Social Intents Review—Can It Help You Boost Visitor Engagement?

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Social Intents Review—Can It Help You Boost Visitor Engagement? Image Visit Website
Live chat, reply shortcuts, conversion popups, and custom bots—Social Intents gives you all the tools to engage your website visitors, provide outstanding customer service, and increase lead conversion. Best of all, you can do all this and more right from Slack or Microsoft Teams. Find out what else you can do with this software in the Social Intents review below.
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Ease of use, custom chatbots, affordable prices, cancel anytime, reply shortcuts, Slack and MS Teams integration
Starts at: $29/month
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  • Reply shortcuts
  • Custom chatbots
  • Affordably priced
  • Slack and MS Teams Integration
  • Basic analytics
  • Occasionally buggy
  • Limited chats per month

In today’s digitalized world, there’s a tech gadget that can handle every aspect of your business. You can get help with team management, customer communication, conference calls—virtually everything.

You don’t have to think about anything… except how to coordinate all these platforms.

What if we told you there’s a way to combine all that under one roof?

Social Intents is a customer communication platform that helps businesses provide top-notch online support and close more online sales.

But the best part is that it allows you to do all that right from Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Check out this Social Intents review to see whether it is the right solution for you.

What Is Social Intents?

Social Intents is live chat software that enables you to communicate with web visitors right from Slack, MS Teams, or the Social Intents dashboard.


The Social Intents interface is as intuitive and straightforward as they come, especially if you’re using it on Slack or Microsoft Team.

The native Social Intents chat interface is just as user-friendly. The layout looks similar to the design of Facebook Messenger and requires little to no training.

This ease of use and intuitive design make Social Intents one of the top web chat platforms in the industry today.

Social Intents Features

Social Intents has various features to help your business provide the best online support.

In this part of our Social Intents review, we highlight the main tools and show you how to use them to improve conversion rates and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Chat Console

As we mentioned in the Interface section above, Social Intents has a very intuitive and straightforward design.

The Social Intents chat console resembles Facebook Messenger. It will feel familiar to your agents, flattening the learning curve and accelerating adoption.

The console acts as a single point of contact and has a simple layout. On the left are displayed all options from the main dashboard to chat history, shortcuts, and more.

The central console is a simple chat interface.

And on the right-hand side is all the user info, including name, email, phone, and browsing details like their current page, referral page, browser type, and IP address.

Canned Responses

When you use the Social Intents chat for Slack, you send default responses to common questions with the Slash Commands shortcut.

Here’s how you can do that:

First, you create shortcuts in the Social Intents app. These can be predetermined answers for sales, customer support, or marketing purposes.

Then you use Slash Commands (/livechat <shortcut name>) to trigger the response in Slack.

This is an excellent way to speed up response time and free up time for more complex tasks.

Customizable Pre-Chat Forms

With the Social Intents chat app, you can choose what kind of information you want to collect during a chat session.

You can choose when and how to gather info like what the customer needs assistance with or why they’re interested in your business.

The pre-chat form allows you to enable or disable the collection of names, email addresses, and phone numbers. You can also add custom fields like account number, member ID, order number, and pre-populate sales info using the Social Intents SDK.

You can view form submissions in Slack, Microsoft Teams, and the Social Intents live chat web console.

Conversion Popup

Other unique features that give an edge to Social Intents over its competitors are the incredible popups and full-screen overlays. You can use them to increase conversion rates and reduce bounce rates.

They can also help you build subscribers through mailing lists with email templates. You can also trigger exit intents, displaying a custom call to action linking to your signup page or elsewhere.

Other templates include Coupon Offers, Yes/No Questions, and Social Sharing. These increase social engagement by actively asking visitors to share content on their social media before leaving your site.


Thanks to the Dialogflow integration, you can build powerful custom chatbots to work alongside your Social Intents chat.

Dialogflow, part of the Google Cloud Platform, is a natural language understanding platform. It connects with different apps and enables them to create conversational solutions.

Thanks to Dialogflow, Social Intent has a chatbot powered by live chat and an answer bot that responds to conversations while you’re offline.

Best of all, the chatbots are simple, easy to set up, and require no coding.


Social Intents doesn’t have native reports, but you can track and analyze custom events with the Google Analytics integration.

These include link clicks, form submissions, downloads, and other measures of the way users interact with your content.

For instance, if you own an e-commerce website, you can track logins, purchases, signups, items added to cart, etc.

Social Intents Integrations

Social Intents integrates with several handy third-party apps like WordPress, Shopify, Winx, and Developer API. The latter comes pre-populated with info that allows you to trigger the live chat functionality automatically.

The Slack integration allows you to add live chat, receive notifications, and respond from Slack.

Similarly, you can add the live chat to your Microsoft Teams account. This enables you to talk directly with your customers, receive notifications, and respond to queries from Team.

Best of all, you can connect Social Intents with over 3,000 other apps with the Zapier integration.

Social Intents Pricing & Plans

Social Intents has four paid plans to choose from. The 100% no-risk guarantee will fully protect you. There are no contracts—you can cancel anytime.

Pricing Plans


This plan costs $39/month charged monthly (or $29/month billed annually) and covers only two agents. You get one website chat widget, one website domain, and 150 chats per month.


The package covers unlimited agents and will set you back $65/month charged monthly ($49/month billed yearly). With it, you get two chat widgets, two website domains, 1,000 chats per month, and reply shortcuts.


For $132/month charged monthly ($99/month billed annually), you get six chat widgets, six website domains, unlimited agents, 3,000 chats per month, reply shortcuts, custom chatbots, and a white-label widget.


