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ChatBot combines groundbreaking AI with advanced features to help users launch state-of-the-art conversational intelligent agents. Build your first chatbot using one of the best AI chatbot software and its ready-to-use, fully customizable templates. Find out more about one of the best chat programs for automatic communication in the ChatBot review below.
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Chatbot builder, AI tools, many templates, group chat, canned responses, reporting, etc.
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  • Intuitive visual chatbot builder
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  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Incredible scalability
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  • AI BotEngine is limited

Customers expect support to be precise, efficient, instantaneous, and available at all times. In other words, as faultless as a...well, a robot.

So, should you train an army of impeccable employees to serve your clients?

There’s a much simpler solution that combines the personal touch of human contact with the flawless performance of AI—chatbot chat.

At the forefront of that is a platform so synonymous with the technology that it’s named after it—ChatBot.

Check out this ChatBot review to see how to utilize this tool to advance your business.

What Is ChatBot?

A perfect addition to your live chat software for website pages, ChatBot is an all-in-one platform that uses AI, natural language processing, and machine learning to help you create conversational chatbots without coding.

With its ready-to-use templates that you can customize to fit your business needs, you’ll be one step closer to completely automating customer service.

ChatBot Features

ChatBot gives you everything you need to create your own chatbot.

Canned Responses

Canned responses are the backbone of ChatBot.

They can be crafted in the Visual Builder to help take care of everything—from answering repetitive questions to completing more complicated tasks.

This feature can help you create experiences that delight your customers from the first visit to the final purchase.

Offline Mode

One of ChatBot’s built-in templates is an offline form that handles customers after hours, gathering their questions in the chat window while you’re away.

When enabled, the template will tell your visitors your team is offline and it will send every message to your ticketing system.

This lets you keep your conversations organized in one place to address every problem when you’re back online.


ChatBot makes automating customer service look effortless with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

ChatBot’s AI chat algorithm utilizes Natural Language Processing to interpret human speech and deliver well-tailored responses.

Machine learning analyzes user input to continually improve performance and create natural conversations to help your business flow and grow.

Team Management

The Team feature allows you to invite your teammates into your chatbot and collaborate on tasks right from your dashboard.

You can assign different roles to each member and ultimately build a team of designers, writers, and developers to work together to improve your chatbot’s performance.

Pre-Built Templates

ChatBot comes with pre-built, task-specific templates for quick and easy setup—a feature that is praised by customers in nearly every ChatBot review.

You can use the templates as they are or fully customize them to develop more complex conversation scenarios. The categories you can choose from include Marketing, Sales, Support, and topics like eCommerce and Discount.

Templates are the easiest way to launch an AI chat on websites and messaging platforms without any coding.

Visual Builder

ChatBot’s drag-and-drop chatbot builder allows you to create custom bots for your business and gives you full control of the process.

You can design dynamic conversation scenarios, called Stories, to personalize your communication with your clients.

Plus, you can try them out in the ChatBot web-based application using the built-in testing tool before using them with customers.


To help you understand user behavior, ChatBot will review all ongoing chats and display the most important information on the dashboard. This is essential, especially if this is your single point of contact with your customers.

It’s a very user-friendly and easy-to-navigate environment. There, you will find all Stories grouped by Integration, new Academy lessons, and detailed help docs.

The ChatBot chat app also provides learning materials in the Training, Entities, and Archives sections. You can start by completing the onboarding lesson in Academy to get a lay of the land and understand the software’s key elements.

Ease of Use

One of the biggest draws of the platform is how easy it is to use.

After all, it specializes in providing a simple way of creating chatbots without coding skills or any prior knowledge.

The templates are well-designed and ready to be deployed straight out of the box. With them, you can create a Facebook chatbot to make it easier for your followers and potential customers to reach you.

Just as easily, you can make a chatbot for Slack to help streamline office workflow.

That functionality allows both novices and professional coders to use the software.


ChatBot provides dependable reports to track and optimize your chatbots’ performance. This way, you can base your business decisions on tangible data.

The reports summarize all your chats so you can understand your clients’ interest and activity patterns better. The AI chatbox insights also reveal the average number and length of messages, as well as customers’ most frequent queries and attitudes toward the bot.

ChatBot automatically saves details about every user in a database so that you can create audience segments for future marketing campaigns.

The database contains archives of all conversations, which could prove valuable in building better chatbots and improving customer satisfaction.


The ChatBot software integrates with popular services like Slack, Facebook Messenger, Zapier, and even a WordPress live chat plugin.

You can use them to supercharge your workflows and keep conversations going across multiple communication channels.

You can install the ChatBot plugin for WordPress easily and open up an additional active communication channel with your customers on your website.

The Slack integration helps your busy team manage tasks and automate repetitive functions. You can also connect ChatBot with LiveChat to fuse AI scalability with a personable approach and improve your customers’ experience.

And if that isn’t enough, the ChatBot integration with Zapier connects you to over 1,500 other apps.

Plans & Pricing

ChatBot has four price plans, suitable for both big and small companies. You can test all of them with a free 14-day trial.

Pricing Plans


This plan costs $50/month (or $42/month billed yearly). It comes with 1,000 chats/month, one chatbot, Basic Reporting. It also includes a seven-day Training History, which means you can only improve your chatbot’s performance based on data from the last seven days.


