Articoolo Review—How Can This AI Writer Up Your Content Production?

Updated · Jun 16, 2022

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Articoolo is automated article writing software backed by artificial intelligence. It writes, rewrites, and summarizes articles. It even allows for some customizability in pricing, with monthly or pay-per-use plans and special packages for SEO experts. For all the details, check out our in-depth Articoolo review below.
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Article writer, article spinner, WordPress plugin, image scraper
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  • Article writer
  • Article spinner
  • Image scraper
  • WordPress plugin
  • Still in beta
  • Poor customer support

The internet is awash with content. To stay competitive, you need articles of good quality and a lot of them, quickly.

How can you get it? A team of writers?

Sure, but there’s a way to boost output even further—a website content generator.

These handy tools will speed up your content cycle by creating hundreds of original articles.

Today, we look at one such offering. Articoolo promises “near human” writing, but does it deliver? Read our thorough Articoolo review to find out.

What Is Articoolo?

Articoolo is a web content generator that automatically writes articles based on four to five keywords. It has a range of other features, too.

For example, it can rewrite or summarize existing articles and find suitable images for them. What’s more, it has a WordPress plugin to streamline your rollout.

We get into more detail about these features below. But first, a look at pricing.

Articoolo Pricing Plans

Articoolo has a number of packages. It offers both pay-per-use plans with no time limit, as well as monthly subscriptions.

In addition, it has industry packages with high article allowances and support for multiple team members. Best of all, all plans include all features.

Pay-per-Use Plans
Starting at $19

These plans allow you to create articles without a time limit. They work out to be slightly more expensive than the monthly plans but are great if you plan to generate articles infrequently.

Monthly Plans
Starting at $29

These Articoolo plans give you a set amount of articles per month. Once you’ve used your monthly credits, you have to wait for them to refresh or upgrade to a higher tier.

Industry plans allow multiple sub-users to log into the same account. To get an offer, you need to contact Articoolo directly. According to our research, Articoolo could charge anywhere from $199 to $699, depending on your custom needs.

Oddly, we saw the industry plans when we first checked the website, but they disappeared shortly after that.

Our guess is that they were temporarily or permanently removed. We’d contact support to get more information, but as we mention below in the review, they rarely respond.

Articoolo Best Features

Articoolo uses automated insights and natural language generation to shape content fit for publishing. Below, we round up the best features to show you what this program can do for you.

Articoolo Text Writer

The focal point of any automated writing software is, of course, the writing itself. To use the text writer, you simply have to input four to five keywords. Articoolo doesn’t give you much control over the articles in terms of length or structure.

The pieces we generated with Articoolo were mostly coherent. That said, the software does struggle with grammar and syntax a bit. The content is also abstract, even vague at times.

Articles are normally about 500 words in length, which is the minimum for a general blog piece.

Our Articoolo review process shows that the program is good for coming up with ideas and filler. Yet, work is needed to give the articles some weight.

WordPress Plugin

Articoolo’s WordPress Plugin allows you to streamline the rollout of content from the writer to your WordPress site. It makes posting much faster… If you can get it to work. While setting it up is simple in theory, we did have a little trouble.

When we initially installed the plugin, it didn’t work at all. It triggered an error, and the email that should have been received to activate it never came. It appears there’s an issue with the plugin itself.  We suspect the code, seeing as the program at large is still in beta. 

If you plan to install it, it’s safe to anticipate doing some more legwork than plugins normally require.

Article Rewriter Software

Articoolo has a rewrite article tool, often called an “article spinner” by AI writing software services. You simply input an article, which could be from Articoolo itself or elsewhere, and the system will rewrite it.

The feature works well, requiring only a few minor edits most of the time. The rewriter can only spin articles of under 500 words, so keep this in mind when picking a piece.

Image Scraper

Articoolo isn’t just an essay writing tool; it recently added a media option too. Using the keywords you provide, Articoolo will source images from free-to-use media sites. Not every AI writing app offers this feature, but it’s always a welcome addition.

For one, it cuts down on time you’d spend finding them yourself and verifying whether they’re free to use.

The app does a good job of finding images that actually match keywords.

Article Summarizer

Have a 500+ word article that you want to shorten? Not a problem.

Articoolo offers an article summarizer tool.

