LiveAgent Review—Can It Help You Help Your Clients?

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LiveAgent is an omnichannel helpdesk platform that merges an advanced ticketing system, built-in call center software, and the fastest live chat on the market to help companies provide exceptional customer support. It’s exceptionally user-friendly, affordably priced, and filled to the brim with incredible features and functionality. Keep reading this LiveAgent review to find out what else you can expect from it.
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In today’s competitive market, passive communication simply isn’t enough to retain your users’ attention. At the same time, handling multiple support channels gets harder as your business grows.

Luckily, you don’t have to take care of all this alone. Helpdesk software can act as a single point of contact and make multi-platform communication a lot easier.

When it comes to multichannel customer service, LiveAgent has it all. It supports everything from email, voice, and video calls to live chat and social media.

In this LiveAgent review, we analyze its functionality and show you where it excels and falls short.

Keep reading to see if it’s the right solution for your business.

What Is LiveAgent?

LiveAgent is a feature-filled customer service platform that combines an advanced ticketing system, built-in call center software, and the fastest live chat on the market.

It helps you provide comprehensive customer services, improve your relationship with your clients, and, ultimately, increase conversion rates and online sales.


LiveAgent has a super clean and straightforward interface.

Of course, there’s always that one dissatisfied user that criticizes everything. We found a particular LiveAgent review where the user labeled it stale and outdated.

Be that as it may, we’ll take practicality over flashiness any day.

Anyone who has used a customer service platform or even read a LiveAgent expert review knows that a simple interface is an advantage.

Not only is the agent interface easy to use and navigate, but it also gives users full control of all functionality too. The convenient helpdesk dashboard has task tabs like a Ticket Panel where agents can assign user queries to each other.

Other options include:

  • Editing customer info
  • Coordinating the mailing list
  • Conducting phone and video calls
  • Opening a live chat
  • Creating extensive reports
  • Custom knowledge bases

All of the above and more are just a few clicks away.

LiveAgent Features

LiveAgent’s omnichannel customer service solution comes with all the essential tools you need to stand out from your competitors.

Canned Responses

Canned responses allow you to reply to commonly asked questions and messages quickly. This is an excellent tool for automating customer service and speeding up response time. That way, you can focus on the messages that matter.

Another feature, praised in more than one LiveAgent expert review, is the Predefined Answers. That allows you to set up automatic replies to support queries that can be resolved with a simple, general response.

Once you’ve created your predefined answers, you can add them to your ticketing system in two simple clicks.

The difference between canned responses and predefined answers is subtle. The former is shorter, while the latter allows you to write more words and add attachments and a subject.

Offline Mode

With LiveAgent, you can create chat buttons that notify your customers that you’re offline.

When a website visitor clicks on the offline chat button, LiveAgent will direct them to a contact form. That way, people can leave their email address and their query.

You can customize the chat button’s name, style, and even chat language. You can also choose the page where you want to route your customers to leave a message and then assign agents to the queries.

Ticketing System

LiveAgent’s advanced ticketing system allows you to handle all inquiries from one centrally located interface.

Emails, chats, calls, social media and forum messages, contact form submissions, etc.—they’re all in the Universal Inbox.

Other tools include Hybrid Ticketing Stream, which allows you to resolve the same ticket on multiple channels.

You also get Automated Ticketing Distribution and a Ticket/Customer Insights CRM that gathers all the essential data about your customers in the support ticket.

Live Chat

The platform offers the fastest live chat on the market. It has over a dozen specialized tools available even on the mobile LiveAgent chat app.

These include Website Traffic Monitoring, a Chat Button you can add anywhere on your website, Real-Time Chat, and Proactive Chat Invitations.

Passive communication can be detrimental to user satisfaction.

With LiveAgent, you can engage in active communication and reach out to offer online support to customers that are already browsing your website.

Other tools include Real-Time Typing Viewing so you can see your customers typing in the chat window and Chat Embedded Tracking to monitor conversion rates from chat sessions in Google Analytics.

