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Pure Chat Review – What Can This Chat Service Do For You? Image Visit Website
Pure Chat packs some advanced features in its toolbox. Combining real-time visitor analytics and contact history, this unique system helps organizations optimize interactions at every point of the customer life cycle. Read on to see whether our detailed analysis found any kinks or the universal praise by end-users in their Pure Chat reviews is totally justified.
Free Plan:
Yes (One user)
Mobile Apps:
Android & iOS
Chat History:
Group Chat:
Canned Responses:
Key features:
User-friendly, real-time analytics, visitor tracking, strong operator dashboard
Starts at: $39/month
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Best for:
  • Real-time analytics
  • Native iOS & Android apps
  • Powerful operator dashboard
  • Advanced widgets customization
  • Limited basic plan
  • No conversation tagging

Live chat is an essential part of any modern customer service platform. But how do you choose from the plethora of solutions on the market?

Judging by the number of positive Pure Chat reviews online, Pure Chat is one of the top platforms around.

And it sure does look promising, with its user-friendly interface and advanced analytics. We wanted to check if it can challenge the best live chat software, so we tested it thoroughly.

Keep reading our Pure Chat review to find out where it excels and what its shortcomings are.

And if you decide it’s not the right choice for your business, we have prepared a list of alternatives for you to check out.

What Is Pure Chat?

Pure Chat is website chat software designed with one function in mind—helping small-to-medium businesses provide comprehensive online support.

It incorporates real-time website traffic monitoring and contact history to help companies improve their communication with customers and potential prospects.


Most users state in their Pure Chat reviews that the interface is so user-friendly and straightforward, it makes managing the live chat a breeze.

We expected no less.

The dashboard is the single point of contact—everything is well-organized and easy to find.

On the left-hand side are displayed your chat availability, new incoming chats, a tab to check website visitors in real-time, and all current conversations. You can also see all your team members and their availability.

On the right-hand side is the contact panel, where you can add a website visitor’s name and get all the information you need about them, including visitor history and conversation transcripts.

Pure Chat Features

Pure Chat is comprehensive live chat software for website pages, brimming with robust features and powerful tools.

Chat Console

Pure Chat’s chat console has well-organized user interface tools where agents can monitor chats, view transcripts, create canned messages, and chat with other agents.

Pure Chat prioritizes simplicity in its approach and ensures that both support agents and end-users have the best customer service experience possible.

Canned Responses

As any customer service agent will tell you, live chat support can become tedious, as users often have the same queries. Fortunately, most live chat platforms, including Pure Chat, have a Canned Response feature for a more straightforward agent application.

It allows your Pure Chat support team to generate predetermined responses to frequently asked questions and access them right from the active chat tab.

Canned responses save time, ensure responses are quicker, and improve customer satisfaction.

Offline Mode

When your entire team is offline and none of your agents are available, you can turn your chat box into an email form.

The software will automatically send the messages to the Pure Chat account owner. If you want to redirect them to specific teammates or a group, you can change that in the Email Form tab of the Customize Chat Box.


The only automation available is the Triggers & Proactive Chat. This combo might not be as good as automating customer service entirely, but it allows for a more proactive approach.

With it, you can automatically start a chat with users when they visit a specific page or when they linger on the website for a certain amount of time.

This feature is excellent for curbing passive communication for ecommerce websites, as it aims to prevent potential customers from abandoning shopping carts.

It pairs well with another Pure Chat feature, Visitors, which allows you to track website visitors in real-time and start proactive chats selectively.

Team Management

Like most of its competitors, Pure Chat allows you to assign roles within your team—Operator, Power User, and Admin—each with different permissions.

Admins can change and set permissions in the Manage Team section of the Settings. Admins have full access to every function, while Operators’ access to chat transcripts, reports, team management settings, and canned responses is limited.

Power Users have a little more power. They can do everything except manage team members and view transcripts (unless assigned).


As we mentioned above in this Pure Chat review, Visitors is a website traffic monitoring feature that allows you to see real-time metrics.

This way, you can identify your most qualified leads and start a conversation using Triggers & Proactive Chat.

You can see a list of active website visitors, find out which pages they’ve viewed, and look up past interactions with returning customers.

Armed with that data, you’ll be able to start more personalized conversations and increase conversion rates.

Mobile Apps

The service offers a Pure Chat chat app for iOS and Android, so you can effectively manage your customer service team on the go.

The visitor tracking capability is also available via the mobile application—you can use your phone to see who is on your website in real-time and start a conversation with them.

You can monitor and respond to messages, view transcripts, create canned responses, set chat availability, and more right from the Pure Chat mobile app.


The Pure Chat reports allow you to track and improve customer satisfaction. You can view your team’s chat transcripts, save every conversation, sort by keyword, website, chat, and find specific discussions.

Monitor your team’s performance with key data like the number of total chats, emails, missed conversations, chat duration, response time, and customer ratings. Use metrics like customer satisfaction and agents' efficiency analytics to track progress over time.

Lastly, you can export reports and share them in your company updates.

Pure Chat Integrations

Pure Chat connects with all of your favorite applications to improve your online sales, marketing, and support efforts.

It integrates with popular software products like Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Infusionsoft. Additionally, you can use Zapier to connect Pure Chat with over 1,000 other applications like Slack, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Jira, Freshdesk, and Zoho.

You can now follow up on leads with Salesforce, add them to your newsletter with Mailchimp, and track your chat history in Freshdesk or Zoho. You can even add Pure Chat to Slack to get chat notifications directly in your workflow.

Pure Chat Pricing & Plans

In addition to two paid plans, Pure Chat has a free plan that provides unlimited users and chats for three websites.