Input a long article, and the program will cut it down to the main points. The Articoolo language processing tool does a good job, provided you give it a reasonable task.

Make sure the pieces you provide are focused and not too long.

We found that the summarizer does best with articles of about 1,200-1,500 words.

What We Disliked

During our Articoolo review process, we found some things we didn’t like. The issues have less to do with the program itself and more with the service.

Let’s see what they are.

Still in Beta

Despite coming out a number of years ago, Articoolo is still in the beta phase of development. This wouldn’t be a big issue, but the service is fully priced—a trend admittedly common in software.

Besides, articles can’t be redone. If you’re unhappy with one, it’s on you to make it usable.

From what we’ve seen, Articoolo is still active, so hopefully, this will mean continued improvements in time.

Poor Customer Support

Articoolo’s support is not good at all. During our research for this Articoolo review, we submitted several questions via email. More often than not, we didn’t get a response—not even an automated message that our messages had been received.

We’re not sure why, as we didn’t get an answer to that question either. It’s possible that Articoolo is currently undergoing some changes.

Articoolo Reviews by Users

We checked a few Articoolo reviews to see how others were finding it. The service is generally well regarded by users. In terms of favorites, people appreciate the focus on keywords and the speed at which the program works.

On the other hand, a lot of users complain that the service isn’t as robust as they’d like in terms of output. Like us, they’d enjoy greater customizability in terms of article structure and depth.

We looked for an Articoolo review on Reddit, which is usually our last stop when evaluating a software’s reputation. We couldn’t find a dedicated subreddit, but there were a lot of discussions about the service elsewhere.

Redditors seem divided on it.

We Recommend Articoolo For

Articoolo is a good blog content generator for businesses. The enterprise or “agency” plans have a lot of potential to scale to your needs.

The service does as advertised—it lets you create original short-form content that passes Copyscape. It just requires some editing on your part.

Articoolo Alternatives

If you don’t think Articoolo is for you, consider some of these alternative automated writing software solutions.

Articoolo vs Copysmith

Copysmith is among the best AI writing software we’ve seen. It’s quite similar to Articoolo in terms of features but offers a little more. The copy it produces is more coherent, although it still requires some editing.

Copysmith is also slightly cheaper. That said, if you’re looking to produce high volumes of copy, it’d be worthwhile to approach Articoolo for an offer.

Articoolo vs SEO Content Machine

In terms of producing copy, Articoolo is the better option. Its pieces are more readable and require far less editing than those of SEO Content Machine.

The services differ in terms of volume too. SEO Content Machine is ultimately a bulk scraper. It’ll gather near-infinite amounts of images, videos, and copy that you can shape as you see fit.

If you don’t mind tooling around and want volume, SEO Content Machine is the better option. If you want a more focused, streamlined AI writer instead, Articoolo is the right choice.

Articoolo vs Article Forge

Article Forge is another similar solution. It works out to be more expensive than Articoolo, as its article rewriter feature comes via integration with WordAI. This will see you paying more than you initially planned to.

If you just want article writing and especially automated interlinking, Article Forge is a solid choice. Alternatively, if you want a broader feature set at a lower price, Articoolo is your go-to.

Our Final Verdict

So ends our Articoolo review for 2022. The service is good for producing automatic articles and is best for team users looking to scale production. Individual customers may not get as much out of it, but its broad feature set has many benefits for them too.

Just keep in mind the service is still in a beta phase. As such, some restructuring is to be expected going forward.

Is Articoolo worth it?

Yes, Articoolo is worth it. It’ll speed up your copy production by generating automatic articles and rewriting or summarizing existing ones. It also integrates with WordPress for quicker uploading.

Read the full Articoolo review above to see what else it offers.

Is Articoolo better than a human editor?

No. Artificial intelligence isn’t quite there yet. With anything produced by Articoolo, you’ll still need a human editor to make sure everything is coherent and formatted correctly. This isn’t something exclusive to Articoolo, though—all AI writers require this input.

Is Articoolo good for SEO?

Yes, it is. Articoolo produces articles using the keywords you enter. Gather good keywords with some SEO research, and then simply feed them to Articoolo. In the many Articoolo reviews by users we read, we saw many SEO specialists expressing appreciation for this functionality.

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