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SnapEngage is an omnichannel live chat software with compelling features that empower online sales and support teams to capture leads and retain existing customers. Adaptable and intelligently designed, the platform encourages companies to provide the best possible online support. Find out its strengths and weaknesses in the SnapEngage review below.
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Chatbot capability, website traffic monitoring, customizable website chat widget, intelligent automation, omnichannel support
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  • Ease of use
  • Chatbot capability
  • Omnichannel support
  • Intelligent automation
  • Rudimentary interface
  • No file sharing function
  • Insufficient integrations

Robust live chat software will not only leave your customers and prospects satisfied but benefit internal sales and support teams too.

SnapEngage is one of the most powerful live chat solutions on the market. But it’s not only that.

It also utilizes chatbot technology for automating customer service and improving user experience.

Check out this SnapEngage review to see what makes it the preferred customer service platform of so many businesses.

What Is SnapEngage?

SnapEngage is an award-winning conversational live chat platform with outstanding features.

It helps companies capture leads, improve conversion rates, reduce response times, and increase customer satisfaction.


SnapEngage has a super simple and easy-to-use interface designed with effortless navigation and agent application in mind.

The left side is the main navigation panel. There, you will find the dashboard, logs, analytics, permission, and settingsoptions.

The dashboard will take you to the chat monitor page, where you can track all SnapEngage chat activity.

The Logs panel will show the chat logs for the widget you select. The Analytics page gives admins valuable insights into chat activity and various other metrics.

SnapEngage Features

SnapEngage is a great omnichannel platform with tons of fantastic and innovative features.

Whether you use it as your single point of contact or in addition to other communication channels, it can help you increase customer satisfaction and capture more leads.

Chat Console

The website chat software doesn’t boast a ton of fancy features. It relies on simplicity instead, and that’s what makes it work.

In the SnapEngage chat console, you can find valuable information like the visitor’s location (including the weather in their area), their web browser and IP address, operating system, visitor history, the website they came from, and more.

Support reps could use this data to provide better, more personalized support.


Chat shortcuts allow you to create a complete set of predefined responses that agents can use to reply quickly to the most commonly asked questions.

This feature enables faster, more responsive support while using one of the best live chat software for website pages.

It’s also an excellent way for newer agents to get their feet under them and get up to speed with their company’s tone of voice by relying on an established list of responses.

Canned Responses

Much like the other best chat programs out there, the SnapEngage chat platform allows you to create a list of predefined responses for quick replies to common messages.

The only difference is that SnapEngage’s canned responses are called shortcuts.

You can also configure an Answer Bot, which will automatically suggest articles from your knowledge base in response to the visitors’ queries.

This can take some pressure off your service agents so they can focus on more complex tasks.

Offline Mode

Being one of the top web chat apps, SnapEngage has a few offline options.

As mentioned above in the SnapEngage review, the Answer Bot can provide a great backup for agents when they’re busy or offline.

Another option is setting your “Waiting Queue Team” status to Unavailable and adjusting the Auto Responder settings.

You can schedule an automatic message if the visitor is waiting in the queue for a predetermined amount of time. Also, users can send an “offline” message before leaving the queue instead of just abandoning it.

Omnichannel Chat

SnapEngage allows you to interact with prospects and customers wherever they are through the mobile-optimized chat, SMS-to-Chat, Tweet-to-Chat, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and SnapEngage’s integration with Zalo.

Additionally, the software has a social discovery tool that pulls info about your visitors from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and dozens of other platforms.

Proactive Messaging

The SnapEngage chat has rule-based invitations to help curb passive communication and target qualified leads at the most opportune time.

This feature allows agents to utilize real-time website traffic monitoring to be proactive and provide personalized support. It can prove useful for ecommerce sites and help with cart abandonment, upsell, and cross-sell.


SnapEngage’s analytics suite allows supervisors and admins to monitor agent performance and chat insights.

You can click on any data point on the overview graphs to filter the information by date & time, city, country, browser, operating system, agent response time, chat duration, and chat destination.

You can use the agents' efficiency analytics to improve chat support and apply user experience data like wait time, queue time, and answer-bot info to enhance customer satisfaction.

SnapEngage Integrations

SnapEngage’s integrations might not be as numerous as those of its competitors, but the ones it does have are powerful and useful.

By connecting with Salesforce, you can stay organized and close more deals by capturing lead contact data and chat transcripts in the Salesforce CRM.

With the Zendesk integration, all your chats, transcripts, and detailed debug information will be stored directly on the platform.

And if you want to use SnapEngage for WordPress, you simply have to add the WordPress live chat plugin to your website, and you’re good to go.

Finally, as you chat with your website visitors, SnapEngage will retrieve detailed contact information from UserVoice, so you always know who you’re talking to.

SnapEngage Plans & Pricing

SnapEngage has three paid plans:

Pricing Plans

$16/per month

The price of this subscription starts at $16 per user per month. It allows a minimum of three users and is billed annually. The plan includes everything you need to get started, including integrations with CRM and helpdesk tools. You also get multichannel support on the mobile-optimized visitor chat, Facebook Messenger integration, tweet-to-chat, and WeChat. This plan also includes three sub-accounts (or widgets) and helps you stay compliant with your security requirements. For an additional fee, you can activate the SnapEngage HIPAA compliance and remove the SnapEngage branding.

