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What your brand needs to grow and develop is likely a global exposure and optimal search engine ranking. The Newswire press release — which gained its well-deserved place among the best newswire services and helped thousands of businesses to convert new leads — can seamlessly achieve both of these goals. Stick around and read more in our review below.
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Newswire opened in 2004 in New York City, and currently, the company boasts over 430,000 media contacts and reaches more than 100,000 journalists worldwide.

One of Newswire’s services is a high-level news release distribution through social media sharing press releases on Facebook and Twitter.

What’s more, Newswire allows you to build your own list of preferred outlets and distribute the press release to them.  A Newswire press release can reach anyone on the platform’s wide-ranging database of 1,800,000 contacts

To see what else you can achieve by using this PR release service, read our Newswire review below.

What Is Newswire?

Newswire has several standout features that make it somewhat different from the competition. For starters, it helps your search engine ranking by providing noteworthy SEO enhancements for your press release. 

Second, it offers stellar Newswire support, which multiple user reviews mention as the best feature of the press release company.

Third, it allows you to save, preview, and use PDF options to streamline the PR writing process.

Newswire also offers you PR templates to further personalize your press release. So far, it seems that Newswire has really shaken up the online press release distribution industry.

Newswire Best Features

To demonstrate where the service shines, we’ll focus on its strengths in this part of our Newswire press release review:

Wide International Reach

There’s nothing more beneficial to your marketing success than spreading your story at a national level. Or maybe there is! Newswire doesn’t limit its press release services to domestic dissemination, instead, they offer international press release distribution for the most ambitious and globally-oriented entrepreneurs.

Well-Crafted Packages

Newswire stands out from other press release distribution services by providing a wide range of bundles for different budgets, goals, and ambitions.

Newswire services work best when grouped by geographical region, industry, or exposure, as discussed further down in our Newswire review.

Media Database

The flexible media database allows everyone to connect with preferred outlets for more relevant and targeted reach.

You can choose from over 1.8 million contacts and navigate through them with the help of filters. Every contact in the database has а comprehensive profile, so you can make the best-informed decision possible.

Financial Focus

Newswire PR services offer tremendous opportunities for businesses that operate in the financial domain. With Newswire, they can send financial disclosures to stakeholders quickly and effectively, thanks to its IR capabilities.

Also, clients enjoy news distribution services to news platforms such as BusinessInsider, MarketWatch, and Yahoo! Finance.

Professional Writing Service

Unlike many competitors, Newswire is concerned about your time and knows that not everybody is an expert writer.

For an additional fee, the Newswire writing team will build your release from scratch, requiring only a couple of essential details about your business and marketing goals.

If you are pressed for time and on a tight budget, you can try out a content generator as well but make sure to proofread the copy before sending it. Machine learning is advancing quickly but still can generate the occasional awkwardness.

Media Watch

Newswire provides an innovative tool to increase your knowledge of the public relations field.

They offer access to millions of stories from around the globe that let you discover new marketing trends, measure article sentiment, and get press release tips to apply to your PR campaign. 

SEO News Release Distribution

A good press release wire service does not focus only on spreading your story as far and wide as possible, but it does so in an SEO-oriented fashion —  by improving your search engine ranking and driving more traffic towards your website.

The Newswire distribution team will seamlessly optimize your content to reach maximum audiences. 

Media Room

Newswire also gives you the chance to create your own newsroom and manage your press releases from a single place.

The Media Room has numerous branches across all relevant Newswire outlets and would generate better lead conversion rates and sales increase.


The Newswire press release distribution process is one of the most intuitive and easy user experiences. The platform assists in the flawless crafting of the press release, even if you don’t opt for the writing service.

It offers a very convenient format for press release writing, and it can also suggest various templates. 

Newswire will be sending out the press release as soon as your piece is done and reviewed by the editorial team.

In a maximum of 72 hours, the company will distribute the press release to major Newswire outlets, such as CNBC, New York Times, Forbes, or CheddarTV

Note that the company operates in the EST time zone. Keep that in mind when you discuss with the Newswire’s team turnaround times or negotiating news embargoes.


Next up in our Newswire review, we will take a look at the company's post-distribution services.

Newswire analytics include a downloadable PDF report with all the links to those platforms where your press release is published.

It allows you to monitor ROI rates and audience demographics (location and other metrics). On top of that, you can track social media engagement by the number of views, likes, and shares from one all-encompassing dashboard.

Once the press release publishing process is over, you can integrate Newswire reporting tools with Google Analytics for an even more comprehensive collection of data and measurements.  

What We Disliked

Although Newswire services are extremely effective and advantageous, they are not perfect yet. The press release company falls a bit short of our expectations about certain aspects, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Pricier Than Similar Solutions - the problem with Newswire is that you can find other press release distribution services which charge substantially less for roughly the same features.
  • Lack of Advanced Features with Low-Tier Plans - if you choose the entry-level Newswire press release package, you’ll not be able to enjoy proofreading, Associated Press distribution, or advanced reporting tools.

Newswire Pricing

Newswire provides news release distribution at different levels: local, statewide, national, and international - which costs $1,649. It also targets different geographic regions: Newswire Africa - $649, Asia - $649, or Latin America - $949.

Moreover, you can choose Newswire Financial if you intend to send financial disclosures and keep your investors informed.

This specialized Newswire press release package will set you back $799.

All packages outlined below are per single release. You can get a decent discount should you purchase several press blasts at once. Three press releases bring down the price by 5%, while 24 knock it off by 20%.

