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When it comes to affordability and task tracking performance, few software solutions can compare to MeisterTask. Regardless of your management style, you can enjoy high-quality project-scheduling and time tracking features, and much more. To find out more about the service, read our detailed MeisterTask review below.
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  • Lack of cost control & budget monitoring tools
  • No Gantt charts

The market is saturated with project and task management tools, but only one is best suited for your business.

Whatever your needs and preferences might be, however, you probably won’t object to an affordable solution with good functionality. This is exactly what we present you with here.

For this MeisterTask review, we gathered all the essential information about this simple project management software and carefully assessed its pros and cons.

Stick around to learn more about the specifications of MeisterTask to decide if it’s the right choice for your team.

What Is MeisterTask?

The MeisterTask app is one of the most optimal solutions for monitoring ongoing work. It excels in organizing and tracking tasks in progress rather than larger and more complex projects.

With its comprehensive and visually appealing dashboards, the Kanban app is the holy grail of tracking & management of tasks and teams.

MeisterTask Features

The MeisterTask project management software offers a plethora of useful features that can be customized to fit the exquisite tastes and unique needs of every user.

Note that some of these features, such as the task dependencies app or the time tracking tool, are “dormant”. This means they are disabled by default, so you have to activate them as the need arises.

Project Management

The dominant style of the MeisterTask project administration software is, unsurprisingly, Kanban.

This entails intuitive data visualization and quality management of tasks and subtasks, due dates, statuses, and other workflow parameters.

With MeisterTask’s project management tools, you won’t have to worry about miscommunications and coordination issues ever again!

Automated Workflows

Here’s another gem that we found among the MeisterTask features: Task Relationships.

They guarantee the seamless management of dependencies and maintain a coherent workflow.

Thanks to them, finished tasks are automatically moved from the “Done” column to the archive.

After that, a “trigger” notifies the person responsible for the next task that they should get down to work.

Collaboration Tools

The MeisterTask app creates multiple opportunities for extensive discussions via its native features and integrations with collaborative project management apps such as Slack, Hangouts Chat, or Microsoft Teams.

Thanks to this, you get access to forums, online brainstorming sessions, team building opportunities, unrestrained file sharing, real-time editing, and feedback channels.

Issue Tracker

Although MeisterTask is renowned for its task scheduling and time management tools, the platform is no slouch in the bug tracking department either.

In fact, several managers reported in their MeisterTask reviews that being up-to-date with their teams’ progress enabled them to quickly identify potential problems in the work process.

Time Tracker

This is basically MeisterTask’s bread-and-butter. Thanks to its intuitive timers and comprehensive timesheets, you can monitor your employees’ work in real-time.

You can get an individual MeisterTask timesheet about a single team member or project and track all relevant tasks and streamline the workflow. This way, you’ll know how much work is getting done at all times.

Checklist Items

If you’re an organized and detail-oriented person, this feature is perfect for you! MeisterTask’s checklist options allow you to add unlimited tasks to specific projects and further divide them into subtasks, adding milestones as you please.

Some users claim in their MeisterTask reviews that with this feature the platform matches its popular competitors Asana and Trello in terms of business administration at more granular levels.


You’d think that a program geared more toward task management won’t be so powerful in terms of analysis and reports. This project management app, however, exceeds our expectations once again.

The MeisterTask Statistics & Reports offer highly intuitive graphs that show the number of completed tasks, newly-created activities, and data-driven trends that will help you estimate the fluctuation of different parameters over time.

Even though the MeisterTask Gantt charts are completely missing, the platform uses Kanban tools and Agile methodologies for business analysis.

The good part is that these MeisterTask native features are more than enough to assist you in resource allocation, decision-making, and risk management based on forecasting.


The MeisterTask integrations encompass a wide palette of virtual management and collaboration software apps, including Spark, Dropbox, Microsoft 365 Groups, Gmail, Google Drive, Bitbucket, or GitHub.

These programs ensure a smoother and more efficient work process and excellent communication management and reduce errors caused by human factors.

What’s more, the MeisterTask app integrates with MindMeister.

This tool, which is part of the same company, lets you participate in brainstorming sessions with your virtual team and visually plan projects.

At the moment of writing this review, the platform offers a super-advantageous bundle.

You can get a 30% discount if you buy any of the MeisterTask plans together with MindMeister—the top-notch online mind-mapping tool.

MeisterTask Downsides

In his part of the MeisterTask review, we discuss the shortcomings of the software.

As with virtually any project management solution, MeisterTask lacks or is lagging behind in some areas.

Let’s see what these are.

  • MeisterTask lacks swimlanes—horizontally-arranged categories within tables. It only provides vertical columns, which can be confusing when it comes to the management of larger projects. Although minor, combined with the absence of Gantt charts, this omission can impact the flow of the process.
  • Cost control and budget management tools are nowhere to be found in MeisterTasks’ offering. Given that the software is tailored more toward task organization, the lack of a financial analysis and cost management apparatus isn’t much of a surprise, though.

MeisterTask Pricing

In this section of our TaskMeister review, we look at the company’s plans and analyze the benefits of upgrading to a higher-tier package.

It provides space for a maximum of three projects, unlimited members, customizable boards, limited integration possibilities, file attachments up to 20 MB per file, MeisterTask mobile app, and email support.