All in all, the chat feature is great. One user even called it “the fastest chat widget on the market” in their LiveAgent chat review.

Virtual Call Center

LiveAgent has a built-in call center that’s easy to set up and simple to use. If you’ve read any LiveAgent expert review or been in the industry for a while, then you know this is a game-changer in helpdesk solutions.

After creating an account, all you need to do is connect your devices or other equipment, add phone numbers, and place a button on your website. It’s that easy.

The call center software has Inbound and Outbound calling and Interactive Voice Response (aka automated responses). You also get other standard call center features like Internal Calls, Call Transfers, Routing, Callbacks, Recording, and access to a Custom VoIP Provider.


LiveAgent’s analytics give you an overview of your clients’ interactions with your company and the service they’re receiving. It’s a great tool to monitor customer satisfaction and motivate your employees to provide better support.

The analytics page allows you to see usage stats, evaluate agent performance, and gain insights from customer satisfaction ratings.

The overview shows you incoming and outgoing chats, calls, and messages. You can also categorize performance reports by agent, time, department, tag, and channel.

LiveAgent Integrations

LiveAgent’s range of integrations, plugins, and apps help you maximize the value of your existing helpdesk solution and increase customer satisfaction.

The platform has 133 native integrations, but with Zapier, you get even more. You can connect LiveAgent with over 3,000 other apps.

You can take advantage of the LiveAgent for Slack integration to keep track of your professional message boards.

Handle your billing with ChargeDesk or Stripe and your LiveAgent SMS automation with ClickSend. And with the Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter integrations, you can keep an eye on user opinion and engage with your clients on social media.

LiveAgent for WordPress allows you to add a website chat widget with a simple WordPress live chat plugin to turn it into a powerful WordPress Helpdesk. 

LiveAgent Plans & Pricing

In addition to the Free plan, LiveAgent has three paid plans.

Pricing Plans

At no cost at all, you get access to features like seven-day ticket history, one email address, one live chat button for your website, custom email templates, a self-service portal, and 24/7 support.


This plan is a must-have for email marketing. The LiveAgent pricing for this package is $15/agent/month. For that cost, you get access to unlimited ticket history, unlimited email addresses, advanced reporting, and a custom portal. The plan also allows you to set up custom action or trigger automation rules. Best of all, with the White Glove Setup, you can have your LiveAgent account set up for you.

Ticker + Chat

For $29/agent/month, you get one of the best live chat software for website pages and an advanced ticketing solution. This includes everything in the Ticket plan, plus unlimited chat buttons, real-time website traffic monitoring, proactive chat invitations, and social media integrations. Lastly, with time tracking, you can keep an eye on your agents' efficiency analytics and work habits.


The All-Inclusive LiveAgent pricing is he most popular among the paid LiveAgent offers, it provides everything in the previous three plans, including one of the best chat programs on the market. In addition, you can create a fully functioning virtual call center, video calling, interactive voice responses, call routing, and unlimited call recording.

LiveAgent Support

LiveAgent has a dedicated support channel with a knowledge base filled with getting started and technical support guides, video tutorials, and integration requests.

The portal also features public customer forums for discussing issues with the software, a members’ area for LiveAgent users, and a bug tracker that’s for, well, tracking bugs.

There’s also a service status page for monitoring performance issues and outages and a changelog for fixes and updates.

In terms of direct LiveAgent support, LiveAgent has email, phone, and chat support. Since it has one of the best live chat software on the market, our expectations about chat support were high.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t working at the time, so we couldn’t test it. Instead, we contacted LiveAgent via email to inquire about the live chat and to find out if LiveAgent is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

We received a response almost instantly. Laura, the support agent, informed us that LiveAgent is not HIPAA compliant. She was very courteous and managed to help us get the chat issue sorted out quickly.

Ease of Use

As we mentioned above in the Interface section of this LiveAgent review, the platform is extremely simple to navigate and use. It encompasses various helpdesk solutions—from ticketing, email marketing, and chat to call center and video calls.