The Social Intents pricing for this plan is $265/month charged monthly ($199/month billed yearly). For that cost, you get 12 chat widgets, unlimited domains, unlimited agents, 6,000 chats per month, reply shortcuts, custom chatbots, and a white-label widget.

Custom price

This package is suitable for larger businesses that may require additional chat conversations or widgets. It’s a custom plan, so you need to contact Social Intents directly for more information.

Social Intents Support

Social Intents has an excellent knowledge base filled with all the information you need, including how to get started with the live chat, how to set up chatbots, and the answers to some FAQs.

If this isn’t enough, you can get in touch with support via email or live chat anytime during the weekdays.

As part of our Social Intents chat review process, we contacted customer service via live chat to get some additional information about the platform.

We asked how long the chat history archives are saved for and whether the operator side of Social Intents has group chat capability.

We spoke to an agent named James, who was helpful and very knowledgeable and answered all our questions.

It’s no wonder there are so many five-star Social Intents reviews—the support is outstanding.

Ease of Use

Every aspect of Social Intents is extremely easy to use.

Why learn to operate a new piece of software when you can utilize the live chat in Slack and Microsoft Teams—platforms you’re probably already using.

The setup takes a few simple steps. First, you need to choose which channel you want Social Intents to send chat requests and conversations to—Slack or MS Teams.

Next, you have to install the widget by embedding the live chat code snippet on your web page. Alternatively, you can use the Social Intents plugin for WordPress.

And you’re all set.

If you get stuck, there are installation help articles in the Social Intents Help Center knowledge base.

Social Intents User Reviews

To understand how customers feel about the platform, we looked for Social Intents reviews online.

The company is still pretty new, so there aren’t that many user comments. It does, however, have five-star reviews on Capterra and GetApp.

The most common praise in Social Intents reviews is about the ease of use of the software.

Most of the complaints we found were minor nitpicks about features like the missing native analytics that aren’t even worth mentioning.

Although there isn’t a dedicated Social Intents review on Reddit, one user described it in a comment as a low-cost option with AI and CRM integration, perfect for people who work with Teams and Slack.

Is Social Intents Worth It?

We analyzed it carefully for this 2022 Social Intents review and we deem it one of the best live chat software on the market.

Social Intents takes away the hassle of learning how to use a new platform by offering live chat right from Slack or Microsoft Teams.

This solution lets you engage better with your web visitors, provide excellent customer service, and close more sales online.

It might not have some of the advanced capabilities of the top web chat platforms, but it makes up for this with a straightforward agent application, excellent functionality, and useful integrations.

It’s easy to set up, affordably priced, and offers all essential features, plus a few extras like custom chatbots, canned responses, proactive chat invites, and targeting rules.

Social Intents Alternatives

Social Intents is among the top website chat software in the industry, but its competition is fierce.

In this part of our Social Intents review, we present some of the best chat programs to show you how it stacks up against them.

Social Intents vs Pure Chat

This live chat software comparison is based on three essential components—features, pricing, and functionality.

In terms of pricing, Social Intents provides greater variety.

Pure Chat has only two plans that go for $39/month and $79/month. Social Intents, on the other hand, has four paid packages ranging from $29/month to $199/month.

Features-wise, however, Pure Chat pulls out ahead.

It provides unlimited chats, while Social Intents allows only for 6,000 chats, even with the highest tier solution. Other advanced Pure Chat functionalities include website traffic monitoring and mobile app access.

Pure Chat might be a little more expensive, but it’s worth the price.

Social Intents vs ChatBot

Both platforms have advanced AI capability that allows users to build chatbots.

The Social Intents builder is available only with the $99 Pro plan. The platform uses natural language processing to create customized chatbots with various functions. These include proactive chatbot invites, offline chatbots, and auto-answer bots.

ChatBot, on the other hand, has more advanced AI capability, which explains why it is more expensive. Its sophisticated visual builder with drag-and-drop functionality makes using it a breeze.

To facilitate the process even further, ChatBot provides handy templates for sales, ecommerce, lead generation, customer satisfaction, and other purposes.

Social Intents vs HubSpot

HubSpot has a suite of products that can get the job done. Better yet, you can use most of them for free.

The HubSpot Service Hub has a ticketing system, live chat, and team management functionality. And if you’re looking for a chatbot, HubSpot has a free builder. You can create chatbots at scale, automating customer service conversations on your website.

Social Intents has many of the same features, but none of them are free—and free is hard to beat.

If you’re looking for a basic live chat solution or an easy-to-use chatbot, HubSpot Chat can provide both for free.

Final Verdict

We hope this Social Intents review showed you what makes Social Intents such a fantastic platform.

You can use it as a standard live chat software for website pages or provide real-time customer support directly from Slack and Microsoft Teams.

There’s no need for you to learn to use a new platform. You receive chat notifications and respond to customer queries in your chosen app.

It also helps you connect with users in real-time, respond more quickly, close more deals, and increase conversion rates.

Is Social Intents Good?

Yes, it is. Social Intents has five-star ratings on user review sites like Capterra and GetApp.

It also offers a convenient approach to customer service, helping you to engage with clients right from your favorite team management platforms.

Does Social Intents have an app?

No, there is no Social Intents mobile app. But you can integrate it with Slack and MS Teams and receive and respond to chat queries from one of those apps.

What are the top alternatives for Social Intents?

Social Intents is a fierce competitor to giants like HubSpot, ChatBot, and Pure Chat.

For a detailed comparison between them, see the Alternatives section in our Social Intents review.

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