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Sendinblue is a one-to-many communication platform that helps small and growing businesses prosper. Build better customer relationships through email, SMS, Facebook, chat, and CRM. In the detailed Sendinblue review that follows we analyze the capabilities of its live chat solution.
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Sendinblue is a full-service platform tailor-made for small and growing businesses. It offers a variety of robust and cost-effective services for every aspect of your marketing campaign.

The Sendinblue email marketing tool is well-known for its beautiful email design. The CRM is famous for its excellent tracking tools, while the automation feature helps greatly in managing it all.

But that’s not everything.

The company also developed an efficient live chat solution that allows you to set up a direct communication channel between you and your customers.

In this Sendinblue review, we analyze and discuss the capabilities of the live chat platform.

Keep reading to see what makes it one of the best options around.

What Is Sendinblue Chat?

Sendinblue Chat is one of the company’s newest tools. It allows you to set up a direct and active communication channel between you and your customers and build better relationships with them.

It’s easy-to-use, equipped with robust tools, and one of the most efficient support solutions overall.

Best of all, the Sendinblue pricing and features were made with SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) in mind, so you won’t have to break the bank on a live chat.


Sendinblue Chat has a well-designed, easy-to-understand, and very intuitive chat inbox interface. And because Sendinblue is an integrated platform, you can answer chat questions directly from the inbox.

The inbox itself is fairly straightforward. All new, assigned, and resolved chats are displayed in the same window.

Once you open a chat, you can see which page of your website a user was on when they sent the request. Note that this is only possible when the visitor is still online.

Sendinblue Features

Sendinblue has all the right services to help you communicate, personalize, convert, and improve communication.

In this section of the Sendinblue review, we focus on the best Sendinblue Chat features.

Chat Console

The Sendinblue chat console is bright and vibrant.

If you don’t like the default colors, you can customize the website chat widget to match your brand’s look and feel.

Once you’re logged in as an agent, you can use the website traffic monitoring feature to see which page of your website the visitor is on directly from the chat console.

Instead of relying on passive communication, you can initiate chats to save some time and increase customer satisfaction.

You can also organize your workflow by assigning conversations to different agents and optimizing response time.

Team Management

Is Sendinblue good for team management?


The chat is built for a collaborative agent application and allows employees to work together on support requests.

No more noisy Slack channels, complicated processes, and back and forth emailing. Agents can allocate conversations to each other, admins can assign chats to the available employees, and so on.

The Shared Inbox acts as a single point of contact for your team. You can also use it for sales, marketing, and support purposes.

Real-Time Visitor Tracking

The Sendinblue chat app has a limited yet quite useful visitor tracking feature. It allows you to check the page from which the customer initiated a chat message.

You can do this by clicking on the link underneath the client’s ID in the Sendinblue chat console. Naturally, this link is displayed only when the visitor is online.


There is no analytics for the chat tool at the moment of writing this Sendinblue review. On the other hand, the email marketing feature comes with a variety of options.

You can measure your campaigns’ performance and monitor customer engagement with heat maps, reports by geography, and detailed timelines.

With real-time statistics, which act as a substitute for real-time website traffic monitoring, you can get a snapshot of the performance of trigger emails and other transactional messages.

Sendinblue Integrations

Sendinblue has tons of handy integrations to help you with everything from lead generation forms and helpdesk to CRM, CMS, and automation.

Suppose you’re using Sendinblue for your WordPress website. By installing the WordPress live chat plugin, you’ll be able to grow your contact list, tweak the design, and even send beautiful newsletters directly from the WordPress admin panel.

The service also integrates with Zapier, which connects you with over 2,000 other apps.

For example, you can integrate Sendinblue with Slack, which enables you to add new Slack users as Sendinblue subscribers in just a few clicks. It also connects with Salesforce, which allows you to create a contact list from all your leads.

Last but not least, Translation Exchange enables you to translate content into any language and reduces the cost of deploying multilingual content.

Plans & Pricing

In this part of the Sendinblue review, we discuss the free and paid plans. They are centered around the email marketing suite.

All packages give you access to multiple Sendinblue services, including the live chat, and help you grow your business, not your bill.

Pricing Plans

This plan is perfect if you’re just getting started with the service. With it, you get up to 300 emails per day to unlimited contacts. In addition to that, you can access the contact management features, workflow automation, real-time reporting, basic support, and integrations. You also get Marketing features like Email Campaigns, Live Chat Support, a mobile-friendly Email Designer, an Email Template Library, and Email and SMS Personalization.


The Sendinblue pricing for this plan is $25/month for 10,000 emails (and goes up to $99/month for 100,000 emails). Excellent for new marketers, it gives you access to everything from the Free plan, plus a few extras like A/B Testing and the option to remove the “sent from Sendinblue” logo. Sendinblue also offers some pay-as-you-go options with this plan. You can purchase 5,000 to one million pre-paid email credits for $40 to $1,995 and use them for unlimited time.


A perfect solution for pro marketers, this subscription’s pricing starts from $65/month for 20,000 emails and goes up to $599/month for up to one million emails. It adds to the previous plans more marketing features like send time optimization, a landing page builder, Facebook, and retargeting ads.  You also get multi-user access for up to three people, three shared inboxes, and Sendinblue support via phone.