That being said, the main four plans that the company advertises on its website, along with their respective Newswire prices, are the following:

This package will get you PR distribution to over 250 daily Newswire outlets, one industry-specific list, placement on Google News, one featured image, up to six hyperlinks, 500-word limit, and basic analytics reports.

It includes everything from the basic plan, plus distribution to Cision lists, placements on Yahoo! News, а two-tier editorial process (proofreading from an editor and then from a senior editor), and Newswire Visibility Report for enhanced analytics.

For the same Newswire pricing, you will enjoy additional features such as distribution via Associated Press, Social Newsbuzz, and Geo List, which will spread your news across the entire state.

It contains all the features provided with the previous plans, but it will distribute the press release at national level through more than 2,650 media outlets.

The Newswire cost for the writing service is $250 per release.

Last but not least, you can choose a Newswire package for more than one release, even up to 24 pieces.

The cost of this option will inevitably become steeper, but a noteworthy Newswire discount will be in place: you can save up to 20% from the initial cost per release!


When it comes to customer service, Newswire dominates the market. The plethora of online reviews outlines how helpful and patient the support team is.

Also, there is much praise for Newsire’s reps on specialized websites, and users often mentioned them by name in reviews. 

To get in touch with the Newswire support crew, you’ll have to enter the “Contact Us” page on the provider’s official website.

Once you get there, you will notice the company’s phone number, displayed in the center of the page, as well as the physical address, the social media toolbar, and a contact form to quickly chat with the reps.

The Newswire press release provides an extensive FAQ section where you’re likely to find some of the answers to your questions without having to pick up the phone. Also, in terms of resources, the Content Guidelines offered by Newswire to improve your press release quality is a welcomed addition to your public relations toolkit. 

To see how prompt and knowledgeable Newswire’s reps actually are, we contacted them via chat form, asking if the word count limit is the same for every Newswire press release package.

They responded within four hours in a very detail-oriented and polite manner, confirming that the limit for every release is 500 words

Newswire User Reviews

Next, in our Newswire review, we will discuss the company’s online reputation and customer feedback.

Among review sites, G2 rates the service 4.5/5, rendering a more-than-decent solution. GetApp gives it a similar rating - 4.57/5, while TrustPilot aggregates a 4.6 out of 5 user satisfaction score. SiteJabber gives Newswire even a more flattering rating - 4.7/5, the average of a tremendous number of 4,760 Newswire reviews.

However, the company doesn’t have a Better Business Bureau profile, so there’s no Newswire BBB rating or accreditation. 

We couldn’t find a single Newswire review on Reddit either, which indicates that the service doesn’t get a lot of traction from Redditors. In general, press release companies are not the most popular ones on this platform.

Several users from G2 have an extremely appreciative outlook on Newswire:

“The reporting aspect is truly the best component.”

“Provides my clients exactly what they want.”

Other opinions from TrustPilot highlight the top-notch quality of customer service: “I am very pleased with the outstanding support!”

Although there are a few complaints among Newswire reviews, they seem to be relatively isolated and poorly elaborated: “I would say it was a quite bad experience.”

Is Newswire Worth It?

The Newswire press release service proves itself to be a solid candidate for the title of the best press release service.

It guarantees international exposure through one of the most complete and comprehensive offerings in the business. The professional PR writing, and has a remarkably responsive customer support team.

On the other hand, its prices are a bit above the industry average for the services provided.  Additionally, the basic packages are slightly underwhelming in the analytics department. 

Overall, it is quite an excellent PR tool, and it truly deserves its place among the best press release distribution services, as our Newswire press release review has shown. 

Newswire Alternatives

To see how well Newswire measures up against its most renowned competitors, we’ve outlined their main characteristics and compared them against the focus of our review.

Newswire vs EIN Presswirre

There’s no surprise EIN Presswire surpasses its opponent when it comes to pricing. It offers low-cost PR distribution for only $49.95.

However, it doesn’t provide a writing service as Newswire does, and press release distribution services reviews rarely mention it positively. 

Newswire vs PRWeb

Apart from the fact that Newswire charges double for the basic package, PRWeb doesn’t have many other advantages. Newswire has a much better reputation among users, and it also prevails in terms of analytics.

Newswire vs NewswireJet

NewswireJet is more oriented toward smaller and starter businesses, while Newswire targets companies of all types and sizes. The two services are similar when it comes to the number of outlets and placements provided.

Newswire vs GlobeNewswire

Both companies offer international press release distribution at affordable rates, but GlobeNewswire tends to be more cost-effective. Newswire fights back with price transparency and a more thorough editorial process, pretty much canceling out Globe’s advantages. 

Our Final Verdict

As our Newswire review comes to an end, it became evident that this provider should be part of our list of best press release distribution services as of 2022.

It guarantees international coverage through SEO-friendly and client-oriented content. You can gain invaluable insight into the success of your campaign via detailed analytics reports. Newswire surely became one of the first choices for accomplishing marketing goals.

Does Newswire work?

Yes. Newswire is a completely functional and highly-performing PR solution.

How much does Newswire cost?

Newswire’s prices start at $299 per release and go up to $1,649 for the highest-tier plan. Read more about the pricing of the Newswire press release in our dedicated section of the review. 

Is there any Newswire free version or trial?

No. Newswire doesn’t provide any free services.

Are there any add-ons?

You can buy the video embedding option for $200. If you want to add an extra 100-word block or a related image, that will set you back $150 for word overage and $50 per image.

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