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A service that is all about automation, Wishpond reviews the leads you’ve captured to help you fine-tune your email campaigns and landing pages and maximize conversion optimization. It also offers practical implementation assistance with its team of specialists. Find out more in the review that follows.
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A/B testing:
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Drag-and-drop, A/B testing, WordPress support, automation, leads database, etc.
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  • Leads database
  • Email marketing features
  • Practical implementation assistance
  • “White-labeling” isn’t default
  • Buggy WordPress integration
  • Lack of transparency for potential customers

Running a digital marketing campaign is a lot of work. It doesn’t just involve the admin of an offline campaign; it requires technical know-how and the right tools. For this reason, many have taken to using software services to streamline their online advertizing.

If you’re wondering how to go about your campaign, Wishpond is a good place to start.

Focused on getting you a good ROI, the company helps you maximize your conversion rates through email marketing, landing page launching, and smart lead management.

To save you the hassle of going through the hundreds of Wishpond reviews to figure out whether it’s worth the investment, we’ve gathered the essential information about the software here.

Read on to learn where it excels, what its shortcomings are, and how to take advantage of its full potential.

What Is Wishpond?

Wishpond is a marketing platform that provides the tools, knowledge, and human resources needed to launch online marketing campaigns successfully. From the plethora of features it offers, we focus primarily on the Wishpond landing pages.

Before we get into more detail, we’d like to note that the service went through a soft relaunch in early 2020. We make references to the changes throughout our Wishpond review to highlight how the service has grown.

Wishpond Best Features

Wishpond has a wide range of features focused on boosting your conversion rates, facilitating email marketing, and ecommerce. Aside from software, support comes in the form of human resources.

Wishpond Landing Page Builder

The old Wishpond builder was column-based. Users found it cumbersome and complained that certain templates wouldn’t adjust well when switching between desktop and mobile view.

The service’s new “Canvas” builder is a sleeker drag-and-drop system that’s much easier to use. You simply have to click on the pop-ups or sticky bars you want and drag them into place.

Some Wishpond landing page templates have been revised so that the default placement of text doesn’t clash with images. However, other templates are still a bit awkward.

You can publish your pages to a Wishpond hosted domain, a custom domain, or your Facebook pages.

Wishpond Integrations

What’s the fuel for the landing page fire? If you’ve researched this platform, you’d probably immediately noticed its numerous integrations.

Wishpond connects with over 300 apps. You can link Wishpond with WordPress, Shopify, MailChimp, and Twilio to diversify your approach to gathering sales leads.

Integrations play a crucial role in a lot of functions, so we mention them repeatedly throughout this review.

Email Automation

The company puts a lot of emphasis on email marketing.

Wishpond reviews the activity of your sales leads and sends you real-time analytics.

Have they opened an email? A follow-up will automatically be sent and your sales team will be notified.

Have they ignored the past three emails? They’ll be marked as an unengaged lead and removed from the system.

Wishpond allows you to make the most of your leads with minimal effort and no time wasted on fruitless pursuits.

eCommerce Functionality

eCommerce is becoming increasingly important. The worldwide lockdowns of 2020-2022 illustrated the importance of online shopping for businesses and consumers alike.

If you’re running an eCommerce store, Wishpond can help. Wishpond has landing page templates with product advertising in mind.

Moreover, the company has recently introduced its “payments” function. It now uses Stripe integration to allow you to sell directly from your landing page. You can turn sales leads into customers instantly.

Real-Time Analytics

When striving for conversion optimization, it’s important to maximize effectiveness through smart testing to see what’s working and what isn’t. A/B testing is the first stop on this front.

You can create two variations of a landing page, publish them, and then split traffic between them. Once this is done, Wishpond reviews the results, highlighting which ones are stoking the most visitor engagement.

For multivariate testing, repeat the process several times and consult heatmaps. Doing this will allow you to fine-tune your landing pages for maximum effect.

Wishpond Conversion Tracking

Similar to the email automation system, conversion tracking allows you to keep an eye on potential leads across the web.

Wishpond uses Google Analytics to see what potential customers in your target demographic are searching for. Text can then be dynamically replaced on your landing pages to match these queries. This SEO-friendly approach will help funnel more visitors to your website.

Wishpond also makes use of Facebook ads. By tracking your leads on this social media platform, you can tailor the adverts they see to capture their attention and remind them of your service.

Speaking of...

Leads Database

The leads database allows you to consolidate and explore the data you have. The profiles are indexed for easy searching and you can add notes or information you’ve gathered through correspondence.

Through Wishpond, you can review your leads’ profiles to provide a better customer experience. Based on that information, you can remarket to improve your ROI, making the most of pay-per-click ads.

Remarketing is reapproaching leads that didn’t commit or existing customers that are most likely to purchase/subscribe again. A key tool that can help with this is “shopping cart abandonment” notifications.

If a lead added something to their cart through your Wishpond pages but left before purchasing, the platform will remind them to check out either through an email or a targeted advert.

Jumpstart Program

While most landing page builders are DIY, the Wishpond software offers practical assistance throughout the process.

Wishpond has a team of project managers, ad specialists, designers, and copywriters on board to do the heavy lifting while you focus on conceptualizing your digital marketing campaign.

However, users who opted for hands-on assistance report mixed results. But more on that later in our Wishpond review.

What We Disliked

While Wishpond is undoubtedly one of the best landing page builders, we did notice a few shortcomings while testing the software.

Poor WordPress Integration

Wishpond support for WordPress seems to have sagged somewhat since the soft relaunch. Certain plugins no longer work or are missing from the repository entirely.

At the time of writing, the relaunch was only a few months back, so certain kinks are probably being worked out as you read this.