Custom Price

Large organizations can also take advantage of Sendinblue with this plan. It has custom pricing, so you will need to call to get a quote. It includes everything in the other plans, plus a custom volume of emails, priority sending, unlimited shared inboxes, and a dedicated IP address. You also get multi-user access for unlimited operators and a dedicated Sendinblue account manager to help create campaigns and analyze metrics.

Sendinblue Support

Sendinblue reserves priority support for its Lite (via email) and Enterprise (via phone) members.

Since it is primarily a web-based application and there is no Sendinblue chat app, the only way we could get in touch with the platform is through the support chat on the website.

The chat acts as more of a condensed FAQ section. It allows you to search topics by keywords and directs you to articles on the subject.

This self-service knowledge base method is likely an attempt to minimize the volume of support requests they receive.

We contacted support via email to ask them about the availability of chat analytics.

The agent responded promptly, thanked us for our feedback, and assured us that the team will consider developing this functionality.

All in all, a fairly standard answer but given in a quick, considerate manner.

Ease of Use

The most frequently praised aspect of the service in Sendinblue reviews is its simplicity. The interface is user-friendlyand the menus are easy to navigate.

You can access all services from the Sendinblue inbox. You can manage multiple chats, assign conversations to agents, and mark requests as resolved from there.

You might’ve noticed that we haven’t discussed canned responses so far in this Sendinblue chat review. Unfortunately, the service doesn’t offer this option.

However, that’s probably the only thing that diminishes the ease of use of this otherwise intuitive and straightforward solution.

Sendinblue User Reviews

We read through many Sendinblue reviews online to understand how people feel about the service. The consensus is that it offers an excellent, simple chat functionality, ideal for small and growing businesses.

We couldn’t find a full Sendinblue review on Reddit about the live chat, only several questions and short opinions about the email marketing tool.

That’s the case with other customer opinion sites too.

Most Sendinblue reviews are about the email marketing solution or the service overall. Users describe it as reasonably priced, easy to set up, and use even for the less tech-savvy.

Negative comments are rare. Most complaints are isolated incidents and minor issues like the free plan’s limitations.

Is Sendinblue Worth It?

Sendinblue is by far the best live chat and customer service platform for SMBs.

The all-in-one business hub offers a plethora of useful tools for marketers who want to improve their customers’ experience, live chat software for website pages, workflow automation features—all of that, and more, at a very reasonable price.

For this 2022 Sendinblue review, however, we focused on its live chat capabilities.

The chat functionality is available with all four Sendinblue plans, including the free version.

In terms of features, there’s no denying that Sendinblue brings the thunder. Thanks to the free plan, you can test out the service with no commitment and see if it works for you.

Sendinblue Alternatives

Sendinblue is an excellent all-in-one platform built to help you grow your business.

It is, however, not the only one capable of that.

The Sendinblue competitors below offer one or more of the services provided by the subject of our review.

Let’s see how they stack up against each other.

Sendinblue vs LiveChat

LiveChat is one of the best live chat software out there. It comes with a built-in helpdesk tool and a ticketing system. It’s affordable and easy to use.

Sendinblue has an equally straightforward chat tool, plus a plethora of other premium digital marketing tools.

LiveChat is a niche product, while Sendinblue is an all-purpose platform. The latter is great not only for online sales and support but also for marketing, customer service, and relationship management.

Sendinblue vs Mailchimp

If you’re planning to send out a lot of emails, you’ll find that Sendinblue is the cheaper option.

Take the following example:

If you send out one email per month to 100,000 contacts, that’ll work out to $99 per month with Sendinblue and $540 with Mailchimp.

Sendinblue also offers more features in its free plan like unlimited contact storage, advanced segmentation, easy-to-install website chat software, unlimited CRM contacts, and transactional emails.

The latter is charged as a paid add-on with Mailchimp.

Mailchimp’s free plan allows only 2,000 contacts across all lists. Even worse—if you hit 2001 contacts, you have to upgrade to the paid plan.

Sendinblue vs HubSpot

Sendinblue and HubSpot are top-notch, full-service marketing platforms that match up pretty well in terms of features and functionality.

The most significant difference between them is the price.

Sendinblue is designed with small and growing businesses in mind. Its cheapest paid plan, the Lite plan, starts at just $25/month.

In comparison, HubSpot Marketing’s basic plan starts at $50/month and the price will only increase as your marketing list grows.

Besides, advanced features like automation workflows, A/B testing, and dynamic content are only available with higher-tier HubSpot plans. With Sendinblue, you could get those features with the Lite plan.

The Hubspot Chat functionality, however, is completely free. If that’s all you need, you’ll be fine with both solutions.

Final Verdict

Although the company offers a variety of marketing solutions for SMBs, we focused on the live chat functionality in this Sendinblue review.

The live chat solution might not have the automation and advanced live chat features of some other services, but it is still one of the best chat programs on the market.

With its simple chat widget, affordable pricing, and robust features, it can help you communicate with customers efficiently, on budget, and in your preferred language.

Is Sendinblue good?

Sendinblue is an excellent multipurpose service tailored to small businesses.

It has some useful built-in options for digital marketers, including advanced automation, segmentation, personalization, and real-time statistics to help you increase your conversion rates.

Does Sendinblue have an app?

Yes, it does. The Sendinblue mobile app is available for Android. It allows you to review your email campaigns wherever you are.

But note that the mobile version doesn’t include any of the live chat capabilities.

Is Sendinblue free?

Yes, Sendinblue has a free plan with rather limited functionality. It also offers several paid plans, which we discuss in more detail in the Sendinblue review above.

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