The interface is minimalistic, making the agent application much easier to use. Plus, with the White Glove Setup, LiveAgent can set up your account for you, so you can simply log into a ready-to-use helpdesk system.

This solution cuts downtime, maximizes agent productivity, and makes providing high-quality customer service a little easier.

LiveAgent User Reviews

We looked through numerous LiveAgent reviews to understand how users feel about it. LiveAgent is a multi-award-winning platform, so it comes as no surprise that it has an excellent reputation with customers.

It has nearly perfect ratings on Trustpilot, GetApp, and G2. Even though the company has a dedicated subreddit, there isn’t a single LiveAgent review on Reddit.

Still, the platform is trusted by big brands like Huawei, BMW, and Yamaha.

Most users find LiveAgent powerful, versatile, and easy to use. Its comprehensive set of features is a big hit too. Customers praise its superb functionality and claim it has made customer support an effortless undertaking.

We came across some minor complaints about the limitations of the free plan and the rudimentary design of the LiveAgent mobile app.

Despite these minor issues, LiveAgent is among the top-rated helpdesk software for small-to-medium businesses.

Is LiveAgent Worth It?

LiveAgent is undoubtedly the best customer service software of its kind, bringing multiple support channels into one convenient platform.

What we enjoyed the most during our 2022 LiveAgent review process was the straightforward and intuitive design, making it easy to learn and use the platform.

The user interface tools are all laid out plainly and are easily accessible, making it easy for users to grasp them in no time.

LiveAgent has an advanced ticketing system, so you’ll never miss any customer queries, built-in call center software for more traditional customer service, and one of the best website chat software out there.

This flexible and cost-effective solution is suitable for companies of all sizes, and it’s definitely a good investment.

LiveAgent Alternatives

The platform might be one of the top solutions on the market, but it’s not the only one out there.

Here are some notable LiveAgent competitors.

LiveAgent vs Pure Chat

Pure Chat is an excellent live chat platform, but this is only a small part of good customer service.

With LiveAgent, you get email support, live chat, social media, a virtual call center, CRM functionality, and a reliable ticketing system to organize your communications.

Pure Chat has the advantage of specializing in one niche, but LiveAgent is feature-rich and cost-effective.

To top it all up, you can get LiveAgent’s All-Inclusive plan with all the bells and whistles for the same price as Pure Chat’s most basic plan.

LiveAgent vs ChatBot

The most significant advantage of ChatBot and its easy-to-use chatbot builder is that chatbots can handle multiple queries simultaneously.

It’s a web-based application, which cuts down the time on downloads and setup. It’s also cost-effective, saving you the overhead of scaling up. And since the bots use machine learning, response time is quicker.

On the other hand, bots might struggle with more complex issues, so having a real person on the other end is sometimes necessary.

With LiveAgent’s multi-platform solution, you can help your customers through virtually any type of support channel.

LiveAgent vs HubSpot

LiveAgent and HubSpot are very similar, but, once again, LiveAgent is the more cost-effective option.

LiveAgent’s highest-tier plan costs $39/agent/month, while HubSpot’s customer service Enterprise plan comes in at $1,200/month.

Overall, LiveAgent is a more thorough solution, it’s easier to use, and its emphasis on the customer experience is why it won over two dozen awards.

Still, the other platform has the advantage of having a free HubSpot live chat tool.

Final Verdict

LiveAgent is the ultimate all-in-one customer support solution—and it has the awards and customer ratings to prove it.

It’s feature-rich, well-priced, and suitable for companies of all sizes. With its complex multi-channel system and its impeccable service, it can help businesses manage customer experience and improve their reputation.

We hope this LiveAgent review proved why it’s an absolute must-have for any brand’s support team.

Is LiveAgent Good?

Taking features, functionality, and ease of use into consideration, LiveAgent is undoubtedly one of the best client service platforms on the market.

Does LiveAgent have an app?

Yes, it does. The LiveAgent mobile version is available for Android and iOS.

How much does LiveAgent cost?

LiveAgent offers a decent free solution and three very reasonably paid plans, starting at $15/agent/month.

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