The ChatBot pricing for the most popular ChatBot plan is $149/month (or $126/month paid annually). That price tag buys you a couple of upgrades, including 5,000 chats/month, five active chatbots, unlimited Training History, Advanced Reporting, Team Collaboration.


For $499/month (or $424/month billed yearly), you can get yourself even more upgrades. This includes 25,000 chats/month, unlimited chatbots, Personal Onboarding, Premium Customer Support, and Security Assistance.

Fixed-price Contracts

The ultimate ChatBot plan has fixed-price contracts for big teams in large corporations. It includes some advanced functionalities like a dedicated Account Manager, building Custom ChatBots with help from an expert, and Custom Integrations.

ChatBot Support

For a platform meant to optimize online support, ChatBot offers surprisingly little to no customer support to its clients.

There’s no dedicated chat, email, or contact number, so we had no way of getting in touch to test response time and courteousness.

The only source of information is the Help Center on the website.

It is filled with tons of articles covering everything about the ChatBot platform—from a basic overview of how to use the software to intricate details about its features, integrations, and functionality.

ChatBot User Reviews

We looked through review sites and ChatBot Reddit threads to get a sense of how people feel about the platform. Surprisingly, there aren’t that many user opinions to go through.

Still, judging by the ones we found, ChatBot has a good reputation.

Most of the positive ChatBot reviews we found mention how easy it is to create and deploy chatbots.

Users also praise the effectiveness of the integration with the website chat widget LiveChat. According to them, the combination of the two programs makes customer support more manageable and efficient.

The most common complaints are regarding the AI system’s shortcomings. For example, one ChatBot review on Reddithighlighted how the bot sometimes doesn’t understand particular phrases or queries.

Still, the system is constantly improving and learning from its own experience, so such issues are bound to be solved over time.

Is ChatBot Worth It?

For this AI ChatBot review, we tested every aspect of the platform and evaluated its capabilities, so we can say with certainty the pros outweigh the cons.

ChatBot is an excellent platform that helps companies stand out with personalized customer experiences, boost their online sales, and optimize support.

It also has a few shortcomings, like the lack of a mobile application, insufficient support, and the occasional negative AI ChatBot review online.

But despite these arguably negligible drawbacks, this technology can automate tedious tasks and improve the quality of customer support significantly.

ChatBot Alternatives

ChatBot might be at the top of its game, but it is not the only available solution. We took the liberty of evaluating some of the most notable ChatBot competitors.

ChatBot vs LiveChat

LiveChat isn’t one of ChatBot’s direct competitors. Comparing the two would be like comparing apples to oranges. Still, they’re often associated, as they come from the same family of LiveChat products.

Besides that, however, they don’t have many similarities. ChatBot is a program you can use to create an intelligent conversational chatbot for your website and other platforms, including LiveChat.

LiveChat is one of the best live chat software on the market. The two products actually work better together, as they combine human expertise with AI efficiency, resulting in more powerful customer support.

ChatBot vs Olark

This comparison might also be a bit of false equivalence.

Olark acts more as a customer service platform and website chat software, while ChatBot is a chatbot builder.

Because Olark doesn’t have a chatbot function of its own, it might be better to use these two in conjunction to supercharge customer support and increase conversion rates.

ChatBot vs HubSpot

HubSpot has both a chatbot builder and live chat software. Much like ChatBot, it allows you to create a custom AI chatbox to help qualify leads, provide high-quality support, and scale your conversions.

HubSpot’s chatbot builder also adds a touch of human experience by allowing you to configure your chatbot to hand over the conversation to a live agent at any point.

Even though both platforms are effective and easy to use, ChatBot’s AI and machine learning capabilities give it an edge over HubSpot.

Final Verdict

ChatBot is an excellent platform for creating intelligent chatbots.

It is ideal both for growing businesses looking to improve their customer service and well-established companies that want to expand even more.

Its incredible features, like the ready-made templates, make the creation of an intelligent agent application simple and easy.

Even though there isn’t a ChatBot mobile version and some of the AI ChatBot review posts aren’t as positive as the company would’ve hoped, it’s still an excellent solution.

We hope this ChatBot review for 2022 convinced you that having an AI-powered chatbot as part of your customer support is essential to your business.

Whether this is the right solution for you, remains to be seen.

Test it with the ChatBot free trial and find out.

Is ChatBot good?

ChatBot is a great chatbot builder that can help you automate customer service and provide unparalleled 24/7 online support. It improves workflow and productivity, resolves issues faster and more efficiently, and helps generate (and qualify) leads. With it, you can grow your business and scale customer care without adding overhead.

Does ChatBot have an app?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a ChatBot mobile app at the time of writing. Users will have to contend with the desktop application instead.

How to build a chatbot?

Creating a chatbot using the ChatBot framework is plain sailing—there’s a detailed tutorial on the website. We’ll summarise it to help you get going.

First, visit and sign up as a new user. The service offers a free seven-day trial, so you can build your bot for free.

After you create your account, you will land on the ChatBot dashboard. There, you can either make your own chatbot, called a Story, or use one of the ready-made templates. To learn more about these options, go to the Features section of this ChatBot review.

Once you give your Story a name and description, you will be transferred to the Visual Builder. With the help of this drag-and-drop feature, you can prepare your bot’s conversation tree with automated responses without any coding.

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