$26/per month

This is the most popular plan for growing teams. For $26 per user per month, it adds more integrations, custom data mapping, and secure data transfer. You also get five sub-accounts, more hours of operation, priority tiers, team capacity reporting, and labels. Other benefits include tools to optimize your engagement like Call Me (click-to-call) and real-time auto-translation, as well as onboarding and professional services like access to an Implementation Specialist. You also get real-time translation—an advanced and extremely useful tool, as pointed out by a few SnapEngage Reddit users. With it, you can provide support in over 30 languages. For an additional cost, you can get services like chatbot functionality, private admin and agent training, integration guidance, and proactive chat setup.

Custom price

The Enterprise SnapEngage plan is the best fit for global organizations and comes with a custom price. For an additional cost, you can get the SnapEngage SMS-to-chat feature, 24/7 emergency phone case submission access, priority case routing, and service SLA credit options. The SAP C4C, single sign-on, visitor identity verification, routing by tag, agent status API, and agent sub-status are also part of this subscription package.

SnapEngage Support

All SnapEngage plans give users 24/7 access to a support portal. This entails email communication, and the requests of Enterprise members are prioritized.

Other than that, SnapEngage is available via phone and chat Monday to Friday from 3:00 am to 7:00 pm EST—although critical incidents are monitored 24/7.

We tested the chat function in the SnapEngage Help Center to find out more about the support portal and what it provides. Our first point of contact was a bot, which transferred us to a service agent.

After a brief discussion, the rep directed us to the sales team to get SnapEngage pricing plan info. The new agent quickly answered our questions in a kind, helpful, and well-mannered fashion.

Ease of Use

The software’s ease of use is praised in nearly every SnapEngage chat review. As we mentioned in the Interface section above, the platform is built for maximum efficiency and practicality.

You don’t have to download or install the program—you can just sign in and use the powerful user interface tools from anywhere.

Thanks to the proactive messaging feature, you don’t need to waste time monitoring unresponsive chats. The handy automation tools like chatbots and canned responses make the experience easier not only for agents but for customers and prospects too.

SnapEngage User Reviews

As part of our SnapEngage review, we looked through several user opinion websites to get a sense of how customers feel about the platform.

With a 95% Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and 99.98% uptime, it’s no surprise it has an excellent reputation with its users. Most of them consider it to be among the best live chat software on the market.

Customers find it functional and extremely easy to use, praising its omnichannel approach and automation tools in particular. The complaints we found in some SnapEngage reviews are minor issues with customization.

For example, according to one SnapEngage review on Reddit, the agent interface looks a little dated compared to other services like LiveChat.

Despite all that, SnapEngage is still a very good platform and most customers are extremely satisfied with it.

Is SnapEngage Worth It?

Our 2022 SnapEngage review process left us extremely satisfied with the platform.

The software is very easy to set up and use. Its scalability allows sales and customer service teams to engage with website visitors better.

Whether you’re using the web-based application or the SnapEngage mobile app, the service runs seamlessly.

It provides an intuitive interface that makes navigation a breeze. It also integrates well with workflow applications to make the process a little easier for you and your customers.

SnapEngage Alternatives

SnapEngage might be one of the best live chat platforms on the market, but it is hardly the only one.

As part of our review, we decided to evaluate the most notable SnapEngage competitors to provide you with some alternatives.

SnapEngage vs Pure Chat

The main distinction in this live chat software comparison is the price.

In addition to having a free plan, Pure Chat is a bit more affordable than SnapEngage. SnapEngage, however, offers more features, like chatbot functionality, proactive messaging, and easy integration with CRM and helpdesk platforms.

Still, Pure Chat integrates with Zapier, which opens the door to thousands of other software, including apps you’re probably already using.

SnapEngage’s integrations might be a little basic for more advanced users.

SnapEngage vs ChatBot

ChatBot allows you to create advanced and intelligent bots. Compared to SnapEngage’s chatbot functionality, it is miles ahead.

It has bot templates for specific functions like lead generation, customer satisfaction, or offline messages.

You can use SnapEngage’s answer bots for offline messaging too, but they aren’t as sophisticated as ChatBot’s tools.

ChatBot allows you to use intelligent AI and machine learning to program responses.

Although it’s on the expensive side, if you’re looking for a genuinely great chatbot builder, then this is the right solution for you.

SnapEngage vs HubSpot

HubSpot provides online customer service, chat support, and a native helpdesk solution at a surprisingly low cost. It even has a free plan with many features.

In terms of functionality, HubSpot comes out on top once again. It offers more bang for your buck, and that will always be attractive to consumers.

Plus, HubSpot has a handy mobile app, so you can take the endless inbound marketing tools, including a built-in ticketing system, anywhere with you and provide the best end-to-end service.

Final Verdict

We hope this SnapEngage review gave you all the information you need to decide whether this is the right solution for you.

SnapEngage is a great live chat software built to empower sales and support with top-of-the-range features.

It packs some of the best live chat tools, like an omnichannel chat solution, proactive messaging, multi-widgets, and even a chatbot.

Its plug-and-play functionality means there is no need to download or install anything. You can sign in and chat right from the desktop application.

The slick and intuitive interface gives you everything you need to capture, qualify, and convert leads and maximize your sales. With it, you can give your customers the exceptional customer experience they deserve.

Is SnapEngage good?

SnapEngage is a good option for quick, active communication with customers. Its omnichannel functionality allows you to speak to clients and prospects wherever they are.

Does SnapEngage have an app?

Unfortunately, SnapEngage removed the SnapEngage mobile version from the Android and iOS app stores in 2017.

If you already have the mobile application installed on your device, you can still use it. You may, however, experience some issues, as SnapEngage is migrating users over to the desktop SnapEngage chat app.

How much does SnapEngage cost?

SnapEngage has a 7-day free trial and three paid plans. Its cost starts from $13/user/month for a minimum of three users.

See the pricing section of this SnapEngage review for the full pricing list.

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