Pricing Plans


(or $49/month charged monthly) It includes a live chat widget for only one website, although it will still have the Pure Chat branding, and it supports up to four users/operators.


(or $99/month charged monthly) You will get upgrades with this plan, including a live chat widget for unlimited websites. It can also sustain up to ten users/operators and the chat widgets won’t have the Pure Chat branding.

Pure Chat also allows you to pay for additional users/operators—$13/month charged annually (or $15/month charged month) for the Growth plan and $8/month charged annually (or $10/month charged monthly) for the PRO plan.

Pure Chat offers a 30-day free trial that’ll grant you access to all the features of the PRO plan.

If you decide not to upgrade during your 30-day trial, you will automatically be downgraded to the limited one-user Freeplan.

Your chat box will still be accessible on your website, but advanced features will no longer be available.

Pure Chat Support

Pure Chat has live chat support on their website. As part of our Pure Chat chat review process, we contacted them to inquire about the free trial and they responded within seconds.

The support agent, named Robert, was amiable, helpful, and courteous and quickly helped us with our query.

A great feature is the possibility to leave a message even if an agent isn’t available at the moment—it will be automatically sent as an email.

That said, it’s unclear when Pure Chat’s business hours are.

They don’t operate 24/7, so it’s safe to assume that they are available during the regular working time between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm PST.

Ease of Use

If you’ve read any Pure Chat reviews, you’ll find that its ease of use is the most commonly mentioned strength of the platform. Its design is very concise and efficient—it has everything you need and nothing in excess.

It is easy to set up and incredibly intuitive, especially if you’re using Pure Chat for WordPress. You just sign up, install the code or the WordPress live chat plugin on your website, and start chatting with your customers.

What’s more, you can easily control how your website chat widget looks and functions on both the desktop applicationand mobile app with the user-orientated editor.

If you want to receive messages, then you just set your chat box availability to “on”—all-new chat requests will be in the “Incoming Chats” tab on the top left. Once you’re in a chat, you can type or use one of your canned responses with an autofill option.

Pure Chat User Reviews

We looked through numerous Pure Chat reviews online to gauge how customers feel about the service.

Some of the most commonly praised aspects of the service are its integrations (especially the one with Zapier) and customizable widgets that work well with apps most businesses are already using.

People also appreciate Pure Chat’s useful and efficient native features.

But judging by the numerous positive comments, including the one Pure Chat review on Reddit from an actual user, customers value the product mainly because of its easy setup and user-friendly interface.

There aren’t any specific complaints worth mentioning besides the odd hiccup here and there, proving that it is indeed a powerful and functional platform.

Is Pure Chat Worth It?

After thoroughly testing the service for our 2022 Pure Chat review, we can say it’s undoubtedly one of the best chat programs on the market.

It’s free, easy-to-use, and has a quick setup—perfect for online support teams looking for a simple way to improve customer experience without breaking the bank.

But Pure Chat does more than that—it leverages data from chat conversations to generate insights on user behavior. By monitoring every customer, it provides a personalized experience at every touchpoint.

Pure Chat Alternatives

Pure Chat is undoubtedly one of the top web chat platforms, but it is far from being the only one.

In this section of the Pure Chat review, we present you with a brief live chat software comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Pure Chat vs. LiveChat

Pure Chat is built for SMBs, while LiveChat runs the gamut from small teams to giant corporations.

LiveChat also has more comprehensive features and top-notch functionality. That’s why it’s trusted by companies like McDonald’s, Unilever, and Adobe.

However, LiveChat employs a “per agent” pricing structure, which might prove expensive for smaller teams.

Pure Chat’s Pro plan is $99/month and supports up to ten users/operators, making it the more affordable solution.

Pure Chat vs. ChatBot

While Pure Chat is solely a live chat solution, ChatBot is made for companies looking to design, build, and deploy custom chatbots.

By using both in conjunction, you can create a more thorough sales, marketing, and support campaign.

Although ChatBot is a little pricey, it’s still a great way to power up your marketing, supercharge your sales and optimize your customer service.

Check out our dedicated ChatBot review to see what else the company offers.

Pure Chat vs. HubSpot

HubSpot is a full-service hub that includes customer service, support, and native helpdesk and ticketing system solutions. It also has some of the best live chat tools and a slew of premium features in its free plan.

Both solutions have a conversations tool that collects messages from multiple platforms in one inbox and adds context to customer communication.

Even though Pure Chat is reasonably priced, HubSpot Chat is completely free. If you’re already using one of HubSpot’s services, don’t hesitate to add this one to your toolbox.

Final Verdict

For this Pure Chat review, we tested the software through and through—from its basic live chat features to the more advanced analytics and functionalities. Here are the most notable ones:

Pure Chat’s user analytics and contacts history tools give you the traffic trends and user experience insights you need to design the perfect active communication strategy.

You can use this information to identify better, promising leads and utilize the trigger chat functionality to capitalize on high-potential prospects.

This, in turn, helps you improve the relationship with your customers and hence, increase conversion rates.

Does Pure Chat have an app?

Yes, it does. Over and above the web-based application, you can download the Pure Chat mobile for Android and iOS.

Is Pure Chat free?

Pure Chat has a free plan and also offers a 30-day free trial to test all features included in the Pro plan.

If you don’t pay the full price of the package when that period expires, you will be automatically downgraded to the more limited free plan.

Is Pure Chat good?

Yes, absolutely. According to most Pure Chat reviews, including ours, it’s one of the best live chat software.

Pure Chat is an easy-to-use live chat solution that support agents can use to share information with visitors, nurture leads, and deliver exceptional customer service to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

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