This plan adds unlimited projects and groups, more advanced automations, multiple checklists, and a virtual agenda to the previous offering. It also allows file attachments up to 200 MB per file, a searchable task archive, special accounts for admins, the “Statistics” reporting tool, unlimited MeisterTask integrations, and beautiful custom backgrounds.


It includes a timeline and file attachments of unlimited sizes, adds groups to your team, and introduces more advanced security restrictions, roles, and sophisticated permissions. It comes with priority email and phone support, team-wide project sharing, and activity exports, so you can plan and send invoices by transferring MeisterTask data into an external budgeting software.

Get a Quote

This MeisterTask plan can be tailored according to each company’s needs and is more popular among large businesses. Its additional services are personalized onboarding assistance, a dedicated account manager, custom security review, and SAML Single Sign-On.

MeisterTask Support

MeisterTask doesn’t have much contact information on its website. It provides different support options according to the user’s subscription plan.

MeisterTask support includes assistance via email, an FAQ section on the website, an extensive knowledge base in the Help Center, a phone number, and a 24/7 Live Rep chat.

We tested the online resources and found a lot of detailed guidelines on how to make maximum use of the software’s project management tools.

The instructions on the onboarding process are also useful.

Ease of Use

MeisterTask.com has a very intuitive interface, with a particularly modern and simple design. The MeisterTask Desktop app is extremely intuitive and easy to navigate as well, presenting a clutter-free layout with short and concise text chunks.

This is highly appreciated by end-users who often praise this aspect in their MeisterTask software reviews.

The most noteworthy element of the website is that it displays short bits of informative content and onboarding information on the main page, grouping them logically into categories.

The MeisterTask mobile version is equally elegant and easy to use, providing a handy and time-saving way of managing business operations on the go.

MeisterTask User Reviews

MeisterTask enjoys fairly high ratings and positive feedback from specialized sites.

For example, Capterra gives it an almost flawless 4.7/5 rating. PCMag rates it a little lower, with 3.5/5, while FinancesOnline gives it a 9.1/10 score and a perfect 5/5 user satisfaction rating averaged from 15 reviews.

Users appreciate the MeisterTask time tracking capabilities, which are hardly matched across the industry. One customer on Capterra also shares: “It's an incredible value for the features. We only need to pay monthly for our administrator account, and all our staff users are free!”

On the other hand, we also found a MeisterTask review on Reddit that is not so flattering: “can’t paste images from screenshots (this is so basic) or make the board public (link sharing does not make sense).”

However, most comments on this platform are dated and don’t reflect the current capabilities of the service.

We couldn’t find a review about MeisterTask on Reddit from 2022.

Is MeisterTask Worth It?

For this MeisterTask 2022 review, we thoroughly examined every aspect of the software, so we can say with certainty that MeisterTask is one of the most reliable and solid task management tools on the market.

Despite having a few downsides, the cloud-based platform delights us with a smart task dependency manager, top-quality time trackers, and more-than-decent reporting capabilities.

If you own a small-to-medium-sized business, you can’t go wrong with this software.

Still, if you don’t think this is the right solution for you, read the next section of the MeisterTask review to see how it stacks up against some of the best project management software.

MeisterTask Alternatives

If you’re not satisfied with your current project management app, here’s another reason to switch to MeisterTask:

Unlike the majority of the MeisterTask competitors, the software offers direct import options with other similar services, such as Trello, Asana, or Wunderlist.

Let’s see in what other aspects it surpasses the other solutions on the market:

MeisterTask vs Monday

The pricing constitutes the greatest difference between these two services and not to Monday’s advantage—its cheapest plan is $8/month/user.

Monday has an edge when it comes to support, offering in-person training sessions. Still, it’s hard to beat a free solution and MeisterTask offers exactly that.

MeisterTask vs Asana

Asana certainly prevails in terms of popularity. Another significant advantage it commands in this project management software comparison is that Asana provides percent-complete tracking and spreadsheet view options.

On the other hand, MeisterTask is slightly more affordable than Asana.

MeisterTask vs Zoho Projects

MeisterTask is a good choice for small-to-medium organizations, but ZohoProjects doesn’t fall much behind. It’s optimized for smaller teams and is also cheaper than MeisterTask.

But before rushing to this alternative to MeisterTask, keep in mind that Zoho doesn’t have the advanced automation tools and task management quality of its rival.

Final Verdict

MeisterTask is as reliable and legit as it gets.

In spite of the lack of a native MeisterTask chat app and budget management tools, it’s an excellent choice, especially for smaller teams and medium-sized businesses.

With its intuitive interface, powerful integrations, affordable pricing, and helpful Kanban-specific features, it’s one of the best solutions on the market.

Before we end this MeisterTask review, you can take a look at the most frequently asked questions below.

How secure is MeisterTask?

MeisterTask is a very secure service—it excels at providing maximum safety and data protection. Trusted Cloud certified and fully EU-GDPR compliant, MeisterTask is hosted in the European Union.

It has top-level security features, including standard 256-bit SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and granular in-app permissions, which ensure that your information is completely private and safe.

Is MeisterTask really free?

Yes, MeisterTalk offers a Free business plan with a robust collection of features and advantages. Check out the pricing section of our MeisterTask review above for more details.

Is MeisterTask better than Trello?

This is a somewhat difficult question to answer. Although both services are equally good, Trello is a bit more generous with its free plan, allowing for up to ten team projects.

Is MeisterTask any good?

Yes, MeisterTask is a solid and trustworthy task management solution.

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