

ClickUp Alternatives

We know how difficult it is to find the ideal solution—both for small-scale project management and more global inquiries.

To help you, we at Web Tribunal gathered information about other software solutions comparable to ClickUp.

ClickUp vs Asana

Asana is a little easier to use, but ClickUp employs some robust and noteworthy features that are not so prominent in the other solution.

Asana is the more renowned name, but that comes with an expensive price tag ($10.99/user/month for Premium and $24.99/user/month for the Business plan).

It doesn’t allow for defining recurring tasks, either.

ClickUp vs Monday

The biggest advantage of ClickUp in this project management software comparison is that it has more features and data visualization tools. It also has a free plan, which is a huge bonus., on the other hand, is more streamlined and easy to grasp, which could save you a lot of time and resources on training.

ClickUp vs Zoho Projects

These two solutions are pretty similar in the sense that they are both suitable for a wide variety of enterprises. Their price ranges and features are also almost identical.

What differentiates them are their downsides. ClickUp is criticized for its bugs, while Zoho Projects—for its lack of remote work optimization.

Read our Zoho Projects review to see what else the software has to offer.

Final Verdict

Back in 2016, when the company was established, the owners didn’t anticipate the future success of their platform. Over a five-year span, ClickUp earned the trust of famous clients, such as Airbnb, Netflix, Google, Nike, and Uber.

Whether you use the ClickUp mobile app or you access its services online, the experience is the same—smooth, affordable, and professional!

Is ClickUp really free?

Yes, ClickUp does offer a free version with solid management control and collaboration software tools. For more information, read our ClickUp review above.

How secure is ClickUp?

ClickUp is one of the safest project-scheduling and management tools. It employs two-factor authentication and API access.

Is ClickUp better than Trello?

ClickUp has slightly more positive online feedback and is more suitable for large projects than Trello. This alternative to ClickUp is a more-than-decent service, nonetheless.

Where can I find a ClickUp 2.0 review?

ClickUp 2.0 is the upgraded version of the old ClickUp 1.0, which is no longer available. Our ClickUp review above is referring exclusively to this upgraded version.

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