You can still use WordPress with Wishpond landing pages, but results may be different from what you’re used to.

White Labelling Practices

White labeling, in this case, is when a SaaS company allows you to use its templates and landing pages, removing its branding. Unfortunately, your Wishpond landing page comes with the company’s logo and hyperlinks to its site by default.

Your landing page isn’t supposed to give sales leads another “out,” apart from your CTA. A hyperlink to Wishpond will inevitably lower your click-through rate.

The white-labeling option used to be exclusive to the biggest plan. Luckily, now all users can activate it.

Still, it really shouldn’t be an option; it should be automatic. But the fact that it is now available to all does show Wishpond’s willingness to improve.

Sign up and Pricing Approach

When we first attempted to find the Wishpond price plans, the site wouldn’t display them. Instead, it insisted that we make an appointment for a demo.

Eventually, the site’s CTA buttons changed from “Request demo” to “Get started” and we managed to access the links to the pricing plans.

While that’s smart on Wishpond’s part (it could potentially force a personal encounter with a sales rep), being railroaded into an interaction is uncomfortable for you, the customer.

Wishpond Pricing

Wishpond has three pricing plans. At the time of writing, a sale is underway. The discount prices are labeled accordingly.

Starting Out

$149 per month or $49 per month billed yearly; sale price—$49 per month for an annual subscription. This package gives you unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, social contests, and access to email automation. It also allows you a maximum of 1,000 leads.

$299 per month or $199 per month billed yearly; sale price—$99 per month for an annual subscription. This Wishpond pricing plan includes everything from the previous one, as well as A/B testing, custom CSS/Javascript support, and an allowance of 2,500 leads.

Rapid Growth

$349 per month or $249 per month billed yearly; sale price—$199 per month for an annual subscription. This package has everything the previous ones do, as well as free implementation coaching and priority customer support. This means your requests will be answered before those of other members. The lead allowance begins at 10,000 and goes up to one million. The cost increases accordingly, reaching $4,599/month.

Wishpond Customer Service

Our experience with Wishpond’s support was extremely positive. We emailed them and received a prompt, friendly, and thorough response. They answered all our questions, offering additional support case by case.

When speaking to them pre-sign, they did often hint towards signing up or at least talking on Zoom for a tech demo.

The level of support you get does, by Wishpond’s own admission, scale depending on your subscription. The higher the amount you pay, the higher the priority of your requests becomes.

Wishpond User Reviews

For this part of our Wishpond review, we looked up some user reviews. Wishpond’s clients’ opinions are mostly positive, praising customer support and the ease of managing leads.

The criticism we noticed mostly focuses on the Jumpstart Program. Some users weren’t happy with the output of the teams they were assigned, saying they had to review the work and correct it themselves.

We also decided to check Wishpond reviews on Reddit. They are mostly negative, with similar concerns about the Jumpstart Program.

In other Wishpond reviews for 2022, users complain about being charged even after they have parted ways with the company. Admittedly, this is a common complaint with services that offer auto-billing.

Is Wishpond Worth It?

Wishpond is an excellent tool not only for landing pages but for email campaigns and keeping a close eye on your leads as well. It’s perfect if you‘re looking for somebody to take care of the technical part of your marketing campaign.

Besides, many other landing pages and online marketing services are DIY, so Wishpond’s offer of practical assistance is a stand-out.

You can give it a spin with the Wishpond trial. Just note that you have to submit credit card info and will be auto-billed after 14 days.

That said, if your needs are more specific (i.e., you’re only interested in building landing pages), there are other specialized services out there with similar price points and more features.

Wishpond Alternatives

If you’re not sold on Wishpond, or you’d like something with a more narrow focus, consider these alternatives.

Wishpond vs Unbounce

Unbounce is widely considered the best landing page builder on the market. It offers 1,000+ integrations, as well as AMP pages support and proprietary conversion intelligence tools.

That said, it doesn’t provide the level of practical implementation Wishpond does—you’ll be doing most of the work yourself. It’s also more expensive than Wishpond.

Wishpond vs Leadpages

Leadpages stands out for two reasons—it’s one of the cheapest services available and it offers website building. With Wishpond, you won’t get a custom domain; with Leadpages, you’ll have that and more.

Again, Wishpond’s biggest advantage is its practical assistance. It is the better choice if you have specific search engine marketing goals in mind and need a little help implementing your strategy.

Final Verdict

Wishpond will help you build landing pages, manage leads, and conduct email marketing campaigns. Not just in terms of the tech you need, but with practical assistance too.

That said, while it does do a lot, throughout our Wishpond review process, we discovered it doesn’t exactly excel at anything. Some people might prefer a highly specialized service to a jack-of-all-trades.

The initial obscuration around pricing and the lack of automatic white labeling are also a little odd. Still, the company has improved in that regard after the 2020 relaunch.

What is Wishpond used for?

Wishpond is used primarily for building landing pages, managing sales leads, and automatic email marketing. It has a range of other features that work to improve your conversion rate by turning visitors into customers.

How many customers does Wishpond have?

Wishpond currently has over 2,000 customers. Most of them are individuals and small businesses. The company sees this as a strength, as it doesn’t depend on major account holders to stay stable.

How much does Wishpond cost?

With a yearly plan, Wishpond can cost you as little as $99 a month. At the time of writing, however, there is a sale that brings this price down to $49 a month. See the pricing plan section above for the full details.

Is Wishpond a CMS?

No, but it can be used in conjunction with WordPress and Drupal, for example.

The company excels at other services. Wishpond reviews your leads and collects the information in a database to provide better management for your email campaigns and landing pages.

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